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Holograms Of The Past

Posted on Wed Oct 20th, 2021 @ 11:05am by Commander Kaleetha Sloan (*) & Chief Operations Kendra McIntyre

Mission: Holoworld
Location: SS Holoworld
Timeline: MD -01 16:00
1877 words - 3.8 OF Standard Post Measure

Kaleetha sat down at the communication console running her hand across it as she looked at the bridge. It was familiar thanks to the Atlantis Museum but the ship looked fresh, none of the modifications that she knew from her exploring of the ship as a child. It was beautiful and not the first time that she got to see the Atlantis Bridge but the first time she got to see the crew in action on such a scale as SS Holoworld got to offer her. It was all old holo films that she knew everyone from but it was so surreal to be stood there. It was not like she had anything else to do until someone rescued her or she starved on a ship designed for thousands of people. “Computer start simulation.” She requested.

“Please state what date you would like to start the simulation from.” The computer announced.

“I don’t know. Day 182. End of the Caeletis..” She replied and stopped dead as people appeared on the Bridge and her heart instantly jumped as she took in the Captain sat in the centre chair looking at the planet below them. She looked so much like her mother it was uncanny and Kaleetha found herself following the woman as the simulation moved to Engineering.

"Captain wants full power to sensors as soon as we leave the Caeletis," Michael called out as he tapped commands on the warp core's command console. The horizontal Warp V hummed as it pushed around warp 4. "Always on the lookout for the three big ones. Food, Fuel, and Water," he said mostly to himself. He ran his right hand over his forehead, suddenly finding it odd that his ridges were no longer there. No one else around knew what a Romulan looked like, save for himself.

Beth grinned as she heard the command being called out making it easy for her to find the man. She climbed up to where the command console was and leant against the railing. "Of course I am. But this time I am on the lookout for somewhere that the crew can have some rest and relaxation. The Caelestis left us with lots of resources." She whispered to herself as she tracked him as he wandered along the platform above.

While Michael had found new purpose in his role as Chief Engineer, they had all been running from resource to resource. Ships of the era did not possess the replication technology that the ships of the 24th century relied on for long-distance travel. The NX had to rely on materials for workshops, synthetic material for uniforms, protein for the resequencers, water, and a host of other materials. "Anyone read the current mission reports?" he asked mostly himself, he was part of the command meetings but he was still given redacted versions of the most crucial intel.

Kaleetha watched the scene with interest leaning against the barrier of the ship. She was invisible to the scene being played out for now. The Caeletis had given them everything they had needed to carry on despite how it had all ended. “No mission reports. Just keep moving.” the engineer that was alongside him admitted louder so she could be heard.

Not seeing the Captain appear in the depths of the ship, Sloan turned toward the voice. "Well, it's a good thing the sensors will have a little extra power at the moment," Michael said as he gave an eye to one of the junior engineers that sort of said they better be. Skipping a few steps, Michael made his way off of the platform housing the main engineering console. Knowing better than to motion any orders to the Captain, he walked toward her. When he was within whisper range, he asked, "Just keeping moving hmm?"

"Just keep moving.” Beth admitted smiling at the junior engineer ran off and he finally realised she was stood there waiting. “You seem to be getting this place back into some standard?” She questioned looking around at the cleaning and lack of mess.

Kaleetha snorted. “You two are so awkward. How did we get here from that.” She laughed to herself watching as the pair tried to be professional.

“Maybe we’ll discover you’ve been a Klingon this whole time,” Michael tried to joke. The experience he had at the algae planet had been traumatic. He still woke with nightmares almost every night. Looking around Engineering, Sloan used the Captain’s comment to change the subject. “It’s been nice to be able to throw myself into something productive,” he added, a bit proud of the crew and state of the department slipped into his voice.

Beth opened her mouth to say it sounded painful but she was not a linguist for any reason she could hear the pain of the experience underneath. He might not remember what had happened properly but it haunted him. She did not push it but one day they would have to talk about it properly. "Well, I appreciate that you have found your niche and we no longer need to keep you as locked down," Beth commented on thinking that it must be easier for him to have something to work on properly. Yes, some people did not trust him but they were a small minority of people after Engineering becoming less of a hindrance.

Having skirted around the obvious, Michael decided to get to the point. "You didn't come all this way just to tell me we are to keep moving right?" he asked, trying to gauge her response for any hint of what this visit was about. Smiling a little, he added, "Not that I am against the Captain visiting Engineering."

Beth rubbed the back of her neck and shrugged a bit looking a bit awkward. She had come down to discuss the planet and what it could mean for engineering as they did not need to move for a little bit. “Well, I did for the most part. I wanted to see what was occurring down here as I have been avoiding down here to give you space whilst I rested up after the gas but I could not exactly put it off because me and you.” She shrugged. She had been using Leyton to keep an eye on there but there was only so much she could avoid the part of the ship that would get them home.

Shaking his head a little, Michael replied, "I regret that you feel that way. You should be welcome to check in with any department on the ship as it is your ship. You have to be aware of everything that is happening, regardless of the relationship with the current chief." Bringing himself out of the role of First Officer that he no longer occupied, Michael asked, "We can give you full sensors and Warp 4.3, don't want to burn too much fuel before we find a reliable supply."

"We both needed the space." She said with a shrug leaning against the barrier as she watched the engine before she spoke up again. "You are the chief Sloan do not go pity party on me please," Beth said smiling a little more. "That is more than enough for not. I want us to get home not blow us up or strand us here due to the fact we pushed her too hard." The ship was barely a year old. How was the Atlantis only a year old? It seemed like so much longer.

Kaleetha smirked at them. "That is more like the woman I know." She said thinking of all the personal logs she had listened to. The hologram was really rather good. She felt like she was really there with them all.

"Pity party?" Michael replied, clearly confused and a bit taken aback. He had merely pointed out that a Captain should be able to enter into any area of the ship without the need for spies to get information. Clearing it out of his head, Michael smiled a little. Maybe it was a little of the Romulan dark sense of humor, but something made him say, "I wouldn't worry about the ship blowing up. Pushing it too hard results in the ship becoming an unworkable drift, most of the time."

"Well, that is something. A nice casual drift through space. Well, that was how all of this started I suppose." Beth replied with a roll of her eyes and her own dark humour. It was a healthier response to the situation than anything else she had found. She watched with interest as she looked at him carefully. "And yes pity party. You do not believe your current situation is permanent." She said bluntly.

Shaking his head a bit, Michael could not help but wonder where this was coming from. “That is a pretty big assumption,” he plainly stated. “I was made Chief Engineer, not Interim Chief or Acting Chief,” he reminded Beth of her own order. “You’re not one to make a decision then arbitrarily change your mind on a whim,” he pointed out.

"Then do not say Chief like that." She replied copying his tone perfectly. It was a gift she had to be able to replicate tone and pitch just like languages. "If I am wrong I am wrong. I will admit that but your position is not going to change Michael. You are perfect for this role." She shrugged. "And here we are deep and meaningful conversations." She sighed rubbing her temple.

"WHAT!" Kaleetha wondered looking between the two as they interacted. They really needed to have a nice long chat somewhere out of the way of the crew to discuss things. She really needed to know how it went from being so damn awkward to being something so much more.

Deciding to let it go and chalk it up to bad communication, he decided to quit arguing. If she wanted to think he had some sort of deep-seated doubt that he was part of the crew, she could think that. His just being in uniform again was a testament to his status. “I’m glad the role fits,” he replied simply.

The silence was deafening for a long moment before Beth sighed. She should not have questioned something with him that was obviously not there despite how it had sounded. “I had better go.” She indicated down the platform. She should have left things a bit longer before attempting to have a conversation.

"Take care," Michael tried to offer as Beth began to leave. He hoped as things moved forward, they could find a way to ease the perceived tension between the two of them. She was a good Captain, but he wanted to start getting to know the real Beth more than he had.

"Computer end program." Kaleetha frowned as she watched the scene. Well, that had not been what she had been expecting from her great grandparents at all. There was a connection but boy were they at the beginning of a long journey still to get to where she knew they would be. She just had to hope she had time to keep watching the scenes play out before help came.


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