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Leadership Trio

Posted on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 11:37pm by Executive Officer Jake Ford & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Operations Kendra McIntyre

Mission: Holoworld
Location: Gregnol's Office
Timeline: MD-02
948 words - 1.9 OF Standard Post Measure

Gregnol stared at the ship through the porthole of his office almost sulking that he did not get the chance to go across but he knew it was for the best. They needed to stop getting into trouble and him staying behind was just in case he needed to be a rescue party. “Jake should be back soon and we can talk about the discoveries on the ship and our route as the person who sent the signal has not been found,” Gregnol explained to Kendra who was sat on the couch. He had not wanted to wake her after she had been on watch overnight but he had caught her up as soon as he could.

Rising from the couch in the office to follow Reuben's gaze to the other ship, Kendra tried to be a bit optimistic, "I'm sure he's okay and they'll have learned something about what's going on over there." Noticing a bit of sulking in the other man's body language and tone, Kendra decided to address it, "There will always be another excursion. Then you can order everyone around as you please."

"You sure you are not Betazoid?" He mumbled over his shoulder before looking back at the ship as the mention of Betazoid made a knot in his stomach over what Jeassaho was up to over there. He had learnt to trust her years ago to keep out of trouble best she could but he still knew what she could and would get up to. "I am worried about them all. Jake is the least of my worry, he at the very least knows how to stay out of trouble for the most part and if he gets into it how to get out of it."

"Just trained in language, did you know that some species communicate entirely through non-verbal cues?" Kendra laughed as she tried to make her language nerdiness pass as a joke.

"I did. J says she does not need to read my mind to... " As the chime echoed Gregnol finally turned his gaze from the holoship to who was coming in.

"Hey." Jake rolled up feeling a little tired from their unusual excursion, but equally happy with the fact they'd not lost anyone or anything this time. "We're all clear over there. Still trying to figure out the actual cause of the crash but the ship is in remarkably good condition all things considered. Should be safe if you wanted to take a look?"

"And the distress call?" Gregnol wishing he could see it all for himself and not have to listen to a version from the other man. It was a struggle to sit back but he knew he needed to after the last year, his head and heart were not as connected as they used to be.

"Someone set it running. We think they're Starfleet, or ex-Starfleet, the way it was done. But no sign of them." Jake just shrugged. "Engineers think they could have her back spaceworthy in a few days. And the hologrids are still working normally. I asked Curtis to give them the once-over but there are a couple of people already eying some of the 'entertainment' on offer."

“I bet they are.” Gregnol said with a roll of his eyes. He could let them blow if some steam once they were sure there was no danger.

“Would you mind if I took a look at the console where the distress beacon?” Kendra asked. Going in to explain, she added, “I’m pretty familiar with Starfleet and non-Starfleet distress protocols and the Fenris Rangers taught me a few tricks to try to track the origin of a ship that’s been drifting.”

“Go for it but it’s on the other ship. We could all go?” Gregnol said eager to stretch his legs especially now that he had been given an opening that he could not resisted. “Could gauge for myself if it’s suitable for people to let off some steam.”

"Hey, if the techies can give us the all-clear than I'm pretty happy. Some of the holograms seem a little glitchy, but I'd give Curtis a couple of days and I'm sure he can get them all straightened out." Jake paused, his expression hardening just a fraction. "After everything with Dixoho, I think there's a few people that deserve the break."

Having just read a few horror stories about holodecks, Kendra could not help but ask, "Holodecks are still new to me. Have we been able to figure out if there are safety protocols active or to make sure we won't be creating a sentient adversary?" Remembering that she was the one over that department, Kendra said, "I can get a few techies over there to make sure we won't be sending our people into some twisted experiment instead of some R and R."

Gregnol winced at the mention of Dixoho. He tried to put the girl from his mind but she was constantly there if he was honest even in his dreams sometimes. “The safeties are on from all scans that have been done."

Jake smiled. "I'll pass on the word." He glanced at Kendra. "Want to organise the engineering crews? I'll make sure we've got some security representation over there at all times."

"Let’s go then?” Gregnol knew it was not protocol for everyone to leave the ship but there were enough department heads on board to cover if there were issues either on SS Mary Rose or on the Holoship. The man wanted to see the bridge for himself and the system that the person had put in place to be able to send out the communication.


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