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Posted on Wed Jun 15th, 2022 @ 7:31pm by Jeassaho Kea (*) & Aarix Teral

Mission: Adrift
Location: Ships Library
Timeline: Day -02 18:00
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Jeassaho looked up from the comfortable chair that she was practically curled up in as the door opened and she heard someone come inside disturbing her reading. How strange was it for someone else to be there when she was always alone to the point sometimes she joked with Reuben that he had removed the compartment from the deck listings so that no one else would come down there? Reading was one of her favourite past times and there were just so many options on Rosie thanks to the collector. “Uh hello?” She called out recognising the person as one of the medics they had brought on when they had left Reuben behind on Freecloud.

Aarix turned when he heard a voice, seeing a brunette in what looked like a comfortable chair. "Hello there, miss...?" There was a book on herbs he wanted to read, but it wasn't urgent. Besides, he liked getting to know people.

"Kea. Jeassaho Kea." The Engineer greeted him closing the book. "I am one of the ship's engineers." Not everyone needed to know that she was the Captain's wife so soon. It had put many crew members off knowing her at first. The man was not even onboard so any impressions were hers to make without his shadow.

Aarix smiled kindly and gave a slight bow of his head. "A pleasure, Miss Kea. I'm Aarix Teral, but feel free to call me Aarix. I'm one of the new doctors." Noticing the now closed book in front of her, he said, "reading anything interesting?"

“Mrs…” Jeassaho held up her right hand and the ring on her finger. It might be confusing for some and may get raised eyebrows on the right hand but it was a tradition where Reuben came from. There were no laws stating that your wedding ring needs to go on your left hand so the engineer liked to do something traditional for him. “Well we have had no luck with medical so it is nice to meet you. It is a book about building a still.” She admitted it had been something bothering her for a while that they had all the equipment but no one to operate it.

"Ah, forgive me," Aarix nodded, eyeing the ring, momentarily confused but eventually understanding. In the colony, people didn't really do rings anymore, because the place was small enough that everyone knew who was married to who. The occasional visitor from Earth may wear one, it just wasn't commonplace to him. What did raise his eyebrows, however, was the mention of building a still. "A still? Dare I ask what you plan to make with it?"

"Well we have a still but it has not been used for a while," Jeassaho commented with a small smile as she held it out to him. "I thought it might be a fun hobby bring in some credits if it works." She did not want to admit it but the crew could use a team-building project as well, it was more about that but she wanted to see how much work was involved first before she started to drag people into it.

Aarix accepted the book and thumbed through the pages to skim, briefly pausing at diagrams to look them over. "Huh, interesting." Glancing up from the book, he gave her a slight smile, "well, if you want to quality test whatever you plan to make with it, I'm a lab guy and don't mind helping out." Reaching the end of the book, Aarix shut it and handed it back to Jeassaho. "Would you happen to know where I can find books on herbs?"

“Will see what Reuben thinks when he gets home. It was just a stray thought as I passed the equipment tonight. I am sure I will have plenty of people lined up to test the quality.” She grinned taking it back to take back to her quarters. Jeassaho looked around and shrugged. “There is not much order to anything. I like to think of this place as gives you want you need not what you want.”

At first, Aarix thought she was joking. Libraries had to be kept in some state of order, because how else would things stay cataloged? But the longer he stared at Jeassaho, the more he realized she might actually be serious. After a moment of stunned silence, he put a hand on his chest, as if he were shot with a phaser, and slowly asked, "do you mean to say there's no organizational system here?"

“Nope. Not exactly ever seen someone else here.” She joked worrying for a moment that the man was really hurt but was relieved that he was just stunned that there was no organisation. Unfortunately it was what happened when there was lots of books and no librarian. It was not exactly needed on the ship after all.

"Oh, that hurts my soul," Aarix joked. At least, verbally he was joking. Internally, he was thinking about how on Mars he'd be able to find anything in this room. It could take hours, with the number of books he could see. He felt bad for the poor soul who ends up inheriting the job of tending to this place. "Well, I don't really need it, I was hoping to improve some recipes I've been working on. Herbs can make or break a dish, which is why I wanted to read up on some." Looking around briefly, he then gave her a sheepish smile, "if I'm not keeping you from anything, could I borrow your eyes to try and find something? It sounds to me like you're fairly familiar with the place."

Jeassaho shrugged and looked around. She had very little to do now that her shift had ended and with Reuben not onboard she was at a lost of what to do in her evening. “Recipe? You are cooking?” She wondered interested. Was he a chef?

"I like to cook, it's a hobby," he replied, running a hand through his hair. "I have enough ideas that I could probably compile them into a cookbook, but I enjoy the creative freedom." Aarix let his smile get bigger, "if I've piqued your interest, Mrs Kea, I wouldn't mind a taste tester for second opinions. If that still gets up and running, I bet I could make a wicked wine to compliment the food."

The woman laughed. “I will be sure to tell my husband there is someone onboard that we have a backup chef.” Jeassaho shot at him as she started to look for cookbooks. Mrs Kea sounded hilarious to heras she had always been commander Kea or Jeassaho. It was going to amuse her lots, it would be funny to share with Leiddem.

Aarix chuckled as he too began to look around, skimming the spines of the books to see if any keywords stuck out to him. "Your husband is welcome, too. I do use my rations when trying out recipes to conserve resources, so I can't really say 'the more, the merrier,' but I think I can work with two guests."

“Well I am sure the Captain and his wife can make allowances to assist with the rations.” She called from the other end as she looked through the books. She had not heard of people using rations that way before everyone eat in the mess hall as it was really the only place outside of the replicators there that they were able to get food.

"Oh, that's not necessary," Aarix said, picking up a book. It was nothing related to what he was searching for, instead it was a book on solar sailing. He flipped through the pages, skimming the chapters and looking for any words that stuck out to him. "During particularly nasty dust storms on Mars, the landing pads for supply ships would be near-impossible to see, so the colony would sometimes have to ration resources. The colony has a hydroponics bay, but it's not designed for months of continuous use by several thousand people." He glanced up from the book and briefly stared at a distant shelf in recollection. "I guess what I mean to say is that I'm used to it, so it doesn't inconvenience me any. Besides, if it ends up a disastrous concoction, I'm not wasting that much, if that makes sense."

At the mention of Mars Jeassaho perked up a little paid close attention to him. He did not look like he was a surviour of Mars but looks could be deceiving. “That is a wonderful sentiment. So apart from Mars where did you end up?” She wondered thinking she could reveal that her husband was the Captain later on. It did not seem so important anymore.

"Mars is the only place I've known," the doctor admitted, turning his attention back to the book in his hand. He flipped through several more pages before closing it and returning it to its perch on a stack of other books. "I've visited the planets of Sol once in a while but admittedly haven't really gone beyond the system. Well, until now."

"And how far you are from home," Jeassaho said wondering what brought the man so far from Mars on one of the most unique ships in the universe. Jeassaho could barely remember Betazed anymore.

That tug of anxiety hit him again. He was far from home, he knew that. "It's a change for sure. It's... exciting, but also a little nerve-wracking. Aha." Picking up a book that had a picture of various leaves on it, he thumbed through the pages and nodded when he was satisfied with the contents. "This looks like it will do."

“My husband would not have brought you onboard for medical if he did not think you had something that meant you would survive out here.” She said simply looking at the book he had in his hand.

Aarix turned his head toward her and gave a smile. "Thank you, that's reassuring. I just hope I can exceed his expectations." He gave the book in his hand a slight shake, "this will help with my next culinary adventure. If you happen to come across others like it, will you send them my way or at least save the title for me?"

“Of course doctor.” The woman said brightly as she returned to her seat and watched him leave. She still had a few hours before she had to consider going to bed. There was no better way to spend an evening alone than reading in her opinion.


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