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Jingle & Mingle Part 6

Posted on Fri Feb 2nd, 2018 @ 2:45am by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse

Mission: Mission 5 - Liberation
Location: Deck 6 - Crew Bar
Timeline: MD -28 20:00

Lorenzo was surprised by the number of people in the room. He was new aboard and didn't know any of them yet. He made his way behind the bar and took stock of what was located in its various cabinets, drawers and shelves. He selected a few items and a tall glass. Placing the glass on the bar he unstoppered the first of the bottles and poured a fair amount of its red liquid into the glass. The red was followed by a splash of blue and a measure of another clear liquid. Lastly Lorenzo dropped a pair of ice cubes on the top. The concoction created he waited for somebody to try it.

Selina slowly weaved through the bar and looked around. This was the first time since she had arrived she had left her quarters. She didn't want to mix, she didn't want to get involved but people were giving her strange looks and she couldn't exactly blame them. "What is that?" The Betazoid wondered as she sat on the stool carefully looking at the man. He had delivered her food earlier in the day to her quarters as she refused anything for the previous day.

Lorenzo spotted a young woman sitting at the bar and he approached her. "Hello my friend" he said "I am Lorenzo Di Julio, head Chef and chief Barman aboard this fine craft" he bowed to her "I have recently concocted a new concoction and I would be honored if you would be the first to try it and tell me how good you think it is." He presented the drink to her and smiled "This one is on the house, of course."

"I can't drink it I am afraid." She said softly hiding her small bump. The booze on the ship and especially in this place was very much real and not Synthale at all. "It looks lovely and would be just my type of drink if I could drink. I am sure someone else would appreciate it." She said looking around for someone else who would like it.

Lorenzo nodded in understanding. "In that case," he said, "allow me to mix up something that will be good for both you and the little one." As he spoke his hands moved, seemingly with minds of their own, selecting bottles and garnishes and mixing them in an elegant tall, stemmed glass. With a flourish, he finished constructing the beverage and placed the pale pink drink before Selina. "Enjoy!"

Selina smiled as she passed her alcoholic drink to a passing Engineer without a word. The young man accepted it with a smile and disappeared into the crowd grinning at the free drink. "What is it?" She wondered looking at the drink trying to work out what it is.

Lorenzo smiled "Just as a magician never reveals his tricks a good chef never reveals too much of his dishes. Instead, he allows the customer to enjoy a journey of flavor." He chuckled "I think then, that without revealing too much of what I have put in there, I shall name this cocktail, the Mary Rose. In honour of its Rosy colour, the Rose water used in its brewing, and naturally, the name of our fair vessel."

Selina pouted for a moment before she shrugged. She had met many people who were secretive about there work, it was silly really as she didn't want to steal just learn. "As long as it won't hurt bump I suppose I can let you off without investigating." It would be easy to take a tricorder to it if she was desperate enough but she trusted the barman.

"I assure you, this drink is perfectly safe for your child." said Lorenzo "I have cooked for many people of many races, many of whom cannot have a particular food, either for dietary or religious reasons. I have become skilled at knowing how to make something that is safe for people to eat who cannot have particular things." he leaned in close "oddly enough, a pregnant woman is one of the easier ones."

"I can only imagine with this lot." Selina mused looked around at the people surrounding her. None of them could be considered safe so she thought the barman a martyr for not killing them off without a thought.

Lorenzo smiled, "Enjoy your drink, and remember, if you ever need any special meals, do not hesitate to ask me!"


Selina Fenruse
SS Mary Rose

Lorenzo Di Julio
SS Mary Rose


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