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Tricks of the Trade

Posted on Wed Mar 14th, 2018 @ 12:02am by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Liberation
Location: Kitchens
Timeline: MD - 15: 1640 Hrs

The first stop on Valiyi Uhin's unguided tour of the ship happened to be to the one place she most enjoyed. It was a rare place for her to visit, as she had little to do within the four walls of the kitchens themselves. There was a level of trust that she put into those who made use of the stovetops and pans, and it was a level she held near and dear. Previously, she had opinions on who ended up being the lead chef in her kitchens, but since her shift in leadership was more recent than the chef's recruitment, Valiyi had plenty to catch up on.

As she entered the kitchen area, the Betazoid took a moment to survey the surrounding area. To her, it looked much like a kitchen should have been, with all the essentials, in the hopes that she would find the one who would operate it all.

"... Hello?"

At the sound of the voice Lorenzo looked up. He hadn't heard anybody come into the kitchen. He placed the sharp knife on the board, next to the chopped carrots. He moved through the kitchen and saw a woman standing near the door. Lorenzo grinned and wiped his hands on his apron.

"Hello friend" he stuck his hand out " Welcome to my humble kitchen, how can I help one as lovely as you today?"

Valiyi took the hand offered, shaking it as she had rehearsed many a time as a Starfleet officer. "I would call this kitchen less than humble. It has to be the most extravagant area upon the ship, or it should be, in my opinion. Without a well-functioning kitchen, the most important fuel cannot be delivered. But, I do only mean to visit and get to know the one with the means to prepare it, which I assume is you. I'm Valiyi Uhin. And to whom do I owe this pleasure?"

Lorenzo grinned "Lorenzo Cucinare Di Julio" he inclined his head "at your service. I am indeed the chef who runs this Kitchen, and indeed fuels the crew of this ship, as you said. I have cooked in many a kitchen and learnt from the greatest chefs on many worlds." He swept his arms wide gesturing to the kitchen "and now I have my own domain to rule over, in this place I assure you there will be many unique and exotic dishes created." Lorenzo chuckled, a deep booming laugh "but I'm not one to boast." He winked at her, a a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Indeed this is a pleasure." Valiyi returned his grin with a placid smile of her own. She expected some self-proclamations during this meeting, and she would much rather have them. "I wonder how Reuben came upon such a charming man. Tell me Lorenzo." She leaned in conspiratorially close, "Have you ever tried to dress a taspar egg so it is delectable to all palates?"

Lorenzo smiled and leaned in. "I have. The Cardassians have a great many interesting foods, as do all cultures. Except Vulcans, their food is so bland." He curled his lips "A good meal needs good strong, exciting flavors that sneak up on you as you eat." He grinned and gestured to a large pot that was slowly simmering on the stove. "Take for example this carrot soup. Any person can make a carrot soup, only an expert can make it sing to you as you savor it."

The placidity in her expression transformed, a glint of mischief in her gaze. She had encountered all types of chefs throughout the years, and Lorenzo would prove to be one of the more interesting to interact with. "But can you make a carrot soup that would satisfy a Vulcan, my dear?"

Lorenzo's smile widened "I have never tried, but if you happen to know a Vulcan that would be wiling to try, then send them to me and we shall see." He laughed, a deep sound full of mirth. "Tell me Miss Uhin, have you done much cooking in your time?"

"If you count being liberal with Starfleet issue replicators, then yes. Otherwise, absolutely not." Valiyi admitted. "There isn't much time to learn how to cook in the Academy. They'll teach us how to survive certain wilderness situations and how to talk down an angered enemy, but cooking? You were hopeless unless you were taught how to cook beforehand."

Lorenzo was astounded, "How could you go through the entire academy and never be taught how to cook! It should be one of your compulsory classes!" Lorenzo shook his head in dismay "and don't even get me started on replicators, they will never be able to make food as well as a real chef can." He had a strong opinion about replicators and the fake food that they produced. "If you wish" he said, leaning in close "I could teach you a few easy meals, if you want to learn to cook."

Valiyi's lips curled into a smile. Oh, if only she had Lorenzo when she was faced with Starfleet's curriculum. She may not have agreed wholeheartedly with him, but it was humorous to see him rant on the topic. "I would not say no to an expert offering to impart their knowledge."

Lorenzo grinned, a warm smile that spread from ear to ear "I would be honoured to teach you. Come in at any time, if I am not busy then I will teach you some of the tricks of my trade."

"Oh, don't worry Lorenzo, you'll be seeing quite a bit of me in your future." Valiyi assured. She looked to her PaDD, before returning to the conversation. "But for now, I have to take care of a few other concerns. Shall we resume this conversation at a later date?"'

"It would be an honour" Lorenzo grinned and gave a slight bow "I look forward to seeing you again"

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Lorenzo Di Julio
SS Mary Rose


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