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Between Jeffrey Tubes and sickbay

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2018 @ 2:43am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Ishimura
Location: USS Ishimura, Sickbay
Timeline: 2243 August


Jasper stood just outside sickbay for a moment clutching the side of his arm as he glanced down at it, "the boss isn't going to like this."

His normally pristine red trimmed uniform tunic was blackened from his left shoulder nearly to his elbow as scorched marks across his back. One of the plasma conduits had decided to spark out as he worked on a console knocking him on the floor. Most of the fabric on his arm had been scorched off leaving his blistered skin uncovered. The right knee on his pants was torn as well and he skinned on the deck plating as he landed hard against it.

The man drew in a sigh and stepped forward enough to activate the sliding door and walked into sickbay dodging the door though he really didn't need to.

Cassie slowly stepped into the doorway carrying medical samples when she saw the man coming in very close against her. "What the hell have you been up to?" She demanded putting down the samples quickly on the side. She wasn't medical but she knew biology and this man biologically wasn't alright in the slightest.

"Working on a control panel in a Jefferies tube," Jasper said letting a hint of his pain escape into his voice, "Plasma conduit decided it didn't like me." He managed to make it over to a biobed and leaned up against the side of it, "what brings you here Cassie?"

"Picking up samples." She said pointing to the pile that she had left. "All from the survey we just have done. Captain likes them to be eye checked along with the computer." She said with a sigh as she noticed the pain. "Lie down. I am going to get you some help." It was quiet in sickbay at this time of day. Most of the crew were at dinner.

Jasper nodded and hoisted a leg up on the bed and his best to get on it without using his injured arm. He drew in a breath as he unclenched his jaw, "eye-catching, I'll have to... add some colour to the programs." He looked over at the woman and offered a smile, as pained as he was, "thank you, Cassie." The man let his head rest on the ergonomically formed bed and he closed his eyes for a moment before opening them up again.

The woman nodded and disappeared off quietly to find someone to help. Her friend looked almost grey from pain and it pained her to know that he had been hurt. "I've found a nurse they are gonna be a moment." She said looking torn between returning to her work or staying with her friend.

"Thanks," Jasper said offering a smile, "must have caught them at a bad time." The words were meant a humour but didn't exactly come out that way, "you better get back before your boss starts sending me hate mail."

“Dinner time.” The woman simply as she caught the lack of humour in his voice. “Sure. Come check in later.” Cassie was pretty busy but she wanted to know if her friend was ok or not.

The response brought a nod from Jasper though his typically warm smile was rather stunted, "about seventeen hundred," he questioned readjusting himself against the biobed in a futile attempt to get more comfortable. "This shouldn't take long, once they get here."


Ensign Cassie McAvoy
Science Officer - Biology
USS Ishimura
(PNPC Gregnol)

Lieutenant JG Jasper Offermans
Operations Officer
USS Ishimura


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