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Tiny 'Humans'

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2018 @ 5:09am by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Leiddem Kea

Mission: Mission 5 - Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD -15 08:30

Catelyn has just started her shift as she walked in all smiles. Eating a quick burrito she had grabbed from breakfast time at the mess hall, she looked at the board for the day. Just a few exams. She might actually be able to socialize a bit. Thank god…

“Someone showed up an hour ago and is refusing to talk to anyone but you,” Leiddem said slipping a hand around her shoulders steering the Doctor away from the way she had been heading. It was unusual for anyone to just turn up without some pressure but stranger for the woman to refuse to talk to him when she was Betazoid.

Cate yelped softly as she felt hands over her white lab jacket. Whipping her head around to see who’d touched her, she instantly smiled. Her favourite nurse. Her brilliant, patient, gentle and sexy...nurse.

No. No, no, no, no…

Cate, no.

Pursing her lips together, she let him direct her toward the station. “Okay, what’s the deal…” she sighed as she crunched the wrapper of her burrito into a ball, tossing into a trash can far away “Score one for Cate…” she whispered softly as she walked further “No information at all?” She asked before she approached the woman “Thanks, Leiddem.”

“I am betazoid and she won’t talk to me at all.” He said softly looking around the corner to see the woman sat looking forlorn on the bed. “It is that blonde Engineer. You know the one you keep bothering.” He hinted letting her approach the woman only then.

“It’s not bothering if you’re concerned about her wellbeing. I’m a doctor and I’m doing my job.” She whispered quickly. As she looked at the blonde. Putting her hand on his shoulder “I’ve got this. Coffee later.” She winked before spritzing hand sanitizer into her palms and rubbing them together. “Hey there Ms Fenruse…” Cate spoke in her soft, comforting tone as she offered a gentle smile. Turning around, she pulled the curtain to give them a little more privacy “You seem a bit glum. How are you feeling?” She asked as she pulled out her PaDD to find the woman’s records.”Glad you made it in.” She added as her eyes scanned the information.

“Well, i don’t think you really gave me an option just like you didn’t give Lieddem a choice to refuse your coffee offer,” Selina said impressed by the curtain being pulled across. It was amusing that it was an actual curtain instead of a modesty screen made of glass.

“Wow.Someone is grumpy.” She remarked as she put the device down on the desk “As a doctor, I strongly recommended that you came in. You walked in here on your own.” She responded softly “Now, go ahead and lay back.” She instructed as she walked around, grabbing the tricorder. “Says you’re about 4 months along…” She smiled sweetly. These were the exams she really enjoyed. Tiny humans in the making.
“Yeah, only another six months to go,” Selina commented on with a sigh. “Maybe…” She said suddenly remembering that the baby was half human. “Um… I am not sure on that one actually.” She really should have discussed with Tae more everything before they had argued and she had been taken.

Cate chuckled softly “You’re not quite halfway through, but you’re almost there.” She smiled sweetly as she observed the display “Baby is healthy...numbers are great.” She grinned as she pulled a lock of hair behind her ear “Do you know the sex? Do you want to know the sex?”

“This baby could come early as per human standards or they could come by my standards,” She had no doubt in the slightest that the baby would do their own thing if being hers or Tae’s child was anything to go by. “It is a girl,” Selina said softly.

Still reviewing the vitals for both the baby and Selina, she pressed a few buttons on the PPaD before looking back to her “She is indeed. A perfectly healthy, kickin’, happy baby girl. She’s making strides.” She chuckled before placing the device on the counter “Keep taking your supplements and take care of yourself. You’re doing well. Do you have any questions for me? Any concerns?” She asked softly, her eyes still scanning over the numbers.

Selina shook her head. She had no questions. It was an enjoyable time for both herself and the growing mind inside of her. It wasn’t a perfect situation, conceived in an apocalyptic future but Selina wouldn’t change it.

Catelyn nodded with a gentle smile “I know it’s not ideal, but one can successfully raise a child in even the worst of conditions. You both are healthy; just keep taking your supplements. If you need anything, just page me.” She finished as she backed away, folding her arms “We’re all set. Go and try to relax doctor’s orders.” She winked sweetly.

Selina frowned but nodded. Who was she to argue with the Doctor when she had sought her out finally. It had been weeks since she had been checked over. It was starting to get surreal that she was going to have a baby, she just hoped she could get back to Tae before he freaked out.


Selina Fenruse
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Leiddem Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Catelyn O'Malley, MD
SS Mary Rose


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