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Don't Need To Be Security To Track Down

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2018 @ 4:00am by Dixoho Saa & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson

Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Security Complex
Timeline: MD -03 22:30

Dixoho walked into the Security suite a little drunk and a little brave. She looked around before she spotted the open door that led into the small office that she was sure the man she was looking for was going to me. The booze she had consumed with her coffee had made her decide to track down the older man and get things out in the open once and for all.

She stood there in the entrance way with her usual black clothes, boots and bright hair. "I thought you were meeting with the captain?" She offered having seen the Captain come into the Bar not long after he had left.

Micheal was sitting at his desk, running a bone regenerator over his hand, knitting the fracture that he had caused. Looking up at the sudden appearance of Dixoho. He looked surprised at her standing in his doorway, then regained his composure. "Actually, I said that he had something for me to do."

"Patatoes... potatoes." She giggled coming into the room looking at him confused as she saw the regenerator. It was such a human expression. "Looks like you've been in trouble." She said gently as she took the regenerator sitting on the desk. "What does the other guy look like?" She said repeating his words from earlier as she sat down on the desk looking at him unsure if this was the wisest thing she had done.

Sitting back slightly, giving her room to move around his desk, Micheal replied quietly. "There was no other guy. Just my own damn stupidity." He paused, then his voice softened some. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you want me here?" She wondered, looking at him sadly. She had seen the Captain and had decided to track him down to find out why he had lied to her about seeing the Captain but now what he had said had made sense, it had been her error. She coughed a little. "Looks like you need someone to fix you up." She said trying to avoid the sad look on her face.

Looking up into her beautiful eyes, Micheal's voice actually cracked a little as he replied. "Y-yes. I do want you here. More than you can know. However, as you already stated, you are already in a relationship. I don't step in on other people's dances." He glanced down at his hand, then back up at Dixoho, his heart thumping in his chest at the sight of a sad expression on her face. "Its just a minor crack. I've... I've had worse."

“I bet you have.” The woman thought he would have had more over the years. She ignored what he said about other people’s dances. She wasn’t going to tell the man about how she and Markus were confusing at the moment. It had been confusing since the lift. “I think you are fine now.” She might be a little drunk but she could play doctor.

Feeling an odd vibe from Dixoho, Micheal slowly stood and moved to stand mere inches from the beautiful pilot. When he inhaled, he took in her soft, flowery scent. He found it very enthralling. With a bit of a huskiness to his voice, he placed a hand on the desk on either side of her seated behind, he asked, his eyes locked on hers, "What is it that you want, Di?"

"I don't know." She admitted with a shrug, glancing away. "I came here thinking you had run away, but I guess I was wrong." The alcohol that had made her brave earlier now just made her feel dumb and a little silly.

"Hey," Micheal said softly, as he reached up with his left hand and gently cradled Dixoho's lower jaw, fingers on the left side of he face, his thumb on the right. He gently turned her face back to him and he looked deep into her eyes. The eyes that he could look at forever. "Please don't hide from me. You never have to hide from me." Their faces were a breath apart. Suddenly, he leaned in and kissed her. It wasn't a rushed kiss, nor was it an overpowering one. It simply was a kiss that stories were sometimes written about. The kind of kiss that could cause a heart to skip a beat.

Not once did she seem to resist, or to flinch, or to show any signs of apprehension as he ducked and pressed his lips against hers. This was real, this was happening, she was not imaging it was all that was going through her mind as she looped her free arm around him, kissing him back.

Feeling Dixoho reach around him, Micheal moved his hands down to her bottom and lifted her up, so that they might have a better angle to continue the kiss.

Dixoho was surprised when he pulled her up off the desk, pressed against him. She dropped the generator on to the desk with a clatter. It felt natural, not like a first kiss between them at all, like a kiss between people who hadn't seen each other in a while.

The pair continued their embrace for a few seconds longer, then Micheal broke the connection with Dixoho's sweet lips, to breath in a few gasping breaths. "Wow!" He whispered between the breaths.

"Michael..." She breathed as he pulled back resting her forehead against his. "We kissed.." She breathed softly, ignoring the little voice that reminded her this was wrong... this man could kill her in an instant and would have.

"Yeah," he replied. The corners of his mouth were twitching upward into a grin. "We certainly did. Much better than last time."

The woman nodded slowly. “I thought you said you didn’t interrupt other's dances.” She finally said, unable to look away from the man as he held her close. She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t know what this meant, never having been in a situation anywhere as close as this.

Micheal shook his head slightly, never taking his eyes from Dixoho's. "I can't help myself," his voice full of sincerity. "Since my wife... You are the first woman to make me feel this way... feel... alive! I don't want to go back to how I was before. I need you. I want you!"

“But...” The woman started to argued even as she wiggled closer to him.

“Saa... I need you to inspect the area you want for your lab.” Gregnol’s voice filled the compartment despite the time of night. Dixoho sighed bowing her head remembering her words to Gregnol an hour ago.

Micheal blinked at the interruption. Then he waited for Dixoho to reply to the Captain.

“Sure. I’ll go look tonight.” She answered quietly regretting asking the Captain for permission in her bravado earlier.

"If you want," Micheal began. "I'll go with you when you do your inspection." As he spoke, he adjusted his hold on Dixoho, running his hands over her back and behind as he did so.

“You are going to have to put me down.” She whispered as she heard the connection cut from the wall and they were left alone again. Did she really need to go running around in the dark after a few whiskeys let alone with Michael after that kiss?

"If I have too," he said sadly. Once Micheal had lowered Dixoho down, he moved his right hand up her left side, into her hair, running his fingers through her red locks.

"I've got to look at this space that I want for an astrometric lab. In my annoyance at you running off, I decided to swagger off to Gregnol and ask for the space." She had been putting it off and putting it off but the whiskey had fueled her, and Micheal's abrupt departure had annoyed her. So, she had asked straight out and was given the chance to look properly.

"Why don't we go look at it together?" Micheal asked as he leaned down and started to lightly kiss the left side of her neck.

"Micheal... we need to talk... we can't do this." She breathed trying to resist the kisses. It stirred something in her no man had before and she didn't really want it to stop. Slowly she moved off of his desk and stood up adjusting her tee back into place.

Slowly, Micheal released his hold on Dixoho, allowing her to move as she wanted. Clearing his throat, he responded. "Well, we could talk while we head out to the area you want to inspect. Perhaps, we could have some dinner, later?"

"I have had dinner already." She said looking at the floor awkwardly trying to not say Markus, but the man was like a big cloud over them. "Let's go... we need to go." She whispered, feeling like if they didn't get out of the room, them on the desk would turn into them on the couch.

"Okay," Micheal replied as he nodded. He so much wanted to take her in his arms again. However, if he was really going to work at being with her, things would have to be taken a bit slower. "Let me just grab a couple lights and we can go." Out of sheer muscle memory, he drew his disruptor from its holster, checked the charge, then reholstered the weapon. Afterwards, he opened a small cabinet that was against the bulkhead, behind his desk, and withdrew two flashlights. After closing the cabinet, he turned to Dixoho, handing her one. "After you."

Dixoho took one of the lights and quietly led the way to where the deck had ended mere days before, but where now there was a hole in the wall. Dixoho bent and ducked inside the corridor and shone the light down the corridor. “This way.” She whispered not sure where her voice had gone but in the darkness, it seemed appropriate.

Carefully, Micheal manoeuvred his large frame through the hole. He then activated his light, illuminating the darkened corridor that seemed to continue far out of sight. "Lead the way," he whispered in response.

The woman silently led the way along the corridor. "Last time this was open was when Starfleet used it as a medical ship. We found tons of writing on the walls in one place. They barely used this ship to its full potential after it went missing the first time," She said sadly as she went into one of the rooms. "Oh! This isn't the right room." It was a transporter room.

Moving inside the darkened transporter room, Micheal moved his light around, carefully taking in everything he saw. "Wow," he commented. "They sure don't make em like this anymore." Moving over to the plastic covered control console, the Texan slowly pulled back the cover, careful not to disturb the accumulated dust as much as possible. "My grandfather was a transporter tech on one of these old Constitutions. I remember that he made me an exact model of this console," he said with a smile, "So he and I could play transport games." He casually flipped a few switches and turned a few knobs.

Suddenly, the entire transporter room came to life! Lights came on, the transporter chamber slowly hummed to operating level, and the console began beeping and whistling. "Whoa!" Micheal exclaimed.

"Whoa... don't touch it." The woman hissed tugging him back as the console whistled one last time before smoke started to rise from it. The woman quickly moved to a wall and removed a fire extinguisher.

Michael stepped back as several sparks started to fly out of the console. Suddenly, the console was covered in foam from the extinguisher that Dixoho wad using.

The pair stood there in silence for a second in the darkened smoking room until Dixoho let the extinguisher fall to the floor with a clatter. "You okay?" She wondered softly moving closer to him.

Micheal waved his right hand through the smoke-filled air in an attempt to clear it some. Turning towards and reaching for Dixoho, he replied. "Yeah. That definitely could've gone worse. Thank you."

The woman put her hand over his as he reached for grasping her arm in the smoke. "Let's get out of this room." She whispered moving to head into the corridor so at the very least she could breathe properly.

Micheal nodded, following Dixoho out into the corridor. Once the doors slid shut behind them, the air slowly started to clear. Turning to stand in front of Dixoho, Micheal asked, "How are you doing?"

The woman nodded. She was okay, she was sober completely and utterly now after the adrenaline fix that she had needed with a possible fire breathing out. She looked up at the older man unsure. "I am okay. Are you okay?" She wondered softly.

"Darlin'," he replied in his Texas drawl. "It'll take more than that to get my feathers all ruffled." He leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. "Thank you for your concern, though."

Dixoho found herself chasing his lips as he pulled back with soft words. "We keep kissing." She whispered looking away again. What was she doing?

Micheal gave the young woman a soft, warm, smile. "I'm certainly enjoying it." His smile faltered slightly. "Are you?"

"More than anything... I am not normally like this." She whispered. She had barely kissed Markus, yet here she was, thinking that she and Micheal were just two people with every right to be intimate. After all, their duty and obligations had no place after hours.

He chuckled softly, running the back of his right-hand fingertips across Dixoho's left cheek, while he braced himself against the bulkhead, behind her, with his left hand. Looking into her eyes, a mixture of desire and hunger for her in his eyes, he responded. "Well, I certainly don't normally act like this. You bring out the fire in my soul, Dixoho Saa. I want to be yours. Will you be mine?"

"I just keep thinking of Markus...I should tell him I am not interested or that it isn't working out." She admitted, knowing that it wasn't fair on the man when he had been kind to her but he just wasn't right for her. He didn't have that spark that Micheal did, this man seemed to know what he wanted just like her attraction to Gregnol when she had first met him.

Micheal nodded but didn't move away or stop touching her. "Okay. One more kiss, and then we stop until you have properly spoken to and broken things off with Markus. Agreed?"

There should have been a thousand problems coursing through her mind, he was a bounty hunter who had tracked her down, what would happen with Markus as the human seemed already upset with her, what if Gregnol found out, what if she was truly a pitiful lover? All the what ifs hurt her head but she found herself nodding as she lent back against the wall.

Smiling again, Micheal slowly leaned closer, until his lips were a breath away from Dixoho's. Looking into her eyes once more, he then closed his eyes and kissed her. The kiss was like before, in his office. Deep, filled with passion, but feeling completely natural, as if the two of them had been kissing each other their whole lives.

"I've never done anything like this." She whispered softly as he reached closer to her and kissed her. She wanted this, she wanted the intimacy she just needed to sort things out.


Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
SS Mary Rose

Micheal Robertson
Chief Armory Officer/Bounty Hunter
SS Mary Rose/Shuttle Alexandria


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