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Never Know What You Need Until It Falls Into Your Lap Part 6

Posted on Wed Mar 7th, 2018 @ 3:16pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Scotland
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2240

The young woman froze and turned as she felt her father a second before the door opened and he spoke. His words held a hint of accusation to them and Cassie didn’t know why it held that tone, he couldn’t have heard the words that Johnathen had said to her seconds earlier.

“Father.” She said, smoothly moving to stand up. She brushed the dirt off of her skirt before she silently crossed the room to greet him properly. “This is one of my flight classmates. He gave me a lift here when all flights were full.” She admitted quickly, hoping to defuse that awkwardness that was building.

Johnathen quickly stumbled to his feet, suddenly feeling as if he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He bowed respectfully and then started to move closer to shake the man's hand. He suddenly remembered that, for the most part, Vulcans did not like to be touched. He stopped his forward movement and raised his right hand, attempting to give the traditional Vulcan salute. After a few beats, he finally got his hand in the correct position. "Peace and long life to you, Sir. My sincere condences on your loss."

Cassie's father at first said nothing. His only reaction was an arched right eyebrow. Then, he returned the salute. "Live long and prosper." Then looking at his daughter, in Vulcan, he asked the obvious question. "Why is he wearing my Earth clothing?" He tone definitely sounded as if he was very annoyed.

“Because he gave me a lift home so I would get back to sort out mama’s stuff out.” She answered his Vulcan with her own Vulcan using the phrase mama yo diffuse him even more. “He used his own holiday from the academy to help me. He didn’t want to leave me here by myself.”

The response that Cassie got was a very stern look. Her father continued to speak in his native tongue. "That is not a logical reason for him to be wearing my clothing. Nor why he was touching you."

“Touching is what humans do father or have you forgotten that about mother already.” Cassie had lives a long time with her mother solely to know how to wind her father up just enough to tear him. “Because all he had was his uniform.” She glanced at the human who was showing concern at the pair talking Vulcan.

Johnathen stood there, a little unsure of himself, as father and daughter continued to speak in Vulcan. While he couldn't understand fully what they were saying, he got the impression that the discussion was about him. "Um, Cas? Sir? If you'll pardon the interruption, I was wondering if there was a tailor or shop nearby? I'd like to go pick up some clothes for myself. That way, I can get these cleaned and give them back to you, Sir." He also didn't mention that he needed fresh underwear, and a shower, especially after the sweat that had formed on his body frpm the steam of the bath the night before.

“Yes.” Cassie said, giving her father the evil eye, as he stared back at her, barely containing the emotions he was feeling. It was impossible to hold back the emotions as loosing a bonded mate, especially as one as perfect as Sorcha. It had been turmoil the last few years since she had wanted to return to Earth and it had been too late in his discovery the real reason of that venture. “Come on. We can walk into town." It wasn’t far but it would give them time to think and time for her father to have a moment to himself.

Without a word, Johnathen nodded and followed Cassie outside. After crossing the 120 foot long footbridge, he quietly asked, "Is my presence going to cause unnecessary strain between you and your father?"

“Any presence causes strain between us," she said once they got up the other end of the bridge. “My father is a man of very little emotion, much like most of his species. But, he does show it in regards to my mother. She was the person who changed him.” It was unusual for many Vulcans to marry humans.

"She must have really been a great person. I'm sorry that I never got to meet her." As they continued to walk towards the nearby village, a few of the local residents either simply watched the pair as they made their way down the gravel road, or waved to Cassie, expressing their condolences for her loss. "Your mother seems to have been really liked around here."

“She had a big heart. I strive to have a heart as big as hers, but my Vulcan half always stops me.” She shrugged softly as someone around her age stopped her and wrapped her in a hug without her even having a moment to protest or acknowledge the presence.

Johnathen watched the other young woman embrace Cassie. It was clear that the local community felt very highly of both the young hybrid, and her mother. As they continued walking, he offered a suggestion. "Maybe you should keep the house. I mean, I know that you will see your mom there, but, maybe you could change things around? Ya know, make it your own home? I assume it's already paid for?"

She knew he was right and why she was cleaning the place to rent but it was still something to think about. “I don’t know. My life with Starfleet will take me out there.” She pointed to the sky and where she thought she belonged. She wasn’t a child of Earth or a child of Vulcan so she would make her future among the stars.

Johnathen looked up as well and grinned. "Yeah, I can't wait to get up there! I'm hoping to get a birthing on one of the deep space mission ships. How about you?"

Cassie looked back down and shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t know where my heart is just yet.” She admitted as they arrived at a clothing shop.

Johnathen reached out and gently rubbed Cassie's back. "You'll find something that you'll be passionate about. I know you will." He then playfully clapped and rubbed his hands together. "Okay! Let's get me a few outfits! I want to look my best for you while I'm by your side." He was trying to make her smile with his energy.

:::To Be Continued...:::

Cassie McAvoy
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Johnathen Anderson
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