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Building A Home

Posted on Thu Mar 29th, 2018 @ 2:25am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Vulcan
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2241

In the weeks that past Cassie felt herself growing more and more comfortable living in the small house with Tevir whilst she started to work for a small hospital rather than the Science Academy. She wanted somewhere quiet, somewhere she could grow and work on her own things without the wider community prying into her work and life. She glanced about her – their bedroom and a small part of the living room through the open door seeing the becoming familiar furnishings and decorations. So much like him, she was starting to realise with the modern decor, he was a forward thinker instead of stuck in tradition and the past.

Watching her from the doorway, Tevir had come in quietly only minutes after Cassie had come home from work. "I can see your hand in many of the decorations," he commented as he approached, wrapping his arms around her as he did many an evening. "Have you thought of curtains yet?" Even though he had promised her no-one would look inside when there were no curtains, he understood the need even if they were only to be decoration rather than practical.

The woman jumped at the sudden voice she had been so wrapped up in her own thought she hadn’t heard him enter or felt his presence. It was hard for her adjusting to the bond when she had little telepathic training but it was becoming easier every day, she didn’t even question his voicing what she had been thinking mentally aloud. “No work was a little more complicated than normal.”

"Want to talk about it?" He released her, before turning her around. "What was complicated? Are they still giving you a hard time?"

The woman shook her head at the fact all the men in her life were the type to turn her around to face them it was an attractive quality. “Not overly. My field of science is completely different than yours. I wouldn’t know different anomalies,” She said softly. “No, but they do want to study me to find why I exist.”

"You are not an anomaly and I will not allow my mate to be treated like this." Tevir's expression darkened as he watched her. "You exist because your parents desired a child. How you exist is not important, it is important that you do. I will not allow my wife to become an object of study."

"Yes but no one can discover how." She whispered softly. Her mother had found a way but nowhere had she written it down, the only thing that remained of Sorcha McAvoy's life work was the woman stood in front of her husband. His words meant a lot but it was going to happen.

"You are a geneticist. If we are to have children, we will have a chance. I suspect, since you are half Vulcan and I am full, we will not have many issues. I would want you to study the possibility, but I do not want to see you become a guinea pig. You are you're own personal, not a laboratory animal to be studied." It was clear from his expression that his feelings on this were very much set. The very idea of someone using his wife for this seemed to upset him.

“At ease husband,” Cassie said softly seeing the darkened expression in his eyes. “It has never happened before. I wish my mother had left a guide or something I could follow.” She whispered. Many marriages had happened between their two species but none until she had been born and she was basically a secret as her father was not as connected enough to have the honour.

"A guide to what?" Tevir arched a single eyebrow as he regarded her.

“What she did to create me.” She said softly thinking back to the two weeks she had spent packing up her mother's house for new tenants or her father to use if he needed to go to earth. “When I and Johnathan packed up her house there was nothing.”

"How are you so certain that you are...created? You are the product of your mother and your father..." He was no geneticist, but simple biology wasn't beyond his comprehension. "If there are no documents, perhaps you were conceived naturally?"

“Because it is impossible. There have been many studies and miscarriages in the early months. My mother loved my father and wanted to give him the world.” She didn’t have a doubt because there were small markers to confirm that she hadn’t been conceived naturally.

Tevir nodded. "As I want to give you. I do believe we have more chance because you already are Vulcan. I do want us to have children Ka'See..."

The woman nodded as he said her Vulcan name with such meaning. “You know I will be fertile outside of Pon Farr right?”

"As am I," Tevir answered quietly, "I just did not know if you would be willing..."

The woman shrugged in a human gesture as she touched his cheek with two fingers. It wasn’t so much as willing or unwilling, it was a matter of duty. “My mandatory conception will have faded already.”

He wasn't sure why she would be on anti-conception since they had been betrothed at age seven, but he didn't comment on it. "Do you want to try?" He ventured carefully.

She slowly pulled her paired fingers away from his cheek, the gesture between bondmates broken for a moment. "What will be will be." It wasn't like that had been intimate outside of Pon Farr yet.

He caught her hand with his own, then traced the palm of her hand with the first two fingers of his other hand. He watched her closely, drawing closer to her. "What will be, will be," he echoed, before sweeping her up entirely into his arms, cradling her close. "And it will be if we have a say."

The woman was surprised by the sudden intimate gesture towards her when he had been keeping his distance and her vice versus. "How so?" She asked softly thinking that he had already said he didn't want her involved in looking at her genetics.

"We practice," he said, grinning openly at her. "and if all else fails, we turn to IVF."

The woman was surprised by the grin on his face. It was like she was living with a different man suddenly. She hadn't seen him look like that outside brief flashbacks to the haze of Pon Farr so far. Had they gotten comfortable with each other? Was she no longer missing her former life?

He set her back down on her feet but held her close. "You are surprised," he stated quietly, reading her emotions but not her thoughts. He never ventured that far, never breached the privacy of her thoughts even though he could without much effort. "Why?"

"I just thought maybe that a child so soon would interfere with your studies with your future." She said partly not telling him all the thoughts going through her head. Johnathen and the time they had spent together would be their secret, her memories to warm herself with if this ever became a cold and loveless marriage.

"It will not interfere, I can divide my time between study, work and family. As can you. I would never expect you to stay home with our child.." He leaned over to kiss her gently. "Whenever you are ready, we will try. For now, I believe we were going out?"

The woman was surprised at the affection that he was displaying this evening. "We were?" She wondered opening her eyes from the kiss. Had she forgotten some engagement that he had requested she come along to for his studies?

"You do not wish to go out for dinner?" he asked in surprise, "would you rather stay home? "

"Not at all but I am not dressed," She said showing off the vest and leggings that she had been wearing since she had returned from work. She had changed from her hospital uniform to something a little more comfortable for home.

"Why would you change? If this makes you feel comfortable, why change into something that does not?" That just didn't seem like a logical endeavour to Tevir.

"Not exactly for dinner Tevir." She was wearing something that was appropriate for indoors but not out in wider society. "I think I would turn a few heads." She grinned softly before turning away to head into the darkened bedroom to change from the thin clothes she had been wearing.

"You turn heads regardless," Tevir chuckled as he waited for her to return. "No matter what you wear."

The woman paused in her moments and listened to the older man. "Are you flirting with me?" Cassie called half uncertain from pulling her vest top over her head. She had never in the past two weeks heard that type of tone from him before and it had thrown her.

"That is not a technique I am familiar with," the man confessed, "just mere observation."

The woman burst out laughing at him but carried on changing into some light robes not commenting on his lack of technique. He really was adorable for a Vulcan to say the least.


Civilian Scientist
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Ensign Cassie McAvoy
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