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Dixoho's Trip Through The Mirror MISSION END

Posted on Wed Sep 12th, 2018 @ 5:57pm by Dixoho Saa & Ships Doctor Luka Mahone (Mirror)

Mission: Mission 7 - Sabotage
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD 14 -03:00

It was early morning and the ship was deadly quiet as the pair walked through Sickbay and then slipped into a side room. Dixoho looked at the person who was sound asleep on the biobed in the intensive care room and smirked.

“That is her?” The redhead demanded looking at the broken damaged girl that was lying barely alive under a diagnostic hemisphere. “How badly was she beaten?" She wondered stroking the familiar hair away from a nasty looking bruise around her eyes."

"Bad enough." Luka dismissed the criticism with a hand wave. "She was recently kidnapped and tortured, and no one on the ship took lightly to it." He folded his arms across his chest and shook his head. "I'm not certain, I was only along for the ride."

Dixoho shrugged, it just proved how weak this universe was. She would never allow herself to her in that situation, the bounty hunters neck would have been snapped before he touched a finger on her. "How are we going to explain that with this equipment how much better I am?” She had ideas of the fact it would be easier for him to drug her, beat her and then wake her up in a few days but he was in charge seeing he had been the one to get through and find the ship before she did.

Luka snorted. "They won't notice, except maybe her boyfriend, who's... also indisposed of right now. Also," Luka added, jutting a finger toward one of the various machines lining the walls. "No one's figured out what that large, Cardassian machine does yet. Or, they didn't know until I got it to turn on. Really, all it runs is diagnostics, but no one's touched it yet."

"Oh, I am sure I can deal with her boyfriend," Dixoho said with a grin as she stopped stroking her doubleganger hair for a moment and looked at Luka smirking. "How do they have Cardassian stuff here? This place is unexpected, to say the least. I am surprised that you have lasted here so long."

"From what I've gathered simply by asking around, there was a stop at an old Cardassian space station, where parts were gutted for the crew. Well, in some departments anyway." Luka frowned at the thought. "... Can you imagine, using Cardassian parts for anything? They're so... backwards."

Dixoho smirked more, it seemed to be how she smiled in the mirror universe. "Did you find her? I hope you did this place is just far to bright." She asked thinking of his alternative reasoning for agreeing to come to this other universe.

"No." Luka's expression turned grim. "This reality has softened almost everyone's heart, but no matter how hard I try, she leaves no trail. All I've managed to intercept was a note to this ship, and with the record she has left behind, it's difficult to tell whether it truly is her... or the her that belongs here."

The woman shook her head, their mission was purely one of finding the charts and information that had been brought across to this universe about there's. It had worked out handy for Luka seeing his sister had been foolish enough to cross over for the rebellion. "She can't hide forever. One way or another Gregnol will eventually find her. Traitors can't hide even family." Dixoho commented on looking at him with distaste. "Asahi sends his regards." She said as an afterthought.

"Well, he's the one who's going to have his hands full whenever your more innocent half comes to." Luka folded his arms across his chest. "Hopefully he remembers how to read my doctor's notes, especially if we're supposed to keep her alive."

"I am sure he will just pass her off to a medic," Dixoho commented on with a smirk thinking of the men on the ship. "So how do you want to do this Sir..." She slurred thinking them needed to hurry to do this switch over quickly before people stirred and started moving around the ship.

Luka's eyes narrowed. "He'd better not. I told him not to. Last thing I need is for one of the medics to go soft on me just because she's got your face." There came a pause, as he looked to the door, half expecting someone to stroll through it. "We'll wait a couple of hours. Doctor Sommers is pretty methodical, and he's the one who'll ask the most questions, so we want to make a show of you getting up and feeling better while he's about. Not too much, but enough so he doesn't suspect... and if he does, I'll just wave it off as some new tech I picked up. I don't think he will, but if we need to make a show of that, then we can." He picked up a scanner, frowning. "And I can fake a medical reading pretty quick."

Dixoho shook her head at the man. "You think Kita will listen to you... the only one he might listen to is Gregnol's witch." She snorted at him before she stroked her alternatives cheek. "She really is quite pretty with despite being all sickly." The Trill was very glad she wasn't sickly like this version. Did women not need to be strong in this world. It was like looking at a shadow of herself. "Well, you are pretty good at faking things dear." She commented on as she looked at the clothes she wore compared to the girl as the man just carried on talking ignoring her.

"Past that, there's just a couple of people you've gotta watch out for. Her boyfriend, who's got his own injuries to worry about, and then there's the Captain. Oh, and one of the other medics too. Caden. Most everyone else will be too preoccupied to notice any major differences. I'm not sure who's got access to the ship, but I'm betting your other half almost has free reign, which we'll need to get into some of the more lucrative spots. What we're looking for is probably in this grotto I keep hearing about. All we need to do is get to it while no one's looking..."

"Boyfriends are easy to deal with." She winked at him. Her only concern was the Captain, Gregnol in no universe was a thick man, he knew his crew and sometimes better than they know themselves. "Grotto... now that is interesting." She murmured already thinking of spots that she could damage to cause chaos to allow them to find what they had been sent to gather.

"Just be careful, this one's the security chief," Luka advised. "I haven't talked to him enough, but most everyone on this ship seems to be out of Starfleet, so it wouldn't surprise me if he had some training. Or at least has a keen enough eye. I wouldn't put it past him to be good in combat either, but that also remains to be seen, considering we had to drag him out of the same situation as his girlfriend here..."

"And... boyfriends are all the same." She assured him not at all phased by the prospect of meeting this boyfriend. One thing about the females of her empire, they knew their assets and exactly how to use them. "After something like she seems to have been through anything that I do that isn't feeble and passive will come across as some trauma from this situation."

Luka's eyes narrowed. "Likely. I don't know what this ship has in terms of 'mental health' doctors upon this ship, but I've certainly seen enough who think they can throw their weight around. It won't matter. Everyone's all wrapped up in their own issues and trivial matters that they won't notice we're here until it's too late."


Luka Mahone
Chief Medical Officer
ISS Fenrir

Lieutentant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir


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