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Dixoho's Trip Through The Mirror Part 2 MISSION END

Posted on Wed Sep 12th, 2018 @ 5:57pm by Dixoho Saa & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Mission 7 - Sabotage
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD -14 10:00

Dixoho awoke slowly at first then the realisation hit her that she was lying on the floor and the fact she was really quite cold. Opening her eyes she looked up at the bare ceiling taking in the bright lights that hurt her eyes, she hadn’t seen bright lights in days. She sat up and looked around the bare room that she was and two things hit her suddenly, one she was in a Brig and two it wasn’t Rosie’s.

She turned awkwardly at a cough that echoed around the room and blinked at the figure that was just outside of the force field that she could now see separated her from the figure. “Where am I?” She said calmly thinking that she must have been healed before being put in here as she could remember Leiddem sedating her as she was screaming in pain after the shapeshifter.

"That's on a need to know basis," came the reply from the other side of the brig's cell. Seated in a stool and bathed in the shadows was the mysterious figure, eyes glinting with curiosity. "And the only person who doesn't need to know is you, chickiepoo."

"Chickiepoo?" Dixoho said trying to blink away the last of the sedation as she looked at the person bathed in shadows. She hated when they were all mysterious and trying to prove a point. "I don't see why me knowing where I am is need to know. Looks like Starfleet."

"Starfleet?" Asahi rolled his eyes. It was always 'Starfleet' with these naive types. He shrugged. "If that's what you wanna believe, sure. Starfleet. Whatever."

Dixoho sighed softly holding her head as she sat back down feeling woozy. "If it isn't Starfleet where am I?" She wondered noticing that she wore a clean vest and shorts that almost looked like pjs. "You obviously wanted something cause you've fixed me up so what is it?" She said looking up.

Using a pinkie to rub a scratch in his ear, Asahi gave a sniff of disapproval. As he thought, this was going to be intensely boring. "You're the one in the Brig, which makes you a prisoner. What makes you think you're gonna get any answers asking questions like that?"

"Fine. Don't answer my questions. Thank you very much for obviously fixing me up." She said with a shrug moving to lie back down. What did she care if she didn't know what was going on as long as she was fixed up? It even seemed like her lungs felt less tight and she could breath better.

Asahi let off a snort. "Wasn't me. You can thank the doctor that's way more competent than whoever was dealing with you before, whenever he gets back from his little escapade. You'd think we'd have gotten this by now, but we're stuck in this mess and you're stuck there, so you're lucky he was nice enough to fix your whatever it was."

Dixoho looked at the man and shrugged again. Who did she care who fixed her up as long as someone had? "I was held hostage and tortured. Seems like this hostage location is a lot better than the last one... I thank you for that." She said sarcastically as she settled down onto the pillow.

"So she is awake then?" A voice said from the doorway. Selina stood there in the doorway in a long pale dress and her hair long around her like she belonged in Ancient Greece. Dixoho's eyes went wide and she dived up nearly colliding with the forcefield as she heard the familiar voice.

Asahi rolled his gaze back to the doorway, giving the blond a lopsided smile. "She's awake and mouthy, but I bet that'll make her more... amiable to what we need out of her."

"Selina?" Dixoho demanded looking the woman over. "Where is your bump? Whats going on?" Dixoho demanded looking the woman over still surprised not seeing the bump that she had seen grow over the last few months.

Then came the frown of the armory officer as his gaze returned to Dixoho. "See, Lina? Told you. Asks too many questions for someone who's on the wrong side of the force field."

"She's allowed to ask them doesn't mean we answer." The woman commented on as she looked at Dixoho just as intently as Dixoho was staring at her. "She's barely like our version," Selina noticed he called her with a familiar name unlike how he normally did.

"Your version?" Dixoho demanded as she watched Selina sit on the desk. The Engineer she knew didn't move like this woman did at all. This woman moved like a predator and it scared her more than the man did.

Asahi gestured at Dixoho. "I'd say we should gag her, but then she wouldn't be able to tell us anything at all. There seemed to be some thought that she had some important codes, but I still say we should have just jumped on over and took over the ship."

"Yes... I am not your Selina Fenruse. You aren't in your Universe anymore." Selina said focused still on the woman it was easy to breeze through her mind. "She doesn't know anything... She doesn't even know what is going on. Whatever would Gregnol need this woman for? He could have just got Saa to kill her over the other side and take her place." Selina told Asahi softly.

"Universe... What are you talking about?" Dixoho demanded standing up again as she looked at the pair. She had read about other dimensions and alternatives in old Starfleet reports that had accidentally been lost on Rosie but she hadn't believed it in the slightest.

"Mahone didn't want her dead. Something about subterfuge, or even something like a ransom? I don't know." Asahi turned away from Dixoho, who was demanding much too much for his liking. His voice lowered to a whisper. "Regardless, if we can't get to those archives, maybe she can. Or she'll know someone who does."

"Mahone is calling the shots now?" Selina wondered as she looked at the woman again. "Well, she would be a pretty ransom but I am not sure she would be able to get anything barely knows what is going on." She laughed standing up from the desk to slide up to Asahi.

"It's his pet project," Asahi motioned with a snort. "He said if we can't get anything out of her or use her for anything, he was going to use her for some experiment or something. She's not as healthy, or something. He started in on the science lingo, and I tuned him out. If she doesn't have anything in her head, she might not be as useful to us as we thought."

Selina still looked at Dixoho as she went through her mind looking for something in particular. She smiled to herself as she finally saw what she was looking for. "She doesn't know what we are looking for but I have found something I was looking for." She said cryptically as Dixoho paled as they mentioned her being less than 100% health.

"Oh did you?" Perking up, Asahi leaned in toward Selina, eyeing Dixoho as if she were a little rabbit trapped by a pair of wolves. "Do tell. Anything to make this more fun for us."

"We've got the ultimate leverage over Gregnol." The Betazoid said with a huge grin as she turned back to Asahi properly as Dixoho stood up. The woman was scared, more scared than she had ever been in her life even with just being tortured. She knew that Gregnol and Uhin would eventually work it out but here in another universe she was lost.

Asahi scooted himself closer in his seat, frowning at the temptation Selina was giving him. Part of him enjoyed this, but another, more urgent part of him just wanted to know! "What is it? Which Gregnol, ours? Or... her's...."

"Ours..." Selina grinned more as she realised that he was frowning at her teasing. She reached out mentally slipping into his mind just as easily as anyone else. Her... She's alive there She explained knowing he would know who She was.

Head perking up and a small grin creeping across his features, Asahi's eyes darted toward Dixoho again. "... I like the sound of this. Maybe we won't need to torture her after all..."


Lieutenant Asahi Kita
Chief Armory Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Uhin)

Lieutentant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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