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Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 9:08pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Gaman
Timeline: MD 01 08:00

When one was invited to Admiral Shinji Kita's Ready Room, it turned into a tiring affair for the security staff of the ship. He had to designate staff to stand just outside the door, staff that he trusted to burst in if something were to occur. But in cases like Reuben Gregnol, his staff complement had lessened, in exchange for the presence of his Inquisitor, Valiyi Uhin. What he did not say was that he trusted only her to tell her what was on anyone's mind at any given time, especially if it was important to furthering his own capabilities. She had yet to fail him, and so he treated the former denizen of Betazed well.

While the dark-haired Betazoid busied herself with fixing the pair beverages, Shinji sat at the head of his desk, fingers steepled as he gave Reuben a look. "... So we have to bring the whole ship at this point?"

Gregnol hated being there. He trusted Kita not to kill him because he had his grandson under his command but you never knew with the man whether family was important or not at that moment. "It seems that it might be the case, Sir. There is too much stuff in the so-called Grotto for them to get through."

"That's a shame." Disappointment crossed the Admiral's features, waving the dark-haired Betazoid over. Valiyi wasted no time setting two rounded, ceramic cups in front of the pair, one filled with a dark, clear liquid, and the other filled with a similarly colored liquid with a slice of lemon hanging off the side. After taking a step back, she turned back to the side table, readying the rest of a small teapot.

Shinji moved to take the cup in front of him. "He must have hidden the charts deeper than we thought. How many are aboard this ... Mary Rose? And has your advance party found anyone useful?"

Reuben couldn't help but be as disappointed as the admiral. He had hoped it would be a quick mission a few days and then they could send the crewman they had stolen back none the wiser. The Captain glanced at the only woman in the room and offered a thank you in her own language before he looked at the Admiral again.

"They have found quite a lot of useful items in MacThom's collection from Mahone's report but they were interrupted by the Ships security measures." It was a surprise that the old ship despite its travels had such security but MacThom was a wise one. "Do you know they call your old friend The Collector."

"Hamish was always one for mysterious titles." Shinji's eyes narrowed in deep thought. "Security measures. Do we know if they were his measures or measures that they had put up since he had disappeared?"

"After," Gregnol assured. The ship for how old it was from the scans and footage he had seen was well maintained in most areas, better than the Cardassian scums ships he had seen. "Most of his measures have been wiped apart from the storeroom where Saa and Mahone are searching." It was frustrating that he had to send those two cause he was pretty sure that Mahone had other plans and that he was using it to find his sister but if he did she was dead for betraying the Empress.

And it was the name 'Mahone' that piqued Shinji's interests. He knew the lieutenant well, from the number of accolades he had received during the time of war. For a doctor, he made quite the warrior, but made an even better interrogator. As for Saa, she was perfect to support the young man's endeavor's, killing whomever got in their way and sweeping away the evidence. "It must be quite the complex system if the pair of them have not been able to crack it. But this would mean whoever is in charge of this vessel is much more competent than Hamish's team. We may need to tread carefully."

Gregnol looked at the woman who was silently watching him. "You want to tell him or me who the Captain of the SS Mary Rose is?" The man wondered looking at her Valiyi carefully. She was typically Betazoid to him she didn't hold a spark to the woman he loved but he never breathed her name anymore aloud just in case she was alive, just incase another Captain had her just like he had Fenruse.

Valiyi merely tilted her head to one side, innocent frown upon her features. "Now come come, Captain," she spoke, her voice lilting over the silence. "What makes you think I haven't told the Admiral who we happen to be up against?"

"Because he wouldn't have just said whoever is in charge... The Admiral here would have just said me Betazoid." He said her species name with enough venom to convince the Admiral but he knew Uhin would know better of his distaste for her and her species. "It is me they are up against." The Captain said proudly. His doppelganger in the other universe was a survivor, to say the least from everything that Saa and Mahone had told him so far.

"Not you," Valiyi corrected, "A man with your face, followed closely behind by a woman with mine. If they were us, they would be quite the force to be reckoned with, but they're not. Now, why wouldn't I tell the Admiral any of that?"

Shinji cleared his throat, looking between the two with mild bemusement. Unlike Reuben, he enjoyed Valiyi's presence. It unnerved nearly all of his visitors. "Your medical chief has been so kind to keep tabs on both of your doppelgangers. Both seem prone to talking it out before striking, which could prove folly if we use it to our advantage. We need the ship intact, at least for a time, but I'd like the crew intact as well, the important players at any rate. I want to see what they know, figure out if any of them know of Hamish and where he disappeared to."

"I'll keep that in mind when the ship is brought over." The Captain said glaring as Valiyi for a moment longer than he needed to. He would try and keep people alive to interrogate them. "Selina is ready to interrogate them." He liked how it was called interrogate but the woman would just rip through there minds to find what she needed.

"I will be adding Valiyi to the interrogation," Shinji said with finality. "Even if they are from the weaker reality, we will need to act fast and not underestimate who may be aboard that ship, or who had once inhabited it. The crew of this Mary Rose may be more pacifistic, but I refuse to let them slip through our fingers because we thought so little of them."

Gregnol would have argued but he just didn't have the patience and the man was just likely to send him to Agony booth to remind him of a little respect. "They should be here within the hour Sir." The Captain managed to spit out holding his temper in as he looked at Valiyi sharply.

"Excellent." Shinji ignored the daggers being glared between Valiyi and the Captain. He relished in their antagonistic relationship but said little of it. "Then we shall make preparations for their arrival. We cannot have them too comfortable, after all."

"No," Gregnol said simply as he stood. He was bored now of this conversation. He had done all the work to bring them here with his crew. Shinji better hoped that they find what he presumed was on the ship the plans that Hamish had made for the new Cardassian Homeworld.

Shinji waited a tick, eyes wandering to Valiyi with a mild curiosity. The woman said little, only returning the look to the Admiral as if to say she knew exactly what was going on. "... Then I believe this meeting is adjured," he finally stated. "I'll be in contact."


Captain Reuben Gregnol
Commanding Officer
ISS Fenrir

Admiral Shinji Kita
Commanding Officer
ISS Gaman

Valiyi Uhin
ISS Gaman


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