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We Are Discussing This Because?

Posted on Fri Sep 14th, 2018 @ 3:02pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD -14 18:00

Selina looked at the man who now stood in her Office and rolled her eyes. “What do you want Armory Chief?” The woman finally demanded. Her people were there solely for the benefit of finding traitors and keeping the ship in working order and to get them from one planet to another, so that the glorious Terran empire could expand its grasp across the galaxy. Most people looked at the Ships Inquisitor either scared or threatened but it was the one position safe who wanted to face the Captain’s displeasure for killing his telepathic bitch when they were few and far between since the destruction of Betazed.

If anyone on the ship was the least threatened by having a telepath on board, it was Asahi Kita. There was little to hide from the Captain whether he had a rare Betazoid wandering about or not, but Asahi had little to hide to begin with. Loyalty paid off just as much as anything else on the ISS Fenrir.

"I'm bored," he finally lamented, approaching and leaning against her desk. "Luka's sent the girl over, but she's out cold. Whatever he gave her must have been potent."

"And that is my problem because?" Selina said leaning back in her chair looking up at the Terran. He was loyal as the day was long and had never ever faltered, he was one of the few people on the ship who she had never sense anything from. She didn't think he had any mental barriers as she had pushed his mind sometimes and nothing had ever come of it, nothing had ever stopped her.

Asahi gave a shrug, kicking a foot on the floor. "Never said it was, but you're the one asking." He turned, gaze leveled on her. "And I know you're not doing anything, because if you were, there'd be someone else in my brig, and there isn't, so you've gotta be bored too."

Compared to most women on the ship she was barely dressed as she didn't wear a uniform as the Captain liked to look at her even if he was angry at her species."What do you want Armory Chief?" She repeated none of his words having explained exactly what he was going there. "Haven't you got some Terran to annoy or some Vulcan to pick on?" She demanded looking at him pushing a long lock of hair out of her face. He'd never been violent or brutal to her in any way during any of their encounters; he was, in fact, easily the most considerate man she'd ever had apart from the one man she never thought even thought about anymore, always at least as interested in her pleasure as in his own.

"So commanding. If you aren't careful, someone'll think you're going to backstab the Captain." There was a playful grin to Asahi's comment, but then his lips pursed as he leaned forward, eyes speaking more than his words. "I think you know exactly what I want, Inquisitor. I think you know even without being able to read my innermost thoughts."

"I think I am the only one on this ship who wouldn't do that to Gregnol as you well know Kita. This ship is my protection against worst things out in the universe as a Betazoid and a dwindling commodity." She reminded him as she looked at him leaning over her desk. "What would your Grandfather say and wanting that?" She teased him as she stood from her desk and leant over the desk running a finger along his cheek seeing the look in his eyes.

Asahi's heart jumped a beat at her touch. Ever since she had appeared on the ship, he had his eye on her, much like most of the crew on the ship. His only saving grace was that the only thing he had left to hide was a desire to be closer to her. Everyone else seemed to hide some plan for a coup.

He leaned forward, till their noses almost touched. "He won't care, not if it means some sort of potential at a lineage full of mind readers."

“He doesn’t care you are sullying your pure breed Terran blood. How forward thinking Armory Chief. I wouldn’t have thought that of the Admiral..” Selina snorted knowing it would annoy him just a little that she played these games with him.

Asahi's eyes narrowed. Of course, it annoyed him, but he wasn't taught to simply take what he wanted. That wasn't how one earned anything properly. "Sure, he'd probably rather a pureblood Terran line, but it wouldn't take long to convince him to come off that, not at the prospect of an advantage in the lineage. And who's going to stop Admiral Kita, the man who commands some of the fiercest ships in the fleet, from gaining that? Absolutely no one."

"And we are discussing this because?" Selina wondered taking a different tack with him. Where exactly were his thoughts leading to right then and there? She didn't want to go into them but he never just turned up at her quarters or Office without some other meaning.

There was an impatience boiling under Asahi's skin, itching at every pore. He twitched, resisting the urge to lurch closer and steal from Selina the one thing he had wanted this whole time. No, he had to make certain he did this right. "Because that's inevitably where things like this go, isn't it? If it gets that far, which is... the hope."

"Asa..." Selina whispered his name softly, her teasing and bravado went as she looked at him. Her voice never sounded like that apart from when they were hidden away in her quarters. She knew that there was something that was between them, he was protective and he got sometimes jealous but she thought that he was one of the men that just wanted one thing from her despite his gentleness. She had assumed he brought into the existence of a woman being suspended during a bonding and that she ceased to exist as a person without thought or voice.

"Don't get soft on me," Asahi warned, a playful skip in his voice. Despite his light-heartedness, his eyes darted about the room as a small signal. "You never know who's watching. Not that it'd matter. Anyone who tried something would get themselves shoved into the Brig if they were lucky anyway." He sniffed lightly, nose twitching. "What'd you think I came down here for? I just wanted to check on you. With the new arrival, everyone's going to get all touchy. I'm not chancing your safety just because of some look-alike."

"You like the fact I am soft towards you," Selina said not caring who was watching. She was always watched like a prize the only sanctuary she had from the expectations was her quarters and even then sometimes that wasn't enough. Slowly she moved around the desk and stood in front of him touching his cheek softly before leaning close again. "I think we both know I have some abilities up my sleeve that would leave men shaking at my feet if anyone tried something." Selina was used to being roughed up a little my Imperial Officers, it was the price she paid for living off-world when the Cardassians destroyed Betazed, it was the price for protection. "She's not my look alike. Supposedly me in that universe is pregnant by your favourite crewman." Selina reminded. She was the look-alike of Saa and the woman would kill anyone who messed with her doppelganger when she came back.

"I have a lot of favourites," came the quip, although he knew exactly who Selina was referring to, "and you shouldn't have to use your abilities on this ship. You're supposed to be safe here. That's what I promised, so if I've found anyone's roughing you up in some dark corner..." He stopped himself, eyes upon her. "The arrival's safe, and she's fine. I trust my brig officer to keep it that way."

"Are you telling me, Armory Chief, that I am not your only favourite?" Selina said quietly as she looked up at him still stroking his cheek. Most men she knew in her life were taller and could easily dominate her but Kita was barely four or five inches taller than her, she knew he could if he wanted to but he hadn't ever. "You don't need to promise me anything especially that... Officers do what they want as long as I am left alive." She reminded softly before leaning forward and kissed him unable to resist the look in his eyes.

Asahi let the kiss linger, eyes closing as he relished the moment. As they parted, a smile formed on his features. "I don't need to promise you that, no," he said softly, "But I want to. With all the power you have, you could theoretically take over this whole ship, and everyone here is treating you like you're some toy. You deserve more respect than that, a respect I'm more than happy to help you take."

Selina kissed him again before she sat back on her desk. “I am a toy to most of them Asahi.” She said. She wasn’t a fool, most people were either scare of her abilities or were scared of what the Captain would do to them if they were caught or she got hurt. “But don’t worry you are the only one who knows me, knows what makes me tick.” She assured.

"They should know better," Asahi spat angrily. He knew what went through the heads of his men, or knew enough to knew what they were thinking when they laid eyes upon Selina. It was a harsh and cruel tactic, one he had utilized himself in other instances. He didn't need respect from everyone, just those he deemed worthy of his own respect. "I don't want anyone to know what makes you tick, but I'm not going to sit idly by if anyone gets any bright ideas."

"You have no choice Ash," Selina said softly. Females of this universe they knew their assets and exactly how to use them. She had delicate but strong facial features and dark, beautiful eyes that more than one man or woman had accused her of being able to see into their very soul. Her face was, for lack of a better word, very innocent. It didn't in any way reveal the horrors she'd seen. She also knew she had a body that, if she put it out there, would be eagerly sought after by men and women.

"Yes, I do." Asahi insisted stubbornly. He knew he was in the minority with his thoughts of Selina, but it did not stop him from trying to think up ways to keep her safe. "This mission will help us fix that. You'll see, I have a plan to make sure we come out of this on top."

Selina lent out and pulled him closer to her by his uniform. "How do you propose we do that Asahi?" She whispered looking into his eyes as she spoke. Her dark eyes glued to his, marvelling, not for the first time at how beautiful his eyes were, she spoke the words. "I am loyal to Gregnol before anyone else."

"We get our own ship," Asahi pointed out, talking low. "Not take over this one. There are already at least five other plots to try to overthrow the Captain, and I'm not interested in doing that, not when there's a chance we could take over in other ways. We get another ship, make a good ally out of the Captain, and flush out all those who oppose us."

"Oh, I know...I would love to see Gregnol killing off the plots. He hasn't been overthrown in seven years one of the longest running." Selina smirked, the man was her protector and her capture but he treated her right. He needed her as much as she needed him. "Come to my quarters tonight and we can talk more?" She wondered lowly thinking they wouldn't have long left before someone came to get her.

Asahi's lips quirked into a small smile. "You don't have to tell me twice, Inquisitor. Tonight. I'll bring the good contraband. I think I saw some stuff from Betazed in one of the cargo boxes we confiscated if you'd like. Foodstuffs, nonessentials. I don't think anyone's going to miss it."

"You would think after so long that the items would have run out." Selina had grown accustomed to food from elsewhere after so long but some people were fond of the items that couldn't be replicated elsewhere or even replicated. "Any Nectar?" She asked with a small smile of her own as he returned to the formalness.

"Maybe." Asahi gave her a wink. "I took a peek in it, but ... there were some things that mysteriously went missing before the Quartermaster got a hold of them to do his little inventory. So... who knows?" He added a small shrug, before looking toward the door. "... I guess we'll just have to find out later, won't we?"

This was a game they played but it was more worrying with some of the things he had mentioned - Children. "I guess we will Armory Chief," Selina said as the door chime went off interrupting them.

The moment the chime went off, Asahi's eyes narrowed at the door. Reluctantly, he slid a few feet away from Selina, recovering from their moment. After giving her a lingering look, he reached back to press a button on the desk. "Enter."

Selina looked at the man and rolled her eyes. "It is my office." She whispered as a crewman came in and looked at the pair stood there in shock. Was he in that much trouble after all?


Lieutenant Asahi Kita
Chief Armory Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Uhin)

Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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