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Third tries a charm (Backpost)

Posted on Fri Sep 14th, 2018 @ 3:27pm by

Mission: Shattered
Location: Azzia Space Port
Timeline: MD-13 2200 hours

Katrina had bidden her time. She waited for Kravik to leave and had made sure not to act out of the ordinary. That is how she had been caught in the past. She had been too nice or too aloof and he had caught onto her plan before she could succeed. She learned from her mistakes and made sure to keep the nervous energy that was running though her at bay.

The plan had been simple. Step one, get off the ship. Step two, go to the jewelry stall she had seen in the market earlier in the day and get as much money as she could for the trinket around her neck. The final step find a ship that would take her as a passenger and get as far away from Kravik as she could manage. She didn't approve of the small pang of guilt that she felt as she exited the small hatch and was soon mingling into the crowd. Kravik had never done anything other than show her respect and treat her like a person, but she knew she couldn't stay. She didn't trust him any more than the Orion's he worked for.

Katrina had been lucky. For once, Kravik was hosting one of his deals off ship and he hadn't bothered to lock down the hatch. Looking over her shoulder she scanned the crowed around her. She couldn't shake the feeling that he was going to pop up and catch her like the last time she had tried to escape. Her heart was racing as she tried to keep her face neutral and not draw attention to herself despite the panic welling up inside. She focused her thoughts to keep herself from falling into a ball of emotions and nerves at the fear of finding her situation worse than before.

"Maybe I should go back." She said to herself as the market came into view. She came to an abrupt stop allowing the people around her to hustle and bustle to their destinations. A few even bumped into her as she made no attempt to get out of their way. "You can do this." She said out loud, not caring about the sideways glances from passers by, before taking a deep breath.

Wiling her feet to move forward Katrina slowly began moving towards her original destination. Her right hand rubbed the mark on the inside of her wrist unconsciously as she walked meekly though the market place. Siding up to the merchant with all the exotic jewelry she waited until he was done with sale before she approached him. “Excuse me…” she started, her voice breaking slightly as she spoke. “I would like to sell this necklace.” She held out the mentioned piece of jewelry for his inspection.

Cupping his hand behind his ear the man behind the table replied loudly. “What did you say girly?” he asked. “You want me to look at this trinket for ya?” Katrina could only nod in response. The panic of his loud overture getting her caught by Kravik threatened to overwhelm her. She watched as he looked over the necklace and even went as far as placing the beads between his teeth.

“Well, I have been better craftsmanship of Andorian snow pearls, but seeing as how you are so pretty.” He started with a smarmy flirting tone.” She had to suppress the wretch that threatened to over take her as his eyes traveled up and down her frame. “I will give you fifty credits for it.” Her jaw dropped in shock. “Fifty, that’s it?” she asked incredulously.
“Fine, make it forty-five for your ungrateful demeanor” The Smarmy merchant replied as his facial expression turned to disgust. “Take it or take your trinket.”

On the verge of tears Katrina could only nod. She had to hope that some ship would take pity on her and give her passage for such a small sum of money. She was more than willing to ply her trade, but most warp capable vessels have little use for her herbal remedies.

Once the transaction was completed, Katrina moved though the market and towards the space port. There we so many ships but the name of one caught her eye. The SS Mary Rose. The name made her feel hopeful almost free. Moving towards the feeling of freedom she began her search of someone, anyone that take her away from the life she no longer wanted. Her adventure was only starting if someone would just give her a chance.

Katrina Ristove
Civilian Doctor
SS Mary Rose


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