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Assigned Not Chosen

Posted on Sun Sep 16th, 2018 @ 2:30pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Commander Gavin Holtztenn

Mission: Shipyards
Location: Mess
Timeline: MD01 07:10

Although it was only a little after zero seven hundred Ledeya was buoyant and alert, greeting the few other early birds with a warm smile and a cheerful good morning. The crew needed to see her as there and approach. She grabbed a mug of freshly-brewed coffee that she had requested should always be around especially with the dock crew in and how of ship. She added enough sugar to make even other Betazoids cringe at the sweetness, dollops of cream joined it before she idly started to peruse the assortment of muffins and pastries that are there in the mess hall, her face thoughtful as she decided which one she wanted for breakfast.


Gavin already knew the woman from a front and side profile, first day at the Academy, and first day as CO of his new assignment. From a professional standpoint, he could truly say he knew everything there was to know about the woman. And he absolutely dreaded it. He was specific in his request for time off, with all he had done on his previous assignment, but the brass and their desires were seemingly moreso.

No matter. He would get the job done, as always. "Gavin Killian Holtztenn, Commander. I've been assigned to the Cosmos as your Executive Officer."

Ledeya turned from her contemplation to the man who was stood slightly to her left side. "You indeed were assigned instead of chosen." She had accepted the man instead of who she had wanted as she was doing a favour to someone she owed a debt to. It would have been easy to forget her debt but she always repaid especially to people who had saved her life.

"Well," Gavin didn't waste any time, handing the PaDD over to the woman with little regard for her desire to obtain nourishment, "There are thirteen different requisitions that absolutely require your signature before the end of the hour, as well as enlisted training of Intrepid-class repairs for engineers that need to be organized - and without the chief engineer, it's going to need your approval -, as well as verification of your chiefs of staff before the end of the day."

The woman took the PaDD and her coffee with a smile still on her face and indicated the nearest table. "Sit Commander." The Captain instructed. She sat down herself and started sipping on her coffee looking over the PaDD making him wait. Ledeya was in no hurry right then and there to rush the paperwork.

Gavin opened his mouth to protest but thought better of it. The captains he always ended up stuck with were the ones who were insistent on taking their time and delaying everything. After a delayed moment, he did as he was told, seating himself across from her at the table.

After five minutes or so Ledeya looked at the man and smiled. "You don't like being told to wait at all do you, Commander." She mused mildly amused by it. She knew why he had been given to her instead of her being allowed to pick her own but it didn't make it any better. She hated being a spy for Starfleet.

At this, Gavin merely nodded toward the PaDD he had given her. There was no sense in him trying to justify his antsy behaviors, as he was certain he wasn't going to be paid attention to. "There are people in the crew who are waiting on these requisitions," he stated as if that would answer everything for her.

"Ten minutes won't hurt anyone." She said starting to sign the things that she needed. "We've been given Engineers that do not have Intrepid-class repairs?" She wondered as she saw something out of the corner of her eye and turned to see nothing there.

"We've been given lots of crew who don't have the know how they need." Gavin pointed out, urging her to look forward. "One of the pilots pointed out that he was the only one with any Intrepid-class training. He's dragged everyone to the simulators because of it."

"Pretty standard day in the Officer of Personelle movement. Where should I said crew who know nothing... I know the Task Group Commanding Officers ship." Ledeya said with a roll of her eyes as she stood up and downed her coffee. "Walk and talk then Gavin Killian Holtztenn."

Gavin was immediately up, almost excited at the prospect of being able to progress somewhere. This whole situation seemed a nightmare to him, from the assignment right down to the requisitioned officers who knew little of what they were about to get into.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Commander Gavin Holtztenn
Executive Officer
USS Cosmos


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