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Stag Party...

Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2018 @ 4:43pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Deacon Kane & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Jasper Offermans & Johnathen Anderson Jr & Luka Mahone
Edited on on Tue Jun 12th, 2018 @ 2:57pm

Mission: Sabotage
Location: SS Mary Rose, shuttlebay
Timeline: MD -11 / 2230

After leaving Cassie to attend her girls-only party, Johnathen made his way down to the shuttlebay, where his boys only party was being held.

This being his first stag party ever, Lhaes had no idea what to expect here. He'd been surprised to even be invited to such an event but he supposed it was a good way to better get to know his fellow crewmates and perhaps, integrate a little better into them. Even unsurer about what gift to bring, the Romulan doctor had decided on a bottle of Romulan Ale from his personal supply.

Adrian, on the other hand, had attended a fair few before when some of his old friends had gotten married. He too had opted for booze as gift, except his was a fairly new whiskey.

Reuben hadn't expected to be invited, however, he had been, and thus soon found himself a little excited about the prospect of a stag party. It had been many years since he had been to one and the last one ironically had been his own ill-fated one. "I suppose my shuttlebay will be clean for rounds tomorrow?" The Captain teased a little as he soon found the small group.

Music started to play from the external speakers on Micheal's shuttle. A few beats later, he stepped out onto Rosie's shuttlebay deck plating. He was still moving carefully, as he was still recovering from the injuries that had received during his kidnapping. "Don't worry, Boss," he replied with his strong Texas drawl. "The place will be white glove ready."

"Hey Skipper, what could possibly go wrong?" Deacon asked as he finished setting up the golf tee and started to work on the automatic pitching machine.

"You know what ship you are on right? You know all the stuff we have been through." The Captain wasn't sure he believed any of them after the last few months but let it go to find a glass and the groom himself.

"Especially in the shuttlebay. It's a good thing you've got all the doctors around." Luka, who had just emerged from his work to come join in on the party, had just barely caught the end of the conversation between the engineer and the captain. "But I've heard most incidents take place either on the bridge of a ship or the shuttlebay. Quite a spot for a party."

Quang made his way to the shuttle bay. He was pleased at the stag party. Especially at being invited to it. He really liked what the Mary Rose was developing into. It was particularly good, in his opinion, that the team was solidifying. It even took his mind off the differences in inventory he was finding. But between the recent ship invasion, the explosion and so on, he wanted to make sure of his numbers before reporting it. He had come full party mode. Loud Polynesian shirt, slacks, and mirror shades. His only regret as that he knew he couldn't smoke at the party. Damn health freaks.

But he had managed to secure through connections two bottles of 22nd century Johnny Walker whiskey

He entered the shuttle bay and waved at his approach. "Hey!"

Johnathen finally entered the shuttlebay, his face beaming at his friends and all the work that they had done for him on such short notice. "Guys! You really outdid yourselves!"

Lorenzo followed close behind him, wheeling a large trolley with several covered dishes. He parked it near one of the walls "Hello my good friends. I come bearing food and drink!" He smiled as he lifted the lids, revealing platters piled high with small finger foods from many different cultures from many different worlds. From a lower shelf Lorenzo collected a smaller trestle table and set it up, upon it he placed wine glasses, then from a small cupboard in his trolley he revealed some bottles of wine, "I have reds and I have whites, take your pick, nothing but the best!" He beamed at the other people in the shuttlebay as he invited them to dig in.

"I'm good here." The Captain called saluting his glass of vodka before drinking the shot glass. There were many toasts to be had that night. He would get some food once everyone else had eaten.

"Got any juices?" Lhaes asked, walking up the trolley while still carrying the wrapped bottle of ale.

Tran wandered up and checked out the selection. "Nice," he replied. Very good set up." He pulled up the two bottles of Johnny Walker. "I realize that you brought those, but any place to chill these?" indicating the 22nd-century whiskey bottles.

Jasper wasn't about to miss a good party even if he was running late, especially if it was for an old friend. The man smiled broadly and looked around as he entered, "you can start the party anytime now." He chuckled and glanced around at the group.

Johnathen smiled when he saw Jasper. As the two had served together on the Ishimura, the operations officer was one of Johnathen's closest friends. "Jas! Thanks for coming!" The helmsman exclaimed over the festive music. "Can you believe it? Cass and I are finally getting married!"

Jasper laughed at his friends' question, "other than her saying yes I'm not surprised at all." He grinned broadly, "you two a perfect for each other."

"It was meant to be," Lhaes commented quietly as he sipped his juice, "it took an anomaly and over a decade, which clearly means you were meant to be together. I believe it's called destiny?"

Behind the row of parked shuttles, Deacon just finished setting up the mobile holo emitters he got from Azzia, "Ok Angus, let's flip the switch." Lights dimmed momentarily when the came back up a throne and three blank female mannequin-like figures appeared in front of him, "THEIR ALIVE!!!!!" he yelled, looking at the configuration screen "Hey, Jonathan given your druthers would you like Orions, Vucaniods, Klingons or Andorians, maybe one of each?" Deacon also eyed the Tellarite option but wondered if her bear would tickle too badly.

Rueben looked up from his vodka and raised an eyebrow at the holograms. "Do I dare ask?" The man wondered looking at the ring on his finger.

"You may be tying the knot but the rest of us aren't." Jasper chuckled as he listened to the conversation, "so which is it going to be, want them all to look like Cass?" He grinned even broader and chuckled, "you can tell him to pack up his traveling show if you want."

Johnathen's cheeks turned a few shades pinker as he blushed slightly. Laughing nervously at his friend, he replied. "Heh. Yeah, I don't think so, Jasper. One Cassie is all I need." He wasn't sure how to react to the whole thing. He did know, however, that Cassie would not like the idea of her likeness used for a hologram in a stag party.

Deacon nodded, "I think we'll hold off on giving Cassie a reason to kill me." Adjusting the control produced a sultry Orion, a leather clan Klingon mistress completer with a whip and sharpened nails and last but not least a tellorite with six buxom breasts, the accuracy of which made Deacon raise an eyebrow questioningly. "Ladies, we have a perfectly good bachelor over there that we are about to lose to marriage. Please make his last night of freedom entertaining, for us if not for him."

And so the night went on becoming the mobile earthquake of drunken excess every bachelor party is suppose to be. The ladies entertained and embarrassed; the demure Orion melting everyone's hearts, the Klingon scarring the living hell out of them, ensuring promises of loyalty and fidelity from the groom and the tellorite making them die with laughter with every penis joke and raunchy aside. By three in the morning it was decided to put the girls away. Some of the crew lay passed out on the shuttlebay tarmack, the requisite phallic symbols painted on their cheeks in permanent marker. Some had retired, prefering to pass out in their racks unmarked and unmolested. Those remaining smoked cigars, shot hoops or practised their golf swing out of the rear of the ship.

Johnathen sat back in the throne that had been set up for him by the guys, enjoying an actual hand rolled cigar. He had started to smoke them back after he graduated from the Academy, and found that he enjoyed the taste. One of the things he found amazing with the current time, he could enjoy his cigars, while ensuring that there was no harsh smell to bother Cassie's sensitive sinuses. "Ahh, Jas. We sure have been through a lot, haven't we?"

The old and still young Jasper drew in a deep breath as he crossed his arms. He took in the scene before him and the smile he wore faded a little. They had been through much together and it seemed they would be through many more things. "Indeed we have Jonathen. Indeed we have."


Jasper Offerman
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