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The Great Sister Hunt

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 3:46pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Captain's Office
Timeline: MD - 01:: 1342 Hrs

Sitting across from Rueben and tapping on her mug that had a faint scent of mocha to it was Valiyi, composure and appearance managed despite the haggard look in her eye. She had made a point of setting this meeting up, despite her attempts to avoid him outright, but with the most recent of issues that had come to her door, she could do so no longer.

"Tell me what you know about Alika Mahone," was the statement she had made once all niceties were dispensed. There was no time when it came to such a delicate situation such as family. "Please do not leave anything out, she was last seen on this ship, yes?"

"Alika?" The Captain wondered thoughtfully for a moment. He hadn't expected that at all. "Yes very much alive and left a note." The man lent back and started rooting around in a drawer until he found exactly what he was looking for. "Her resignation letter." He held it out.

Valiyi's gaze flickered to the note momentarily, before she gently slid it to one side. "So that was the last you heard of her then? No other communication?"

The man shook his head. "Nope and I have looked into getting people to help look for her." The man said hoping that the woman wasn't insinuating anything like he had caused her to disappear. He had really liked the woman, and she had been there when everything else had gone Pete tong.

Sitting back in the chair, Valiyi gave a sigh. "Then she's evaded more than I suspected. Her brother was asking about her, and had discovered that I was still in contact with my Starfleet ties. I told him I would do a little background work, but everything I have come up with so far is a dead end. For someone so young, she has quite the experience in covert operations..."

The man smiled fondly as he thought more on his former Executive Officer. "You might miss Gavin sometimes but I am the same about Alika. She was here when everything went wrong right at the beginning." It had been a crazy time of they barely surviving and meeting some of the strangest folk that had washed out of Starfleet.

Valiyi's jaw set as she leveled a look at Reuben. If only he knew... "Yes, well Miss Mahone is about to have half the Federation out after her if her brother has his way. He is insistent upon utilizing every connection in order to get her back, for her own safety of course. The last time they had contact, it had apparently been... rocky."

"Of course." The man thought it might be a little overkill but who was he to argue, He'd most likely do the same. "I am not surprised over that in the slightest. Alika does what she wants." The man said with a shrug. The woman in question was wild and free and not even he could contain her and keep her safe on Rosie.

"She may do exactly what she wants, but she has a brother who has connections, and I'd rather much see him not utilize said connections." Valiyi pointed out. "Of course, even with our limited resources, there is not much we can do... I've asked him multiple times if he knows any way to get a hold of Miss Mahone, but if he has one, I assume he would have utilized it by now."

"He might have connections but I highly suspect that if Alika doesn't want to be found she won't be." The man said simply as he sipped his coffee. He winced at how bitter it was, did no one know how to make coffee on the ship anymore?

Valiyi folded her hands in her lap. "... What was she like? Every account I've heard so far makes her out to be some sort of wildchild."

Gregnol just laughed at the woman. That was the perfect description of the woman to say the least. No other description would come close at all to Alika at all. "Da... you have pretty much summed her up there. That is exactly what she is."

"None of you are helping," replied the woman with a light huff. "The chef seemed to have absolutely no idea who I was talking about, and Angus only responded with a wide-eyed look when I asked. I knew my predecessor was a handful, but I did not expect her to be a terror."

Gregnol rolled his eyes and smiled just a little. He liked the terrorizing little human, one of the reasons he kept her on and had been so hurt by her disappearance. "And you are surprised about Lorenzo because?" The man wondered. The man was only kept onboard because he did some good cooking, the rest of the time he was useless.

"I am not going to find any leads this way," Valiyi concluded, standing up. "If she happens to contact you, and I have full belief that she will, please let me know so I can smooth things over with her brother."

Gregnol nodded. There was nothing more he could say on the matter, Alika would come home when she was ready. It wasn't like she didn't know where the ship was afterall.


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose


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