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And The Ship Wakes Up

Posted on Tue Jul 17th, 2018 @ 9:09pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dixoho Saa & Dodian Carli M.D. Psy.D & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Jasper Offermans & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Angus Ap Owen

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge
Timeline: MD02 09:00

The quiet serenity of the turbo lift was the absolute opposite of what the atmosphere on the bridge was like as Dixoho stepped out. People were panicking to say the least. “What is going on?” She demanded as the ship started vibrating. She had been in her new space when she had first started to feel it. The room itself seemed to buzz with energy as the bridge crew operated stations that hadn’t been active in 24 hours.

At the Bridge, a predictably just as surprised Valiyi giving the console attached to the chair a puzzled look. "Well, Miss Saa, as one would expect, when the engines start up on a starship again, we begin to hear... something." She motioned for the nearest officer to get to the comm on the wall. "Please, could you page the Captain?"

The turbolift doors slid open again and Robertson stumbled onto the bridge. "Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?! The damn turbolift nearly turned me into mush just now." He took a moment to compose himself, checking for any broken bones among his new bruises.

Reuben came onto the Bridge followed by Sommers, having felt the same thing as Saa. “What do you mean the ship is suddenly working and the Engines online?” He demanded moving to his chair where the Executive Officer sat. They made the seamless change from the Betazoid sitting in the Captain's chair to Gregnol sitting there without a fuss.

"Someone's turned something on," Valiyi commented. "I have yet to get a hold of engineering, but I didn't expect repairs were going to take such a short amount of time..."

"I'm not sure this was us," Tucker spoke up from the operations station at the center of the bridge. "Things just kicked on, engineering wasn't attempting to restart the engines yet."

Jasper was at the COM station looking rather confused with his brow furrowed and his hands traveling across the console as if he was far more familiar with it than a few months would typically allow, "if they turned something on I have no indication as to where they would have." He bit his bottom lip for a moment and drawing in a deep breath, "I've found nothing to indicate that anything was done other than the engines just starting."

"Well that's concerning," said Dodian, not turning from her science station. "Means someone must have their hands in our system if none of us know what's turned them back on."

Standing at the tactical station, Micheal looked over at Reuben, alarm in his eyes. "Cap, the shields and weapons keep activating and deactivating. There's nothing I can do to stop it!"

The Captain came over and looked over the console, he knew this console like the back of his hand and indeed there was nothing they could do from here. "Engineering what is going on?" He asked calmly despite the rising fear in him that the Saboteur had control over them yet again.

"Ya got me!" came the reply from Angus over the Comm. "Kea and I are tryna stop it all, but it's all goin' haywire on our end too!" What followed was a series of colorful words in what could have been English, potentially. "We'll letcha know when we know, Cap'n'!"

Lhaes stood beside the captain's chair, eyes traveling across the bridge. He took in the various people here and their mannerisms, unconsciously slipping back into intelligence officer mode. "Is there no pulling a plug somewhere to detach connection to the main computer?" he asked quietly, "perhaps we can track down where signals are being sent from? Assuming diagnostics and internal sensors are operational of course."

"Testing from here indicates all sensors are functioning correctly." Jasper was confident in his reading, hadn't he been working on making sure everything worked? He pressed a few more buttons then added, "I can try and trace down the point of origin for the signals once we identify them but...." "we can actually disconnect the system from all non-essential systems but depending on where they have hacked in that may not be enough."

As the Operations team spoke up the ship lurched forward making people clutch whatever they could to stop falling forward. No one had a chance to speak as the ship started to move and the HELM console was red with the words 'ACCESS DENIED' on the screen.

"We are moving," Dixoho announced as she clung to the HELM console trying to gain access as the ship slowly started to move around as if pre-programmed as everyone looked on in horror after a day of drifting.

"It seems to be automated, the computer is doing this," Tucker spoke up again, he tapped several commands on the operations console and only received negative beeps in response.

"Agreed the computer is doing it," Jasper nodded towards his superior still clinging to the console, "I just don't know where the commands are originating from."

"They're coming from the computer, it looks like this was a preset program. I think it was part of the initial sabotage," Tucker answered his younger counterpart. "If the commands were coming from elsewhere, it wouldn't be automated."

"I would venture a guess that it may not be something you could work around in some manner?" Valiyi asked, arms crossing over her chest. "If it is preset from elsewhere, could we locate a source or are you completely locked out?"

"Not locked out," Jasper piped in, "Yet at least." He began scrolling through code, "Tucker when was the last system edit?" "We have some code written within the last four months."

"I'm not sure," Tucker growled at his console. "I've got no access to anything."

Brow furrowing and arms crossing over her chest, Valiyi let out a frustrated huff. "There has to be a way in..."

The Captain went to the HELM console himself and brought up something outside of HELM function. "You won't be able to... Someone has changed all the ships codes." He said turning to Micheal. There weren't many people on the ship with the ability to do that or the know how.

Micheal returned the look from Reuben. If the ship's codes were changed, then they truly were powerless to do anything. All they could do was try and not angry whomever, or whatever, had control of their ship.

"I might be able to disconnect the entire computer core," Tucker arched one of his brows. "But it's going to take a while and we may not have that kind of time. Once it's disconnected we'll face a ship with zero computer assistance."

Reuben shook his head as the Engines starting to power up to go to warp. “The ships too automated for that.” He reminded just how much was ship controlled thanks to The Collector and his need for small crews.

“Saa... Anderson, I need to see a course projection.” The Captain said glancing back at Uhin thinking of there conversation earlier in the day. Someone had control of the ship who wasn’t what they seemed at all and there was nothing they could do about it.


Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Reuben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Tucker Youngblood
Chief Operations
SS Mary Rose

Jasper Offerman
SS Mary Rose

Micheal Robertson
Chief Armory Officer / Bounty Hunter
SS Mary Rose/Shuttle Alexandria

Lhaes Sommers
Senior medic
SS Mary Rose


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