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Hesitation in Trust

Posted on Sat Sep 22nd, 2018 @ 10:48pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Mazzin Vayri
Edited on on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 6:06pm

Mission: Shattered
Location: First Mate's Office
Timeline: MD 02 :: 1329 Hrs

It was not typical of Valiyi Uhin to have an aura of suspicion surrounding herself, and even more rare was it that she felt tempted to utilize her given Betazoid abilities. But, as she worked in her office with another presence in the room, she felt increasingly tempted to do so. The suspicion she had for half of the newer recruits was higher than she would have liked to admit.

Perhaps getting to know them would offset the desire to pry into everyone's minds. "Miss Vayri," Valiyi finally started, "I hope you've managed to adjust to the ship's routine well?"

Mazzin cast her eyes to the floor, "Yes ma'am." she said. She could see Betazoid in the eyes and it unnerved her. She had not been around another Betazoid since her ownership, and before now all conversations with Uhin had been via subspace. "The planet I was on before was only 6 hours difference, I am slowly adjusting."

Valiyi had purposefully not read anything in Mazzin's file, on the off chance this conversation came up. So, any hesitation the Orion woman had made little sense. She had no reason to believe there was a ring of unsavory Betazoids about. "I was hoping the adjustment would go more swiftly, but there's no harm in a little time." She stood, frowning at the table to the side. "... Ah, Miss Saa must have moved my prized coffee pot. Bolians create the most exotic brews for lightyears, but their coffee pots are... quite odd. Would you have happened to have seen such a strangely shaped contraption? It looks like one of those Earth elephants..."

"I've never seen an elephant. Bolian coffee sounds interesting." she said. "I have found quite a taste for coffee of all kinds during the last several years." She took deep breath, "I must apologize. I feel its important you know and do not take is personally.... I am uncomfortable around Betazoids, and it seems to me that you are one?" she asked with her nerves feeling rather frayed.

"Nor have I," Valiyi admitted dismissively, "But this lovely Bolian that I served with while in Starfleet seemed insistent that it looked like one." Her brow furrowed, and her fingers laced in between each other as she rested her hands in her lap. For someone to come forward with issues in such a short amount of time, that was a sign that Valiyi had missed an important step. "Yes, I am a Betazoid. May I ask why you are so uncomfortable?" she asked, gesturing toward the chair in front of her for Mazzin to sit in. "If it does help, whatever you tell me will be in complete confidence between the two of us."

Mazzin took a deep breath, she had practiced this bit of honestly. It had been recommended and advised that she be open about her past, especially when it came to matters such as this. "Pardon my bluntness, it is a part of my recovery from my past. I feel its important you be aware, as it may have an effect on our relationship going forward, and I may have somethings to work through." she took a deep breath. Lindsey, her counselor must have known this because she'd been very specific to be open about it if she encountered betazoids on her crew, especially if they were in authority over her. Dang Lindsey, always setting her up.

"I have been a slave my entire life, the last owner I had was a Betazoid, and he toyed with me quite a lot. I've been through a six year recovery program, but in that time I never really encountered Betazoids. I'm annoyed with myself, but also not surprised that I'm feeling so nervous."

For a moment after Mazzin spoke, Valiyi kept silent. This was not the first she had heard of discomfort of Betazoids, but it was the first time someone had come forward so honestly about it. "I can appreciate that you are being so forth right," she finally said after the drawn out pause. "I can assure you I have no intention of turning this knowledge against you either, and if any other member of the crew, Betazoid or otherwise, discovers your hesitation and wants to turn it against you, I do want you to come to me about it, as that will be absolutely intolerable."

Valiyi paused, before she decided to continue on. "Now, is there anything I can do to help you with your recovery?"

"I'm not sure you can honestly." she said. "Maybe after I've learned to trust you further.... telling you things that you can't find out by reading my public history..." she winced.

"I am far from a counselor." Valiyi poured a small cup of the coffee she had brewed from another pot in full view of the young Mazzin, sliding it across the table and in front of the empty chair, once again offering the woman to seat herself. "But I can facilitate whatever help you think you do need. I will not force you to tell me a thing, nor will I pry into your mind without express permission, this much I can promise you."

Mazzin blushed a little and sat down. "I'm not expecting counseling. I have a team of counselors I will have access to for the rest of my life. I just felt that if we were to work together it would be important for you to know that if I am nervous its nothing personal." she took the cup and took a sip. "I am hoping to get right to work and help this ship make money." she grinned. "Just tell me what you need me to do!"

There was a pause in Valiyi's mannerisms, as she scrutinized Mazzin's reactions in a gaze. She was no stranger to negative reactions to Betazoids, but there was something about the young Orion that concerned her. In the next moment, she offered Mazzin a warm smile. "You're already doing your job perfectly well," Valiyi assured, "And it's mine to make sure you're as comfortable as possible doing that job. I insist, if there is anything I can do, please let me know."

Mazzin knew a gentle dismissal when she heard one. She finished her drink and stood up, "Thank you!" she said. She nodded her head again and left the room with out any other encouragement, time to get to work.

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Mazzin Vayri
SS Mary Rose


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