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Posted on Sat Aug 11th, 2018 @ 11:58am by Jasper Offermans

Mission: Ishimura
Location: USS Ishimura
Timeline: 2246

Duffle still slung across his shoulder, Lyras peered left and right having no clue whatsoever where to go. He tugged down his tunic, finding it just a tad too short to his liking as he was carrying the few personal belongings he had with him.

Utterly lost, the young Vulcan simply grabbed the first person who happened to walk by. "Excuse me," he stated quietly, "I have just arrived, and I have gotten lost. I need to meet with the operations chief to receive my passcodes for this vessel."

Jasper stopped and turned to face the Vulcan his face breaking into a broad smile as he heard the man's request, "right this way sir." He nodded trying to remember all the things he had learned about Vulcans at the academy. There were quite a few he had met but if he was going to be working, and living, with them the man wanted to make sure he got off on the right foot.

The ship still had that new smell, something he had grown accustomed to working in the shipyards and running through the Jefferies tubes checking to make sure everything was perfect. "Will you be serving in Operations then?" Jasper glanced over for a moment and then started to turn left down another corridor, "this way sir."

Lyras arched an eyebrow at him; wasn't his blue tunic giving him away? "I am doctor Lyras," he replied, "I am part of the medical staff."

"Yes sir," Jasper replied trying to lighten up and offered a smile, "but some of the crew have been either assigned to the wrong departments or issued the incorrect uniforms, "we've been updating logs all day to show the corrections."

"Ah. Well..." Lyras seemed confused now. "I was told medical was blue. I still require security codes and other clearance. Perhaps we can move to an office?"

"Yes Doctor," the operations officer said with a smile right this way and I will request the proper uniforms for you."

He moved towards the double doors of Operations and then to a much small her room just off of it, "Doctor Lyras, I can take care of your security codes here," he said tapping the console until he was at the proper screen and then allowing the man to have a seat while he stepped away where he could not see the screen and waited patiently for the Vulcan.

"Thank you." Gracefully, Lyras sat down, hands neatly folded in his lap while he waited. "Have you been on board long?"

"Two days," Jasper replied with a nod, "I was stationed at the shipyards before being transferred here."

"This is my first assignment out of the academy," Lyras confessed, watching the man work, "I find myself quite eager to get started. Have you met many of the crew yet?"

"Some." the Operations officer smiled and gave the Vulcan, "we've been real busy just getting people to their new assignments and acclimated to the ship." Jasper's eyes twinkled, "for most, it's their first time aboard an Enterprise-class starship."

"Is it your first time too?" Lyras asked quietly, trying hard to indulge in the Human custom of small talk.

"No sir." Jasper said with a nod, "we were building some of these before being transferred." He tilted his head, "forgive me sir but have you gathered all your passcodes yet?"

"I would prefer doctor, and I do not outrank you," Lyras answered before shaking his head. "Negative, that is why we came here, to get me all the codes I need. I do not even know my quarter's assignment yet."

"I will remember that Doctor," Jasper replied with a nod, "let me look and I'll be able to assist you in finding your quarters."

"Thank you," the young doctor replied emotionlessly, "will this take long? I just had a very long journey and I would like to get settled."

"Not at all," Jasper quipped as he walked over to a console on the wall showing a diagram of the ship. He found the floor for medical staff and then began scanning, "Dr. Lyrus, You are on deck six room B17." The man turned back to the Doctor, "Shouldn't take us long." "There is a turbolift to take us up the two decks.

Nodding, the Vulcan got back to his feet. "Much appreciated sir," he answered, "and perhaps when we are settled you could come in for your physical." He arched a single eyebrow at the man, his face otherwise impassive.

Jasper nodded, "I will Doctor, isn't that protocol?"

He began moving towards the doorway and glanced back towards the doctor, "right this way, it should only takes us a few minutes."

"As far as I am aware it is protocol, however, I am not the chief medical officer. However, as the chief has not yet arrived I will assume responsibility."

Jasper nodded but continued walking and reached the turbolift walking in as the doors opened, "Deck 6, medical crew quarters."

He turned back around holding the door for the Vulcan as he entered just behind him, "Medical is not the only department missing their chief." "Engineering and Science are missing theirs as well."

"Are you saying we are soon taking off without department heads?" Lyras asked carefully, while following the operations officer.

"I believe we are to meet up with the Science chief once we are on our way," Jasper offered as the doors opened and he walked out into the corridor, "the CMO should be boarding soon, he's been delayed coming from Starbase 343."

"I see...well if the CMO is delayed hen perhaps I should take up the task of seeing to crew physicals, those that are already here. Once you have shown me to my quarters, can you show me the way to sickbay?" Obviously, he assumed the young ensign before him knew the ship like the back of his hand."

"Sure can Doctor," Jasper said with a smile, "would you like to go there first or after I show you to your quarters?"

Arching an eyebrow, Lyras just stared. "I just asked you to show me the way to sickbay after showing me my quarters, did I not?" he pointed out logically.

"Oh yes," the Operations officer blushed as he admitted his error, "sorry Doctor, I've been making mistakes like that all day."

"I am certain that in due time you will not make such mistakes again," Lyras offered, though he shook his head minutely. "Shall we?"

Jasper nodded as he exited the lift and headed down the corridor. He stopped in front of the Doctors quarters and turned slightly to face it, "this would be your quarter's sir."

"Thank you." Testing his access, he briefly stepped inside before coming right back out. "This will be adequate, shall we go to sickbay?"

Jasper smiled and nodded at the Vulcan, "this way Doctor." He motioned for the man to follow as he headed further down the corridor another ten meters to a pair of double doors. "Sickbay is right through these doors," he stepped forward into the vacant facility with the clean and sanitary look of a new ship. "When will you be ready to start giving physicals Doctor?" Jasper moved a little further in and glanced around with satisfaction, "I haven't seen the completed medical department, we install the COM stations and did all the network connections."

"Now, if the bed works and I find myself a scanner," the Vulcan answered logically, "please have a seat ensign, and we shall commence with your physical. Do you have any ailments I should be aware of?"

"Nothing that I am aware of." He walked over towards the bed and looked around at the unit noting the flashing lights on the bed's console, "shows it should be working."

"Yes it does work," Lyras agreed, "please lie down on the bed so I can commence baseline readings. i assume you are healthy?"

"Yes," Jasper replied as he layed down on the bed, "I haven't been ill since I was four, common flu I think."

"That is fortunate. You must have a very resilient immune system then," Lyras commented dryly. "No allergies that you are aware of?"

"Not yet," Jasper replied with a smile, "just haven't tried anything yet that I have been."

"Well then as soon as you believe you may be reacting to something I want to know as soon as possible." Lyras nodded as he finished his examination. "I will require a blood sample from you and then you are free to go."

Jasper tilted his head, "ok Doctor I just don't want to see the needle."

"Then close your eyes," the Vulcan suggested, "though I will use a hypo to draw your blood, there should be no pain."

"Good." Jasper said waiting for the feel of pressure and closing his eyes as instructed, "I'll have to get back to work before the Ops chief misses me."

"Of course." Lyras stepped aside, allowing him to get up. "Thank you for your time."

Ensign Lyras
Medical officer
USS Ishimura

Ensign Jasper Offerman
Operations Officer
USS Ishimura


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By Captain Rueben Gregnol on Wed Aug 15th, 2018 @ 11:48am

Lyras is rude! Can't wait to more of his adventures.