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Posted on Mon Aug 6th, 2018 @ 11:25pm by Angus Ap Owen & Caden Isaacks & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Jasper Offermans & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood & Jeassaho Kea

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Port Nacelle, SS Mary Rose
Timeline: MD02 22:00

The Captain was pretty sure he was running on empty as he ran into the Engineering Control room. He had been up till 4am discussing the current situation with Uhin to then be woken early for the chaos that was now the ship being out of control, under someone else's control heading for who knew where. He hadn't expected what he had seen on the screen as he kept an eye on Engineering as they had been checking on ways to disconnect the Engines. The second he had seen what had happened and the fact Jeassaho wasn't answering hails he had grabbed Tucker and Lhaes.

Jasper followed behind glancing around at the Engineering department drew in a deep breath, "the console for the warp core should be over here Captain." He motioned to a stand not far from the drive itself as he walked that direction, "you should be able to set speed and direction from this console." The Ops man tapped the screen and looked back a the Captain, "so what exactly happened?"

Lhaes was close on his heels, medkit slung across his shoulders, tricorder ready for use. "And why are we here?" he added, looking around as well. While his senses told him different, he didn't see anyone requiring his assistance at first sight.

" 'Cause I can't find the Chief!" came a voice from deep within the inner workings of another console. Climbing out from underneath and behind said console was the dusty-haired engineer, Angus, who pointed a spanner at the doctor. "An' if we fin' him bleedin' out, we're gonna need a Doctor!" His gaze moved to the Captain. "I got one of the young'ins' watchin' out fer him, and one of 'em said they found Miss Kea starin' off inta space somewhere. That's about as helpful as I can be on that front. I'm more helpful fixin' the ship than anythin' else."

"Where," Lhaes demanded of the engineer as he looked around, "where is she."

Angus waved a hand toward where the aforementioned Betazoid was, before diving back into his own work.

The Captain whirled around and saw Jeassaho huddled on the floor. "Jea?" He whispered moving to her silently pulling her to her feet by both of her upper arms like she weighed barely anything. "Jeassaho?" He said more firmly seeing how in shock she actually was.

"Miss Jeassaho?" Lhaes prompted, stepping up to her side. "Captain, let's get her to sit down before she falls over." He opened up his tricorder, waving it along her body. "Miss Jeassaho, can you hear me? Can you tell us what happened?"

Tucker arched one of his brow, the Chief Engineer was missing and it seemed one of the engineers was having a break down over it. He'd let the Doctor handle that part of it, he wasn't exactly the comforting type of person.

"The chief, gone?" Jasper's voice was little more than a whisper recalling the friendly man he had met not all that long ago, "but, where, why?"

"Could this be part of the plot against the ship?" Tucker spoke up, as he walked over to one of the consoles and started scanning with the internal sensors to see what he could find. "So far nothing on internal sensors."

The Captain put Jeassaho in the chair despite knowing he wouldn't let her drop at all. "Gone... " Jeassaho whispered as she clutched Rueben's shift holding him close.

"Where?" The man said softly brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"Just gone." She said making Rueben wish that he had brought her brother down to find out what she saw from her own view. He didn't move still held by the woman.

Lhaes crouched in front of her. "What do you mean, gone?" he asked her, "can you tell us what happened?" he held out his hand to her. "Or show us?"

Tucker furrowed his brow as he tapped a couple of commands on the console, there was a beeping noise and he shook his head. "I'm picking up radiation, trying to isolate it now." Tucker coughed a moment later and made a face. "Seriously? I think... I think he irradiated himself and lost cellular cohesion. Anti-Quadrillic Radiation to be specific."

Jasper reached for his tricorder and furrowed his brow as he scanned the area, "there's enough residue it certainly could have."

"Radiation?" Lhaes turned his head sharply. "Is it contained or are we now all contaminated? And what is this Anti-quarillic radiation?"

Angus was immediately up and over the console as he heard 'radiation,' shoving himself in between everyone to get a good look of the console. "Goddamn-Why's there Anti-Quadrillic comin' out of there?" He pointed a grubby spanner at Lhaes, "An' no, it ain' that dangerous at these levels, unless yer in the middle of it's initial blast."

Jasper nodded, "that's true but the radiation like many things leaves a traceable component that though harmless can give an accurate indication as to how much was present at the time." He tilted his head and looked over at his immediate superior, "so do you think this could be part of the sabotage?" "Should we expect more, accidents?"

"Was it an accident?" Lhaes asked, returning his attention to his patient. He reached out to touch her hand, covering it with his own. "Can you show me what happened? Will you allow me to see?"

"No, I don't think this was them at all. Anti-Quadrillic is an outcome of the weakened coils rupturing." Gregnol said as he watched Jeassaho take the mans hand slowly. He had seen the woman do it before but it always amazed him how strong she was telepathly wise.

"The seal may have been weak for some time," Jasper began as he tapped away at his console, "or recently replaced."

Lhaes was now oblivious to the chatter around him as images started to filter into his mind. His eyes seemed to glaze over a little as he sat frozen, watching how she had seen the man simply disintegrated before her eyes and how she had been helpless to do something about it.

What was only seconds, seemed like long minutes to him but when he pulled his hand back, the room seemed to spin. "Give me.." he started to say, before he collapsed altogether.

"Doctor," Jasper blurted as he rushed over towards him. He took a momet to roughtly evaluate him, "better get someone down here, he's passed out."

It didn't take long for the Romulan to stir and seconds after coming to, he was trying to sit up. He looked up, his expression haunted. "She watched him disintegrate captain," he reported softly. He crawled up into a crouch, looking straight at Jeassaho. "I'm sorry you had to see that," he whispered to her, "tell me how we can help you. How can we help you heal?"

The woman shook her head as she slowly let Reuben's shirt go and the man crouched in front of her folding her against his chest. The Captain in that moment didn't care what people thought, the woman needed comfort from him despite his own feelings over the Chief Engineers disintegration. The man had been a fun and interesting man to have onboard and would be surely missed. "Leave her be for a moment." The Russain said.

At Jasper's recommendation, Angus had already gone to the wall comm for a doctor. Their situation was dire enough as it was. He didn't need people fainting in Engineering when they couldn't even find their own chief.

As Lhaes happened to come to, Caden was shuffling in, bag in one hand, 're-appropriated' Cardassian gurney tucked under another. Quietly, he set the gurney down next to the doctor, but had his eyes on the total situation. His gaze flickered over to Reuben. "So we've Doctor Lhaes down and a missing Engineering Chief. Am I understanding the situation correctly?"

The Captain nodded, it didn't matter at the moment that the Chief just wasn't going to come back so missing wasn't a word that could be used but wasn't the time or place to mention that. "Pretty much the situation so that makes you Chief Engineer at the moment." The Captain pointed at Angus with his free hand. It was at that moment that the ship shook wildly before calming again.

Angus made a motion with his spanner, as if to say 'tell me something I don't know,' before turning to the engineering crew that had begun to gather. "This ain' no smoke break, get yer butts back in gear and fix what's wrong!"

"I'm fine," Lhaes retorted, crawling back to his feet. "Caden, take Miss Kea to sickbay and have her checked out. Give her something to calm her nerves and if she desires it, something to sleep."

Caden gave the doctor a skeptical look, waving a tricorder over the man regardless. "Whatever you say," he muttered, turning away from the man and looking to Jeassaho. His brow raised as he noticed her state, but at least she wasn't bleeding.

A little unsteady, but standing nonetheless, Lhaes turned to the captain. "The chief is gone," he reported, "unless you know a way to counter this radiation and make someone return to a cohesive state he is a lost cause. Gone...dead."

"Had he ever used the transporter on the Rosie? There might be a way to store what's left of him and eventually rebuild it with his pattern," Tucker spoke up. "It's only a theory, but given some time I might be able to bring him back."

Jasper looked at Tucker and furrowed his brow, "it's theoretically possible sir and I do believe the buffer still contains the data from his last transport. Just don't wait two hundred years before trying your theory."

Jeassaho looked up from where she was being held and looked around amazed that all these men were discussing the fact they could bring him back when he had disappeared in front of her into nothing. She had watched all his atoms just disappear into the universe like he had been nothing, when the man had been full of life and love.

"Hey, psst." Caden whispered quietly to the woman, ignoring the fact that Reuben seemed fairly attached to her. "How about we go sit down and talk about it? Or not talk about it and have something to drink? Water, coffee... something stronger. Whatever you need. Let's just get out of this mess." Preferably before he de-materialized as well.

"We have nothing to even offer the transporter to put back together," Lhaes said slowly, as if he were considering the option, "for the transporter to restore someone to a prior form or fashion, we'd need something to put in the transporter in the first place and we have nothing. He's gone, disintegrated, there isn't so much as an atom left of him."

Jeassaho looked up at the offer and nodded. She needed a drink, she needed something strong and she couldn't stop seeing someone she liked disappear. "Yes." She agreed letting Reuben let go of her as she stood up and clutched Angus' hand. Gregnol wasn't sure a drink would be a good idea so he glanced at first Lhaes then Caden as the medical professionals.

"I've got some stuff I'll bring from my room," Caden replied. His gaze flickered to Rueben reassuringly, before he rested a hand on Jeassaho's shoulder. "We can find a good spot in the Ward Room, figure it all out from there. Let's go..."

Jasper had returned to the console where he was at when he realized his services were not needed and did a little more research looking over at Tucker with a raised eyebrow before returning his gaze back to the console without a word. He breathed in deeply trying to shake off the eerie feeling the place was giving him.

Still feeling a little unsteady, the Romulan doctor walked over to Jasper, his need to help others before himself quite evident. "Are you alright Jasper?" he asked softly as he approached the man.

"He's fine," Tucker spoke up, he wasn't one for a lot of touchy feely showings of emotion and he had a theory. It meant there was work to be done. "I've got the computer scanning for any genetic material that was left over from our engineer and I'm having it sorted and stored. He broke apart, but that doesn't mean everything was gone, Jasper here is helping me. Might take years, but it's a challenge and I like a challenge."


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