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Grotto Disturbance Part 2

Posted on Sun Aug 5th, 2018 @ 8:38am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin
Edited on on Sun Aug 5th, 2018 @ 8:40am

Mission: Mission 7 - Sabotage
Location: SS Mary Rose, Armory
Timeline: MD -2 / 0204 hours

Tucker had been in his quarters, trying to straighten them up and just unable to sleep, when a message had come in that a deck lost power. After doing a quick diagnostic, he grabbed a tricorder, his sidearm and a flashlight before riding the 'lift up to deck three. When he stepped off, he flicked on the light and spotted the Captain and a few other crew members and caught up to the group.

"Captain, I came down when I saw that this deck lost power. I was going to head for the main power junction."

Kneeling by the open hidden door to the grotto, Micheal was scanning the door jam for any trace evidence, when the new Ops Chief showed up. With everything that had been going on, and his ongoing recovery, Micheal had yet to formally meet the man, Youngblood was his name? "Boss, I think you should remain out here until I can ascertain that it's safe inside."

The Captain looked the Armory Chief over and rolled his eyes just enough to show that he was short-tempered and that no one at zero two hundred should push the wrong buttons in him. "Fine." The Russain said simply, he wasn't in the mood but they had better make it quick as he was the only one apart from Cassie who knew the ins and outs of this compartment. They needed to quickly know if something was missing. "Any of the biometric locks capture anyone?"

Micheal answered the question without looking up. "No, Sir. However, they have definitely been tripped. It's almost as if, whomever is responsible, either knew about the locks and tripped them going inside, or, they merely tripped them to gauge our reaction."

"Well they got through the Bio lock and there are only a few people onboard that could do that." The Captain reminded softly.

Tucker half ignored the exchange between the Captain and the Armory officer, as the door drew his attention. He didn't remember seeing it on any of the ship's schematics. Of course, he'd only been here a couple of weeks and had taken a brutal hit to the head so it's possible he'd forgotten it. "What room is this?" he asked finally.

Looking over at Tucker briefly as he stood, Micheal responded. We call it the Grotto. Inside is a veritable treasure trove, which the ship's former owner had collected." He looked at Ambika.

"Stay here and don't let anyone inside, unless the Captain, X-O, or myself clear them."

"Understood Chief," Ambika replied trying to keep up with the exchange between Michael and Reuben. The detective in her started to analyze what was said as she took up guarding the doorway. Whoever broke in had local knowledge and technical expertise to bypass the locks, but still tripped whatever alarm they had installed. Her eyes narrowed, still too early to draw any conclusions.

Tucker was the new guy but his curiosity and his drive to see what was inside got the better of him. This seemed like a treasure trove and he wanted to see what was inside of it but was mindful that the Armory Officer said to not let anyone inside. "Would you like me to stay out here or follow you in?"

"You can go in. I might have been asked to stay out here but seeing you are here and have discovered one of the ships no point in hanging out here." The Captain said softly. It was too early in the morning for there to be anymore arguing over the situation.

"Once more into the breach," Tucker said more to himself than anyone around him.

As he stepped through into the grotto he took in the room, it was most certainly someone's treasure room or had been. He was sure most of this was stolen but for the moment they were looking for evidence that someone had been in here recently and likely had stolen more.

"Try not to touch anything, Tucker," Micheal said as he stepped through the room. "I have to get a scan of the room, see if anything was moved."

Rueben waited ten minutes before he got bored and walked in and looked around scanning the room quickly. "I got bored of waiting... anything out of place?" He wondered picking up a glass orb chucking it up in the air catching it again. He hadn't had a chance to show this place off yet to the newest science chief he had maybe tomorrow would be that day seeing more people knew about it.

Micheal looked up from his tricorder and grimaced slightly. How the hell was he supposed to protect Reuben, if the Russian won't let him do his job?! "No, Sir. It makes no sense. Why break in here, if not to take something?"

Valiyi, who had kept to the edge of the room out of fear that she would disrupt said investigation, frowned. "Perhaps to do a little recon? Or if they knew we'd be tipped off... a distraction?"

"Or to steal something we didn't even know was here," Tucker chimed in from here he was scanning the room. "It was a hidden room, from what you've all said, but that doesn't mean there weren't hidden compartments in the hidden room for the stuff they wanted extra hidden."

The Captain shook his head. "It has been investigated." The man assured, wishing there and then he had had a stable science department to investigate fully everything that was already in here. "The room is only known to a few and most of them are in this room apart from Saa, Nubohn and Carli." It wasn't like it was too hidden, it just hadn't come up in conversation often. "This might actually be a good place for you to look for EPS issues... this area has caused issues. It's how we discovered it actually."

"No offence to who searched it, but if they didn't find anything they probably didn't investigate enough," Tucker shrugged his shoulders, he wasn't a very trusting individual. "I learned a few tricks as a merc on how to hide a stash. I'll make sure this area gets added to the list for the EPS issues and see if I find anything at the same time."

"I think this is a stash enough." The Captain said going to sit on the old fashioned stuffed chair. It was the only clean surface in the small compartment but it was enough for him to see that the paper that was usually all over the desk had been tided and ordered. Had MaCloud sorted them? He picked one up and started to study it absently. "It should be okay as it was fixed by Kea when it was discovered but you never know with this old lady what she will throw at us,"

When Tucker got an idea in his head, it was hard for him to let it go. In this case he'd leave it be but a part of him knew he'd be looking into it again. "Understood. So does it look like anything is missing? Do we have an inventory to compare what's in the room?"

"Doesn't look like anything other than this area has been touched." The Captain held up the roll of paper he had been reading.

"What's in that area?" Valiyi asked, still stubbornly standing at the doorway. She held up a hand, waving away her own curiosity. "I do believe Quang had a copy of the inventory of the items within, but I also believe only you and I have access to that information..." She shot a look to both Tucker and Robertson. "And it would certainly help us all get to the bottom of this if we knew what was here and what could be missing."

"Papers." Reuben held up his hand to show the woman above his head. It looked to him like ramblings of a madman but he hadn't taken much time to look into the items other than looking over the inventory that was given to him.

Valiyi set her hand on her hip, leveling a gaze in Reuben's direction. "Alright, but I believe we should vacate and let these two gentlemen work, shall we?"

The Captain stood stuffing something into his pocket and nodded, he didn't miss the look she directed at him. "Da...That would seem like a good plan. I would like a report in the morning gentlemen." The man wanted nothing more than to go to bed himself. All the late nights were starting to catch up with him, to say the least.

"Sounds like music to my ears," Tucker grinned, loving the idea of being in this hidden room. Although he wouldn't mind the XO sticking around, she wasn't bad to look at. "What do you say Chief?"

The man just nodded, wishing that he couldn't stay but he needed to for security. Sometimes you just had to do what you had to do.


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