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These are the facts

Posted on Mon Aug 27th, 2018 @ 8:16pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol
Edited on on Fri Aug 31st, 2018 @ 3:57pm

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge
Timeline: MD3 09:00

Descriptions completed, Lhaes now only had one thing left to do. Adding to that, another one of the oldtimers had regained consciousness and was hoping to re-qualify for his position. Unfortunately, as the senior doctor, Lhaes couldn't just let anyone get into duty in his medical facility, not when their knowledge was a hundred and fifty years old.

"Captain," he said as he passed the man on the bridge, "got a moment?"

The man in question looked up from his PADD and nodded indicating the seat where Uhin normally sat. "What can I do for you?" The Captain wondered softly.

The Romulan sat, glancing down briefly at the PADD in his hands. "I spoke with the XO a while ago about medical records having been accessed by a third party not authorized to even be near them. I have since then discovered, that it were no random records. Four medical records specifically, were targeted and accessed not once but several times."

He paused, offering his PADD to the captain. "The records of Roberston, Saa, Carli, Kane and Tran specifically," he added. "Though some of the so-called oldtimer records were viewed as well, these seemed the targets. I have not been able to discover why."

"What do they all have in common?" Lhaes asked, "I have another one awake in sickbay by the way... and he wants to work."

"We can discuss the old timer another time. We have more important things." Gregnol raised an eyebrow as he looked at the man who was acting as Chief Medical Officer. "Roberston, Saa, Carli, Kane and Tran have nothing in common." The Captain assumed. Why would someone want those records, in particular, this saboteur was making no sense at all.

"Perhaps they have certain skills that could hinder our saboteur?" Lhaes ventured. "From what I have gathered from their records all have certain talents...but why them specifically I can't fathom. What does seem suspect is that our latest victim has died of poisoning and there are a few of us who were there when he was found. It makes all of us suspect especially myself, though I had no reason to murder the chef."

Gregnol couldn't see the connection between the list of his crew and Lorenzo's death but maybe he wasn't looking at it the way that the other man was. "I'm not sure what the connection between those people and Lorenzo. Kane is dead and Robertson left a week ago for two things."

"I have no idea what to make of this," Lhaes confessed, "all my training in intelligence, and I'm stumped." he tapped at the PADD. "But these are the facts, and security should be aware of them. Perhaps they can help uncover what's going on."

Gregnol took the PADD and sighed. "Well seeing we have no Safety Officer at the moment it seems that it is me." He said not entirely sure what the saboteur or saboteurs were after at all. What could they possibly want on this ship?

"I'll leave it with you then captain. My job here is to look after the well being of the crew, I'm not here as an intelligence officer. Their physical safety is my priority." The Romulan stood. "I'll be in sickbay if you need me."

The Captain just nodded. Whatever they were after they didn't have long before the ship either ran out of deuterium or shook herself apart hopefully with a little warning so abandoning ship could have but nothing was adding up at all. This Sabateour was always one step ahead.


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Lhaes Sommers
Senior Medic
SS Mary Rose


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