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Leaving is Hard to do...

Posted on Sat Sep 1st, 2018 @ 7:16am by Dixoho Saa & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Sabotage
Location: SS Mary Rose, shuttlebay
Timeline: MD -05 0341 hours


Standing inside his shuttle, Micheal considered what he was about to do. A few days previous, an old contact of his reached out, stating that she had some information about the shapeshifter that had tortured both Dixoho and him. After agreeing on a price and meeting location, Micheal went straight to Reuben. After telling the Russian everything he knew, Micheal requested a leave of absence. The look in his eyes, as he spoke to Reuben, made it quite evident that the large Texan would go anyway, with or without the Captain’s blessings.

Reuben must have sensed this attitude, because, while he agreed to the leave, he also specified that another member of the crew should go with his security chief. After considering the situation, Reuben knew that Micheal would need an extra set of hands, possibly even someone to fly Micheal’s shuttle, as the Texan was still recovering from his earlier encounter with the shapeshifter and its former partner.

After a short discussion regarding the Captain’s decision, Reuben had sent word for the Rosie’s original helmsman, Johnathen Anderson, to join them in his ready room. After the young pilot arrived, Reuben laid out the facts of the situation. He stressed that the mission was strictly voluntary, especially as the young man had just started his own family.

Johnathen had not even blinked. He told both men that, since he and the other Ishimura survivors had awoken and found themselves in a new world, the entire crew of the Mary Rose had become their family. He would do anything to help and protect his new family, even if it took him away from his new bride to a time. It was simply the right thing to do.

So now, standing in his shuttle, Micheal was finishing up stowing away his gear, his mind drifting to where he had just been mere moments before.

Standing in Dixoho’s bedroom, Micheal gently placed a PADD on her night table. Atop the PADD, he laid a single, white and pink, Betazed water lily, her favorite bloom. In the PADD was a message that he had recorded earlier, after she was asleep;

Di, my love, by the time you watch this message, I will be long gone. I had to go. I have uncovered some information on the location of the shapeshifter, and I have to act on it quickly, before that thing slips away. I've told Reuben everything about this, and, he gave his blessings. Please don't hate him. I would have gone, even if he had said no. This goes beyond personal. That thing not only messed with a Texan, but, it hurt a Texan’s woman. No power in Heaven or Hell can protect it from my wrath. Please know, the reason that I didn't tell you, was because I knew you would insist on coming with me. He shook his head sadly as he continued. I can’t let that thing get close to you again. I don’t know what I would do if it hurt you again. I hope, in time, you can come to forgive me and my male stupidity. This is just how I'm built. I wouldn't be the man you love if I wasn't stubborn at times. He paused briefly before continuing. I won’t be going alone. Young Mister Anderson has volunteered to come with me. That way, I'll be sure to have someone watching my back. He leaned closer to the camera. Di, please know, if, for whatever reason, I don't make it back, I have cherished every moment that we shared. You brought me back to life, darlin’. And so, should I not return, I have made arrangements with my family, back home, to make sure you are taken care of. You are my life and my reason for waking up every day. I would fight Satan himself, to keep you safe. I just hope you can understand how I feel about you. He looked at his wrist chronometer, and then started to finish up the message. Whatever you do, please, don’t come after me. I will find you, when the time is right. We will be together again one day. I love you, Dixoho Saa, now, and forever. He had ended the message there, knowing that she would, undoubtedly, be very angry at him. He could only hope that she would forgive him one day.

Looking out through the open port-side hatch, Micheal saw both Johnathen and his young wife, Cassie, enter the shuttlebay. They walked, hand in hand, talking softly to one another, as they approached his shuttle.

Cassie couldn't believe her husband of less than a week was up and leaving but she knew he needed to, it was his sense of duty and honour at play. "You better come back K'diwa." She whispered.

Johnathen nodded as he replied. “I will, my love. It took us all these decades to become one, you can believe me when I say that I will turn over the heavens to return to your side, where I belong.”

Cassie just nodded sadly. She knew that she would sense how well he was through there bond but it didn't change how much she wanted him by her side on this ship within touching distance.

Micheal stepped out of his shuttle, onto the deck, and nodded to the young couple. “I can’t tell you how much your sacrifice means to me. Cassie, I give you my word, even if it means my life, I will get Johnathen back to you.”

"You better." Was all Cassie said to the older man turning her attention back to her husband.

Johnathen leaned over, and gave Cassie a kiss on her lips. It started as a soft kiss, then turned into one that would hold their hearts during their separation. After a few beats, he reluctantly broke contact. Looking deeply into his wife's beautiful eyes, Johnathen said, “Take care of the rest of our family here. I will come back to you as soon as I can, beloved.” He leaned forward, pressing his forehead to hers.

Cassie looked at him sadly. She didn't want to lose him in the slightest, if he left despite his words he might not be able to find them again, it was such a gamble. "You better go before I refuse to let you go." She whispered to him wishing she could say more.

Nodding sadly, Johnathen finally released his hold on Cassie, picked up the duffel he had dropped at his feet while they said their goodbyes, turned and made his way towards the shuttle.

Micheal nodded to Johnathen and stepped aside to allow him to enter the shuttle. Turning back he nodded to Cassie, understanding fully the sacrifice she was doing for him and Dixoho.

A few minutes later, both men we inside the shuttle, finishing the preflight inspections. “All systems show green, Mike. Ready to launch on your word.”

Sitting in the seat to Johnathen’s left, Micheal nodded. There was nothing left to say or do. It was time to go. “Take us out.”

Slowly, the old Klingon shuttle lifted off the deck of Rosie’s shuttlebay. Rotating 180 degrees, Johnathen pointed the nose of the craft towards the opening shuttlebay doors. Once the doors stopped moving, he expertly pilited the shuttle out into the vacuum of space.

As the shuttle was about to pass through the forcefield, the doors leading into the ship slid open. Before they finished, Dixoho sped inside the shuttlebay.

The Chief Navigator looked at the other woman stood them but said nothing. She just watched until the shuttle was gone a frown on her face.


Micheal Robertson
Chief Armory Officer/ Bounty Hunter
SS Mary Rose/ Shuttlecraft Alexandria

Johnathen Anderson Jr

Pnpc Robertson

Cassie Anderson
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)


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