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Not Again, Not Here, Not Now

Posted on Sat Sep 1st, 2018 @ 9:56pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 7 - Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD02 02:00

Reuben stormed down the corridor out of the old transporter room into observation not even looking back to see if Uhin was following him. He walked to the front of the lounge not even bothered about the state of the place. He pressed his hand against the glass ignoring the pain that device in his hand caused him before he let his forehead leaned against the coolness closing his eyes against the vastness in front of him.

This just couldn’t be happening again.

Valiyi was following, at exactly five paces behind the Captain as he toiled. She watched, waiting patiently for him to speak up about their situation. After another beat, she cleared her throat, angling a gaze toward him. "... So I see this is bothering you more than other issues that tend to crop up..."

The man turned and held out the device that was in his hand. He knew she would recognise it from being a Starfleet Captain, it was one of the secrets they kept while he, on the other hand, had, had a first-hand experience of the situations. "Multidimensional transporter device." He said softly.

"Ah." She left it at that for a few silent moments. The documents that she had read on the subject were far and few between, as her experience as Starfleet Captain was shorter than she would have liked. "That would explain quite a bit. So our saboteur is from another reality, do you think?"

"It has to be and we just don't know who it is." Gregnol couldn't think of anyone who had been acting odd or slightly not themselves. Too much had happened in the last few weeks for people to not be acting odd. He needed to find Jeassaho and warn her but then he realised he couldn't because she would only worry. He just hoped it wasn't the reality that they had gone to so many years ago on the Victory.

"Or what reality they could be from." There were few places the documents and records had suggested a multidimensional transporter device came into use, but it did not rule out any possibility. Her gaze darkened. "We should tell the others so we can prepare for anything."

The Captain looked at the device wondering if he could work out who's DNA allowed it to work. It had to be synched to someone's DNA to allow them to cross over. "You think telling the crew would be a good thing?" He wondered softly surprised that it was her suggesting they be open and honest with a crew that had a proven record of overreacting to a situation.

"I think keeping them in the dark for much longer is an atrocious idea," Valiyi pointed out. "Especially if we ended up in another reality. We need the crew prepared for that eventuality... however, I do think we need to find the right time to tell them, such as when we can rule out any of our crew as possible suspects... But do we have time for that?"

"I don't know. We need to crack this... find out who's DNA this is we have fifty crew and four passengers onboard." He said thoughtfully thinking that any of them could be suspect in all of this sabotage. For the life of him he couldn't see what was interesting on this ship that anyone from an Alternative Universe would want.

"I do." Valiyi understood the Captain's hesitance, but they needed to do something without sitting on their hands. "We need to find crew members we can trust to perform this DNA test, and we need to at least tell security what we're preparing for, but we also cannot rule anyone out of security at all. Nor can we rule out those from 2246, or anyone who even has any inkling of what could potentially be useful aboard this vessel."

"I would have thought the people from 2246 would be the most appropriate." The man admitted before he realised the error of that, they didn't know enough about any of them. "We can't trust anyone outside of this room right now. Can you run DNA scans?" He could run the security checks, the forensics on it but anything medical he was sure he would wreck it.

"Me personally?" Valiyi's brow quirked. "Rueben, my science training is quite limited, and that is with updated equipment. I could try, but how would we go about that without alerting everyone? Most of the DNA we have on file would be through Medical - which would mean we need someone in Medical personnel. I do not believe either the Doctor or Mister Robertson would be amiable to us snooping around there right about now. We have little options if we do not want to tell anyone, but we need to do something, before our saboteur makes a move."

"Da... Da... Da." The man squeezed the device in his hands again before he put it back in his pocket. What could he do without alerting the crew? It would be no issue him getting the DNA records, he could do that as former security Officer no issue even if he didn't have command level access but the actual running the records that were a different story. He couldn't. "Can I tell you something that might change who we can approach." He wondered softly thinking he knew who to ask to do the scan.

"We are not going to utilize Doctor Lhaes for DNA scans," Valiyi immediately snapped in an uncharacteristic manner. Her eyes narrowed at the thought. "The last thing we need is a former Tal Shiar operative nosing about. I do not suspect him of anything, but if something does come up and it comes out that he's shifty, not even a full diplomatic contingent can save us from that."

Gregnol was taken aback by the venom in her voice. He had never seen the woman act like that before but it did make him smile and shake his head. "No.. no... I mean we could ask my wife." He said almost shyly. Was the time or place to mention it but Jeassaho was medically trained and would mostly likely just accept it and ask later on when she wasn't working as much.

Hackles already raised, Valiyi frowned. "We cannot ask someone either of us have a personal connection to, or we would then be deemed suspicious and it would be that much harder to obtain cooperation, whether people realize you are married or not. Everyone knows you have a soft spot for Jeassaho." She took a deep, calming breath, closing her eyes in thought. "... Gavin would have known exactly what to do in a situation like this... Of course, he would have been the one orchestrating it..."

Reuben narrowed his eyes at her mentioning Gavin, she normally brought him up when she was frustrated. "Well, I don't know what to do then. Jees was my only option as she has medical training and I don't she hasn't been swapped or changed," The Captain was truly stumped at what to do. He was scared for the first time in a very long time.

"We have to look at this another way." Valiyi's eyes flickered down to the device. "We have to look at this from the saboteur's point of view... perhaps then we'll have at least a direction to look in. As for our DNA scan... perhaps if we scan the DNA on the device itself, we'll have an answer."

The Captain nodded. Maybe she was right? Maybe this was why he kept her around as First Mate? She was the calm voice when Reuben was reminded of having been in an alternative Universe before. "Let's do that." The man said pocketing again in his jacket.

Resting a hand on his shoulder, Valiyi offered a small smile. "We'll see this through. Whoever is on board could not have gone that far."


Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose


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