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The Contact

Posted on Sun Sep 2nd, 2018 @ 3:21pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Bridge
Timeline: MD 02 :: 1420 Hrs

Despite the hubbub that had occurred on the Rose, there were still moments of quiet on the bridge. This was just such a moment, as there was only one person currently seated on deck, while the rest of the crew happened to be running about trying to unstick the ship from the current situation. And, while it wasn't suspected that anything worse could possibly occur, the unmistakable sound of a hail began to sound just as everything seemed... almost pleasant.

Jasper's head turned in the direction of the sound and he tilted his head surprised to be receiving the message. He drew a breath in and tapped the COM to receive the incoming message. Before he could even respond the person was chattering on.
Actually, he wasn't even sure he should even answer it under the circumstances. It could be anything from a warning seeing they were careening through space out of their control to someone demanding a ransom to spare their lives. Neither of the options seemed too plausible.

"What's the big deal? I didn't think y'all would be going into warp this quick! I thought I had at least two hours to haul ass over there." came a female voice, followed by a beat of silence, then, "Who is this?"

"Who is this," he asked as his brow furrowed at the somewhat familiar voice, "

The voice sounded familiar but putting a finger on who it was with the few hours of sleep the Operations man was getting certainly wasn't going to be easy, "Jasper Offerman on the S. S. Mary Rose." The words were mater of fact and then he added, "who is this, please?"

"Jasper... Jaaaasper.... does that sound familiar... eh. Nevermind who I am." From the other end came an annoyed snort. "Why are you guys in warp? Drop out so I can keep up."

"I'm sorry, I can't do that," Jasper said with a wry smile, "if you can tell us how to get control of it we'd really appreciate it."

"How in the nine hells and seven stars would I know how to do that?" A sudden clunk resounded. "Damnit, I can't keep up! Do you at least know where you guys are going, Jasper?"

"No," The man admitted as he tried searching the computer systems for the ship he knew had to be somewhere, "it's completely on autopilot." "We are working on resolving it but there have been complications." Jasper tilted his head and pondered something a moment, "can you match our speed at least for a few sixty seconds?"

"Then they've already taken over. Crap." This was followed up with a string of colorful language in Ferengi. "Jasper-you said Jasper, right?"

"Who has taken over?" Jasper tilted his head adjusting the view manually rather than speaking to the computer to do it, "we're not even sure of that yet."

"Great. Jasper, I need you to get to-who's the Captain right now?"

"You expect me to answer that?" The man said furrowing his brow, "how do I know you're not the reason this whole things started in the first place?"

After a colorful string of phlegmy Ferengi, she came out with an answer. "Because I know Reuben and he knows me. Look, why would I want the ship to go to warp before I get onboard? If I was going to sabatoge the ship, I'd wait till I was on board and not stuck in this god forsaken yacht!"

Jasper raised an eyebrow, at least she knew the captain's first name, "alright I'll get you connected."

He tiled his head as he thought about the possibilities, "one moment while I connect you."

The man tapped the shipboard communications system and made began to speak, "Captain, there's woman that says she's trying to get aboard, she can't keep up with us at warp."

"Great, finally someone who'll listen instead of look at me like I'm-" and before the thought could finish, the communication fluttered out with a low whine. Then, silence.

Jasper's expression changed to puzzlement as the communication died. He stood, concerned for what had just happened and then tapped the ship's communication, "Captain we just had a message, I think you need to hear it."


The Pilot
(NPC Uhin)

Jasper Offerman
SS Mary Rose


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By Captain Rueben Gregnol on Sun Sep 2nd, 2018 @ 3:30pm

OH OH OH! I love this and tipped my glass of coke over in my excitement!

Great job!