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Not all is as it seems

Posted on Fri Sep 7th, 2018 @ 7:05pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 8 - Science Lab
Timeline: MD 01 09:00

Now that he was finally released from sickbay and free to actually explore the ship a little to re-learn the layout as well as get to know the people, Lyras had actually opted to venture to one of the smaller science labs.

He was eager to get back to work, never having been able to sit still for very long as he'd already proven since waking up. However, with his licenses well over a century out of date, the first thing he needed to do was study hard to get them validated again. And what better place to do so, than a small room with a computer, and a PADD to download important information onto?

Having already been confronted with a Romulan, Lyras had no doubt there were many more surprises awaiting him now that he was awake again.

As the door opened Cassie looked up and raised an eyebrow. It was nice to see the man outside of the medical bay but what was he doing in her lab right then and there. She didn't have the patience just after Johnathen leaving on some fools errand to go looking for a bounty hunter to deal with the man. "Can I help you Lyras?" She asked turning back to look at what she was working on.

"Uh..." He hesitated in the doorway, not expecting the place to be occupied. "I was looking for a small room to study," he explained, while stepping further inside, "I did not mean to bother you. Can I use one of the smaller labs?"

"Do as you wish." The woman stated turning back to the experiment she was running. She was trying to see if she could use some of her old geneticist training in a new way with the vegetable that they grew on the ship to up the production of them.

"Thank you." Lyras walked off to one of the smaller rooms, then turned in the doorway. Hesitating, he looked her over. "I do not know how to work any of the updated systems..." How was he to look for new information when he didn't even know where to start looking? This seemed like a totally alien ship to him now. And yet, pride kept him from literally asking for assistance.

"It isn't that different." She assured in a patient voice as she span around from her prized microscope to the man stood there looking confused. She pulled out a PADD from under her desk and patted the seat next to her offering for him to seat. She was a woman she could multi-task.

Though he had seen the Romulan doctor use it before, Lyras stared at the device in the woman's hand. "What is that?" he asked curiously, while all the same feeling utterly stupid for seeing a device he had never properly seen before. He sat down, somewhat uncomfortably as he was now reliant on someone he hadn't exactly treated right before.



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