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Posted on Sat Sep 8th, 2018 @ 5:32am by Luka Mahone

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 02 :: 2100 Hrs

Lyras was starting to resent being stuck in sickbay. The Romulan doctor had refused to let him up after their initial conversations, stating that there was a special doctor on board who was looking after the socalled old-timers. And then there was that half-breed who was being just too nice to him, also referring to the special doctor on board.

But where was this doctor? Why hadn't he seen this doctor yet? And why was he being confined here, with nothing to do when he should be catching up on medical prodecures? Assuming of course, that this wasn't all a ploy, and that they really had been stuck in a transporter buffer for a century and a half.

Annoyance flitted across the Vulcan's face; an emotion he quickly tried to quench for fear of anyone seeing him less than controlled. He gritted his teeth. Control was something he'd never fully possessed or mastered, but he did the best he could do. Sitting up on the bed, he had half a mind to just hop off and leave the medical bay. It was going on long enough now!

"Settle down or the sedatives to ease the pain won't work properly," came a voice from the door of sickbay. In walked Luka Mahone, tricorder in one hand and doctor's bag in the other. He looked up to Lyras for only a short moment, only to look back down at his work on the tricorder as he approached, clad in civilian gear as opposed to the 'uniforms' that he had seen people wearing. "This won't take long, I have to figure out if anything's gone jumbled in your brain."

"I am not in pain," Lyras answered curtly, "and why would anything be jumbled. I have taken up this bed long enough, I want to go home."

Luka gave the impatient patient a dull look, and his voice turned deadpan. "Teleporter technology wasn't built for long-term suspension of molecules. With how the Rose has been treated over the years, there's no telling what might have been spared or deleted. Including the molecules in your brain." He gave the tricorder a disapproving look. "Wouldn't you want to look over a patient who's been through such an ordeal?"

"I suppose," the Vulcan agreed reluctantly, "but I guarantee you that I am fine. Do your tests, they will tell you the same thing...I am fine."

Without skipping a beat, Luka continued. "If this were you here and not myself, you would be saying the same thing. Hold still, my equipment is not meant to deal with wiggling life forms."

"I am not wiggling," Lyras objected, stiffening visibly to prove a point. "Please hurry doctor I really would like to leave sickbay now. Please?"



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