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Compartment By Compartment

Posted on Sat Sep 8th, 2018 @ 2:45pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Commander Gavin Holtztenn & Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D. & Lieutenant Vissia zh'Cliasa

Mission: Shipyards
Location: Deck 5 - Library
Timeline: MD 05 09:00

It was an unusual place for a senior team meeting but Ledeya couldn't help but admire her thoughtfulness in summoning people to the Library. They could work and talk at the same time, many hands make light work, it would also be nice to have one compartment finished. She had met all the crew separately but now was the time to meet them all together so they knew each other.

The Captain sat in one of the comfortable chairs that she contemplating have one replicated for her quarters when the door finally opened.

The CMO stepped inside the library and glanced around at the renovated room. He smiled and nodded as he took in the area, "Looks great in here Captain."

Farenna loved libraries; as a child, she had spent many an hour in one to read or study. The hybrid Reman woman stepped into the library, her yellow eyes scanning the rows on rows of books. "Oh wow," she breathed, "real books on a ship?"

Following behind was Gavin, who took no notice or care to bother with any of the artefacts in the room. Nor did he bother to sit in a chair, instead deciding to stand a few feet behind where Ed sat, eyes on his PaDD, silently awaiting everyone to file in.

Vissia was the next one to arrive, her hair was up in a pony tail with a few wild tendrils floating about her head. In one hand she had a mug and the other was an engineering PaDD. She set them down at a table before focusing on the library. The room was fascinating to her. She'd visited the library of congress when she was in the academy on earth and the Library of Andor when she was younger, but to have a room full of books on a star ship was an interesting choice. Each bit of space was so precariously planned and yet here she stood. The aged paper had a pleasant smell to it and she'd always enjoyed the tactile feel of real paper under her fingers when she read.

"My, my a full library. This was unexpected," Vissia spoke softly, as she took in the room with all of her senses. "What a delightful waste of space on a starship. Perhaps that means it's not wasted."

The Captain smiled as the group finally all filled in and looked around in amazement. She hadn't ever been on a ship where they did have a compartment like this. There were generic LCARS workstations that ringed the perimeter of the library. The centre of the compartment was crisscrossed with tall stacks, which were usually filled with everything from books, to scrolls, to microfiche, to isolinear chips containing documents that had either been collected or left behind by the previous crew. "I never saw a compartment like this as a waste of space at all but it is looking a little sorry for itself." She commented on looking at the empty stacks. Ledeya pushed herself from the seat and moved to one of the boxes and opened it without a glance back. "We can all talk whilst we set this room to rights." She commented on already suspecting some of the crew would complain or be dismayed at the thought of doing something so menial. "They are all labelled and that label corresponds with a shelf."

Farenna blinked; had she imagined the shelves already being filled then? "I love books," she commented as she moved to the nearest box. "They're the source for knowledge and understanding."

Ranav chuckled as he opened a nearby box and grinned seeing the books inside, "romance novels, somebody has a hobby." He picked up two handfuls and headed towards the shelves to put them away, "let's see where is QA002A67?"

"Right up there," Farenna pointed, "why don't I climb the ladder up there and you hand them up to me? Team work right?"

The Bolian smiled as he began handing the text up to the waiting woman, "I'm surprised we still have so many printed books." He noticed her striking yellow eyes and smiled, "you ever read these?"

"These specifically?" Farenna asked as she looked down on the Bolian from where she was standing on the ladder. "Not these but I sure read a lot as a child. I didn't have many friends, obviously, so I had to pass my time somehow. Did you?"

"Can't say I've ever read one of the romance books," Ranav replied. He grabbed another handful and began to hand them up to the awaiting woman, "read some mystery books though, loved the Boxcar children's books."

"I don't think I've heard of that one. What are they about?" Farenna asked as she put the books onto their designated shelves. "I've read mostly Terran children's books. Classics like Hector Mallot's Sans Famille, or Charles Dickens... or Tolkien. Really old classics, I guess."

"Thay are a series of mysteries for Terran kids six to eleven written in the twentieth and twenty-first century and set in that time period." Ranav handed another book up to Farenna. He chuckled as he thought about the Tolkien books he had read, "oh, Tolkien, I really loved the Lord of the Rings Trilogy."

The Captain let the group talk among themselves for a few minutes before she started to talk a little louder letting her voice carry through the compartment interrupting the only voices that had been talking. “Now that we’ve done a little bit of talking I would like to know how everyone’s areas are getting on department wise. Who would like to give an update first.” Ledeya wondered looking down the stacks.

Most of Gavin's books had been properly filed by the time the Captain asked her question. Finally, actual work. Without saying much of a word, he pulled his PaDD out from under a small stack of chapter books, Gavin pointedly looked to each of the senior staff, waiting.

The Bolian drew in a deep breath and tilted his head as he turned back towards the Captian, "where should I begin Captain" "I have one biobed working, at least partially, three COM stations are still missing and I don't have access to any of the medical records." He shook his head, "Captain I know she's an old ship but even before the refit she was better than this."

"Old!" Vissia said with a slight growl to her tone as she flicked at the air with her antenna, although because Andorian's voices tended to be more melodic it may not have come off as intimidating as she meant it. "This ship isn't old, she's in her prime. Just needs a little bit of TLC, the refit is on schedule, I did send you all detailed reports with time tables."

"Yes you did Lieutenant," Ranav replied calmly, "and I do appreciate the information." He offered a faint smile as he continued, "my statement regarding it being old was not based on its age as much as the condition she is currently in." "I also know that this is primarily the responsibility of the team from the station here, not your Engineering department."

"I actually think this old girl has style," Farenna piped up as she glanced down the ladder, "and something old is generally respected by the newer generation. I think having an old ship will help us from a diplomatic point of view."

Ledeya looked at the Officers and stared them down. Were they really being petty like that in front of her for the first senior team meeting? She glanced at her Executive Officer and saw him pretty much-spitting feathers over it. "Enough." The woman said cooly, the normally good-natured facade disappearing. "Please continue Medical report Commander."

Vissia was quiet, but like any good engineering officer, she didn't take kindly to her ship being insulted. The Captain, however, wasn't going to allow the discussion to continue and so she dropped it. Instead, she shifted her interest to learn more about the other department heads and their departments.

The blue man smiled and nodded at the Captain, "I'm expecting the rest of the medical staff within a few days and am making plans to stage a mock emergency to use as a team building exercise."

Ledeya smiled fondly at the man as she remembered for a moment the team building exercises he used to run when she had been his Assistant Chief Medical Office. He was anything but boring as a trainer and why she had let him choose whether to stay on the ship or not. A ship-wide drill though even at this stage of a refit wasn't a bad idea at all. It would certainly allow her to see how everyone reacted to a sudden red alert. Hearing a noise from behind her she heard a soft cough from her Executive Officer. She indicated for him to continue and not let her stop him if he had something to say.

For a moment, Gavin's note taking seemed to take precedence over everything else. But, as if by sudden realization, he looked up, first eyeing Ranav before noting the rest of the gathering. "Lieutenant Voss, how Operations hasn't managed to give you the biobeds that have been requisitioned is something I'll be looking into once this meeting is over with."

"Thank you, Commander." Ranav gave the last word a bit more attention than he probably should.

Apparently, he had been demoted and lost a whole pip designating him as a Lieutenant Commander. The idea wasn't completely unwelcome though it did beg to question why in a meeting such as this he would be demoted so easily. It was however their first meet as a team and he wasn't going to raise a big fuss

The Captain raised an eyebrow at the wrong rank being used but said nothing. Her Executive Officer was laying down the law of how he wanted to be towards the Senior team and she wasn't going to stop him. She glanced at the Chief Medical Officer and shook her head once. No one was losing rank especially him.

Gavin's voice was stern, level, and quiet, as he turned to Farenna. "I'd look into your mentality on older vessels being utilized as diplomatic ones if I were you. They paint targets on the heads of any diplomat who rides in them, and do not have nearly as much maintenance as they should. Any ship that's equipped for diplomatic missions should have their security measures up to snuff, which rarely occurs as older model ships do have their updated limits."

The Reman hybrid blinked in surprise. "I said I liked the ship," she replied defensively, "I said she has style and will cause others to show some respect. Old doesn't necessarily mean bad, she might just need some love is all."

"That being said," Gavin continued, a glint in his eye as he turned to the engineer. "The Intrepid class is not as old as some think. The Cosmos was already updated to technology one step behind what Lieutenant Vissia is working on reaching us toward. I have an appreciation for a smaller, faster vessel."

Vissia decided at that moment that she really liked the XO, he seemed like he'd be tough but that say just fine with her. She ran a tight engineering department and if that's how the XO ran things she'd fit right in. "She's a good ship, and she will be able to fulfil what we ask of her and more."

The Captain smiled softly and looked at the older man. He was certainly a lot blunter and to the point than her but he made very good points. "With that being said I would still like to know how Engineering and the Diplomatic Department are looking." The Captain indicated for them to explain their departments fully.

"Well...." Farenna hesitated as she looked around. "The diplomatic offices are still very empty, most of the staff still has to arrive. There's one attaché, half Orion I believe, but I haven't met her yet. I'm not too concerned about her heritage, to be honest, her file says she's been on pheromone suppressants all her life and never missed a dose. other than that, I think we'll be alright before launch."

"Lieutenant Farenna," Ranav piped up tilting his head, "I would appreciate it if you did not reveal medical information about any of the crew please."

The Captain couldn't help but agree with her Chief Medical Officer. That was racism at it's best and from a diplomatic Officer unexpectable. She would be having words as soon as she could and removing the Officer, she didn't care who her father was.

"My staff had to report in earlier than most of the rest of the crew due to the refit, so they're all on board already," Vissia answered. "The refit is actually two days ahead of schedule, our computer upgrades are complete and there is a noticeable speed difference across the board. I ran some simulations on the holodeck and needless to say I'm happy with the results. I plan on finishing ahead of schedule."

"And you are getting on well with the shipyards crews?" The Betazoid wondered softly thinking that it wasn't just down to her Chief Engineer as it was a complete refit of everything.

"Yes Captain, shipyard crews are good at what they do and you've got a Chief Engineer that knows how to keep them on task," Vissia grinned. "It'll take a week or two to fine-tune the Cosmos once we've left space dock."

The Captain nodded slowly thinking perhaps she needed to have a discussion again with the Yardmaster and see how he was handling things as he wouldn't give an inflated estimate just to impress her. He would be brutally honest just like she liked. "Just remember the shipyard crew still report to there chief Lieutenant." She reminded with a small smile.

Ledeya nodded at the Engineer before she looked over the Department Heads who had stayed quiet so far patiently waiting for others to talk. "And how goes you Commander?" The Captain said turning to her Executive Officer finally knowing he would have more to add seeing they were nearly out of books and departments to look over.

"Fine," Gavin replied succinctly. "Since you've signed those requisition orders, any bump that I've met with has been countered with the proper stamps and approvals. I have no complaints or other commentaries to make, Ma'am."

Ledeya just managed to not roll her eyes at the man but nodded. That was enough for her to end the meeting and get the crew back to where they were more need.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.
Chief medical officer/2nd officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Jasper)

Commander Gavin Holtztenn
Executive Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Uhin)

Lieutenant Vissia zh'Cliasa
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Tuckerblood)


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