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Hitching A Ride

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 12:26am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Azzia Spaceport
Timeline: MD -14 13:15

Orym exhaled the smooth, sweet smoke from the cigar he was calmly puffing. It was helping keep his nerves in check, considering the situation. After the tongo game had gone south, he figured that a prompt exit from this remote world was a wise idea. He had gathered his satchel of personal items from his hotel room and made his way to the spaceport in hopes of grabbing a seat on a transport vessel that would get him far away from here. Once he had arrived at the port, he glanced around at the bustling activity of different starship crews working to haul cargo one way or the next, loading and unloading things and yelling orders to each other. He saw an old Constitution-class vessel docked at one of the pylons and that drew his attention initially. Those old Starfleet vessels weren't a common sight out in the galaxy.

Making his way down the large corridor, he carefully stepped around a Tellerite worker that was plasma welding a repair to the wall. Once he got to the docking hatch, he noticed one man in particular that appeared to be in charge. He exhaled again, the smoke lazily rising in the air as he said, "Don't suppose you have room for a passenger?"

Reuben had been bent over helping Resseem with an awkwardly sized box when he smelt the smoke and looked up. He looked the man over not at all surprised he was getting asked that question. Lots and lots of people wanted off the planet and out into main part of the universe, it was a lucrative business if he came back, the ship had more people on it than it had in the last year. "For the right price sure."

"And what price would that be?" He wasn't quite sure if this was the captain, the first officer or another man delegated to being in charge of this area but he was certain by looking at the man that he spoke with authority. "And what would the right price be, exactly?" It was always good to get the other person to reveal their price point first as a good start to negotiations.

"How desperate are you to get out of here? Working or credits?" Gregnol asked as he stood up properly and looked the Bolian over. Another Bolian went through his mind for a moment who had come on board and had accidentally become one of the crew.

Orym didn't mind paying the man some money but not everything he had. Perhaps he could strike a mix of the two. "How about half way paid with Federation credits and the last half I can help out on the ship? I'm good with my hands. I know my way around an engineering kit." He decided to leave his expertise vague at this point since it was a simple transportation request. Once he got to the next planet, he could plan his next move from there.

"Engineering," Gregnol smirked a little. It was like Azzia was a melting pot of Engineers just wanting to get back out into the universe but all the better for him and Rosie. "You work Engineering 8 hours a day and your passage can be free." It wasn't hard to work that deal to most Engineers, Rosie got work and they got the hell out of dodge.

Orym thought over the offer for a brief moment as he considered it. A regular job would keep his skills sharp and it would afford him a way off the planet. He probably wasn't going to find a better deal in this space port. He nodded and stuck his hand out in the human tradition he'd taken as his own for many years. "Looks like we have a deal, Mister...?"

"Gregnol." Reuben said simply stepping aside to let the man onto his ship. He was glad to see the man thought it a good dead, it was a no-brainer really in his opinion but some people couldn't see what was in front of there nose. Gregnol took the offered hand and shook it. "Will be nice to have another Bolian onboard. Sadly lacking."

"And it'll be great to have a ride off this rock." He readjusted the pack weight on his shoulder before adding, "Should I report to someone aboard for my cabin?"

"Better do. Her name is Reessem." The Captain said with a small smirk. He truly was considering coming to Azzia more often just for the crew it was turning into a gold mine.


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Orym Wixx


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