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It Was You?

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 3:40pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dodian Carli M.D. Psy.D & Jasper Offermans & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge
Timeline: MD 03 11:00


SS Mary Rose was shaking as she just kept going faster and faster. Gregnol stared at the information that he was given from Engineer and frowned. Was he really going to have to abandon the ship and let his crew use the escape pods to get to the nearest Starbase or planet? The thought was scary that they might be in them awhile.

“Sir she just does not seem to want to stop. Whatever has been done to the ship is…” Dixoho proclaimed as the ship lurched to a stop hard sending everyone flying. Gregnol held onto his chair by sheer will of force and quietly moved to help the nearest person up.

Jasper had tried to hold onto the console but found himself hurled to the floor rather hard in spite of his efforts. he gritted his teeth more embarrassed by the road rash on his face than by anything else. Gregnol was there and he chuckled as he accepted the help back you, "thanks, didn't see that coming."

Tucker had just been coming off of the 'lift when the ship suddenly lurched to a stop. He stumbled forward to the old railing and managed to catch it and not flip over it onto the floor. It still hit him hard, he'd have a bruise at least. "What fresh hell awaits us?"

It was a blur but one she recognised as Tucker flying into a nearby railing as the ship decided it was time to have a rest. Dodian's reflexes stopped her from flying from her current position but she again had very little information to add to the conversation that was to come at this point.


"Saa where are we?" The Captain commanded seeing the consoles all lite up telling me that the ship was stable but badly damaged.

"I'm not sure. Navigational data is still offline but we seem to be just outside of an ion storm." Dixoho told him as more crew arrived on the Bridge.

There was a flicker on one of Dodian's consoles, nothing concrete, nor easy to see but it felt wrong. Where as El Aurians are nearly impervious to time travel this felt similar but different. There was something she couldn't put her finger on and it made her more uneasy than usual. She kept looking over her shoulder as if something, or someone, would surprise her.

From the turbolift emerged Valiyi Uhin, PaDD in hand, and determined look upon her features. Disregarding any impending dangers, she shoved the device into Reuben's hands. "... These results make absolutely no sense."

Gregnol looked at the PADD and frowned. How was that possible? How could it be her? It made no sense at all. Never in the past year had there been any inkling of deceit. He was stunned as he glanced back at Uhin. She hadn't seen it either by the look on her face. He looked up at Bridge crew and then looked at Dixoho. "You?"

The woman stood there for all of thirty seconds before her mannerism and whole demeanour changed from the Dixoho they all knew to someone who looked and felt deadly. She pulled out a phaser and pointed it at the Captain and fired. "Sorry, Gregnol. You've been demoted." She exclaimed as the man crumpled to the floor.

Orym, who'd been sitting at one of the monitoring stations directly aft of the bridge, had hit his head pretty hard during the lurching stop. Blue blood slowly made it's way down the right side of his face from a gash as he righted himself. He swiveled in his chair as the captain and Dixoho were speaking. His eyes went wide with surprise as the phaser was pulled out and even more so when it lanced out and struck the captain. True to his nature, he instantly sprang from his chair and attempted to grab the woman. In his mind, he knew it was stupid but what other choice did he have? He wasn't armed but if left unchecked, she could hurt more people.

Dixoho looked at the man that moved to grab her and her Imperial training kicked in and she grabbed his arm in a lock twisting it roughly making him submit.

The moment after the weapon discharged, Tucker's gun was in his hand almost as if he'd willed it to fly from it's holster and into his hand. He had it trained on the redheaded navigational officer, "Drop it or I'll drop you."

"Drop it or I drop him," Dixoho said twisting the man's arm who had been foolish enough to try and grab her. "You silly Terrans and your expressions. You never learn in this universe ever." She said turning the phaser that was more powerful than any of them likely carried. This Gregnol wasn't stupid he didn't allow many weapons on board.

"Bless your heart," Tucker's accent wasn't very thick because of all the time he'd spent in space but certain phrases and that Texas drawl just came right back. "Y'all seem to think this is a Starfleet ship, I don't care about him and I'm fixin' to kill ya either way princess."

There was a noise that distracted her and Tucker took his shot, firing his phaser pistol right at the spot between her eyes. He was only a few meters away, had plenty of training and working on a mercenary crew had made his blood just a little cold.

As the altercation evolved over the bridge, a gas billowed through the vents, unseen by the unsuspecting crew. Valiyi was the first to succumb to its effects, falling over with a thud on the Bridge.

Wixx was on his knees as the woman gripped his arm. He was starting to become lightheaded, the gas starting to take it's effect on him. He forced himself to slip his free fingers down his ankle to his boot and pulled out a decently-sized knife just as he faded into oblivion. The knife dropped softly to the deck along with the rest of him.

Jasper and seen the woman come in and thought nothing about it as he steadied himself again at his station. He heard the Valiyi spoke as she came aboard and it really didn't surprise him. Nothing was really working correctly and nothing made sense, more like stating the obvious. Then he heard the captain and tried to put things together. She's the Sabatoor and the murderer, he thought as he listened then turned his attention to the bizarre attempts. He was too far away and unarmed to make any sort of attempt at stopping Dixoho and it might prove more beneficial for him to stay alive, at least for the moment then to risk it all on a futile attempt to stop her.

As the gas filled the compartment he tried to stop it but that wasn't going to work, he had no way of even concentrating enough to make it stop even if the controls worked properly and he, like the others, plopped on the floor without a fight.

"Typical." As the gas settled and the final victim fell to the ground, a golden haired figure stepped from the shadows, removing his mask and giving Dixoho a patented disdainful look as she lay on the ground. "... That's not going to be easy to fix, either." Luka Mahone made a small tut between his teeth, before tapping the small badge on his chest. "Captain, we're through, and everything is in order... just as planned."


Lieutenant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir

Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Orym Wixx
Chief Engineer
SS Mary Rose

Jasper Offerman
SS Mary Rose

Valiyi Uhin
First Officer
SS Mary Rose

Luka Mahone
Chief Medical Officer
ISS Fenrir


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