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Pioneering Motivations

Posted on Wed Nov 14th, 2018 @ 5:53am by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Shattered
Location: First Mate's Office
Timeline: MD 03 : 0100 Hrs

As she leaned against her desk, Valiyi had her arms cross against her chest as she waited patiently. Earlier, she had sent a yeoman out to find a member of the Operations team, as she had managed to lock herself out of the computer in her own office. Even at her experienced level of dealing in Constitution class vessels, she would have thought the systems would not escape her, but somehow she managed to trip an older security measure and now the whole thing was asking for her predecessor's password information. Infuriating as that was, she knew there had to have been someone on the team not attempt to crack open the ship and get to their saboteur.

And, as the door swished open, the dark haired Betazoid breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, I know you're all quite busy, but this was pressing. I cannot help with this investigation otherwise."

"Normally I wouldn't bother, but you're the XO and I only have five people in my department," Tucker replied, the truth was he found her attractive and didn't mind making a house call, as long as it didn't turn into something regular. "What seems to be the problem?"

"I feel so honored," Valiyi commented lightly. Tucker's brash mannerisms had not escaped her notice, as he was at the top of some of her 'must not be at the forefront of any negotiation' lists. Light-hearted banter was not beyond her, and she gave him a sideways smile. "Honestly, Mr. Youngblood, I have managed to lock myself out of nearly every computerized system within this office. Normally, I would at least be able to access my console, but somehow I may have reset the whole system to an earlier period of time, where another had been behind this desk, and it seems to be asking for her password instead of mine."

"You should feel honored," Tucker shot back, although there was a little more teasing in his tone than seriousness. He'd heard she was Betazoid so he was pretty sure she'd know. "You can call me Tucker and I can help you but you should know I don't just do these kinds or house calls for free. Might be a cost associated. May I sit? I need to get into the back end so I can get you back into your computer."

"Honored? A cost?" Valiyi was taken aback by this, hand on her chest in surprise. If she was even remotely mind reading, she didn't show it. Or so it seemed. "I would have thought us hiring you on was plenty enough. But please, sit. Get me in and we can discuss this... so called cost."

"Oh of course ma'am," Tucker replied with a sloppy smile, before sliding into her seat. He logged into his administrator's account and was quick to reset her before logging out and getting up. "All right, when you go to log in it will ask your command code and you'll be able to log in."

Quick to sit back in her seat, Valiyi tapped the code into her console. She looked relieved when the computer's screen lit up with an affirmative message. "Oh thank the heavens. I thought that would be much more complex than that actually was." She turned to Tucker, a smile on her face. "The last time I've had to deal with such an infectious issue, I nearly lost control of a whole starship."

"I reckon you didn't have me around to make sure that didn't happen," Tucker's drawl got a little more drawn out as he gave Valiyi a charming smile. "Aint nothing wrong with a genuine cowboy around to help ye out."

Valiyi's brow quirked upward in amusement. "A genuine cowboy, hm?" she asked, genuinely curious. "You'll have to forgive me, I didn't meet many cowboys in Starfleet. I'm a little unfamiliar with the term."

"A cowboy, you know. Wears cowboy boots, a nice hat, rides horses, can do rope tricks, knows how to shoot, been on a few cattle runs," Tucker smiled at her brightly. "Too bad this ol' girl don't have a holodeck, I'd show ya."

At this, Valiyi blinked. She knew her knowledge of human culture is limited, but if these 'cowboys' were supposed to be so well known, she should have heard about them by now. But the Academy never taught her about 'rope tricks' or 'riding horses.' At least she knew what a horse was. "I've always wanted to go horseback riding," she said in reflection, then added with a small, thoughtful smile. "But I must admit, I still have no idea what a cowboy is. Sounds quite intriguing."

"If we ever get back to Procyon V, I'll make sure I take you down to my family's ranch and we'll go for a ride. Maybe I'll even take you on one of those runs," Tucker nodded. "Somethin' about just being able to ride all day, sleep under the stars... It's freeing."

"Procyon V?" There was a name Valiyi recognized. Her parents had made many a ferrying trip to that area, but she had only touched surface upon the planet once. "... I've been there before. Only once, and not for long, but where I had landed was quite busy." She leveled a telling gaze at him. "... I would very much like to go again. I cannot imagine I'd have the same experience if I had a genuine cowboy as a guide."

"Ridin' trails on horse back, sleepin' under the stars and eatin' from a chuck wagon," Tucker flashed her a charming smile. "I'd say it would be a different experience indeed."

"That sounds quite like pioneering in a cargo ship. Except there was less chance of me being able to wander outside. Lack of air, and all that." Valiyi gave Tucker a similar smile, seating herself back in the chair, attention now away from her computer. "... You know, Tucker, you never mentioned that payment you were thinking about..."

"Space walk ends up short without a suit," Tucker tipped his head towards Valiyi. "A drink with such a pretty lady ought to be enough."

At this, Valiyi's eyes widened, as if the earlier flirtations were in jest for her. She swiftly recovered, a smile on her features. "I think that could be arranged. After we get ourselves out of this sticky situation, of course. Otherwise the drink might be more than one."

Tucker flashed that big pretty grin at her, before he nodded slowly, "Guess I better get to work on the rest of the ship then."

Valiyi Uhin
First Mate
SS Mary Rose

Tucker Youngblood
Chief Operations Officer
SS Mary Rose


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