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Good To Be Home

Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2018 @ 11:20pm by Dixoho Saa & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir: Guest Quarters
Timeline: MD01 22:00

Micheal was in his assigned quest cabin, sitting at the desk monitor, looking over the status report on the resupply of his ship as he was attempting to perform some routine maintenance on his cybernetic arm. He had already bathed and was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. He scowled a bit as he was having difficulty with the repairs. One of the circuits in his bicep piston was starting malfunction and he was trying to remove it. Unfortunately, the angle that the tool needed to be in was just odd enough to be uncomfortable for his right hand.

Dixoho knew she was playing with fire more than she normally did especially with her husband onboard and in a foul mood as she went missing for a month on a mission. She walked into the guest quarters still wearing her uniform and grinned as she saw the familiar man. "Hello, Stranger." She said with a smirk as she noticed what he was doing. "Here let me." She took the tool off of him.

Seeing the beautiful redhead approach, Micheal's features softened and brightened. Even his scowl faded away, to be replaced by a happy grin. "Beloved," he breathed softly, as he handed the tool over without hesitation. "I've missed you. I'm glad your mission was a success. Did anyone try to harm you while you were away?" Even though he knew that Dixoho was married, he was still fiercely protective of her. More than a few individuals had disappeared over the past few years, simply because Dixoho had told him they threatened her life. "He didn't touch you while you were on your mission, did he?" He, of course, meant his doppelganger from the other universe.

The woman smiled softly at him as she saw him relax and a smile replaced the scowl that he had on his face. "No, I made people regret a lot of things while I was there." She smirked thinking on the people that had crossed her and perished. "And what if he did?" She wondered sitting on the table by him as she focused on the tools in her hands.

Micheal opened his mouth to say something, but then stopped and thought about it. Would it truly be wrong if his double had touched her? It could be argued that it had still been him, on some level. He sighed and shook his head. Dimensional quantum mechanics hurt his brain. "No," he finally replied, looking up into Dixoho's beautiful face. "I guess it wouldn't matter." He glanced down at his left arm, and some of his happiness evaporated. "If he did, then I envy him. I miss feeling you in both of my arms, my love. This...thing... All I feel is cold emptiness when I hold you with it." He started to growl and looked away, ashamed of his appearance. "I swear, one day, I will kill the damn Russian for what he did to me, to us!"

The woman laid down the tools and slowly moved to sit on his lap. "Be careful what you say. Walls have a tendency to listen and talk." She whispered in his ear. "And don't be jealous. He thought I was my weak and sniffling doppelganger and it was their first time... I think he'll have a little bit of a shock when he realises it all." She chuckled. Unlike him she was loyal to Gregnol but she knew that it fueled the man.

Micheal turned to face Dixoho as soon as she stradled his lap. The ruby lens of his cybernetic eye glowed brighter as he started to become aroused by her proximity. "Well then, perhaps I should give you a proper going over, as I'm sure my double left you thirsty for more." He reached up her back with his right hand, took a handful of her fiery red hair, pulled her head to her left, and buried his face in the nape of her neck.

"I have seen my husband since I got back." She goaded him, knowing it would annoy him just a tad and remind him not to be stupid. She pulled his head back and forced him to look at her. "Don't be stupid about Gregnol. Selina will kill you before you even got close and we are so close to being together properly." She reminded him firmly.

Micheal growled softly, in frustration, when Dixoho stopped him. Taking a breath, he responded. "I know. That damn betazoid bitch of his has kept him alive alot longer than he should be." He then closed his eyes, took a breath, and opened then back up, looking directly into his lover's eyes. "You have my word, my love. I will not attempt anything against the Captain..for now. However, when the time is right, and we are together, I cannot say what will happen then." It was the best he could offer her. He just hoped that she knew that he would ever do anything to jeopardize her safety, or their future together.

"Then you are a fool. Let it go, he is known as the Butcher for a reason, Michael. Better to live under his protection than dead. Even if you get Selina out first and then him, you are dead, by Emperor's order." The woman said moving off of his lap, silently moving to continue working on his arm.

Micheal grew silent for a moment. Then he sighed softly and nodded his head. "You right, my love. Thank you. Sometimes, my anger tends to get the better of me." He reached over with his right hand and gently placed it over her hands, stopping her work. "Thank you. You always know the right way things should go. I am a very lucky man to have you in my life. I promise you, I will never do anything to jeopardize that, or betray your trust and faith in me."

"Better not. I am not past poisoning you rememeber." She said, sounded deadly seriously before she grinned and returned to what she had been doing. It needed to be done before anything else, no one else would do it for him.

Micheal chuckled softly, a sound not usually heard coming from him. However, of all the people in creation, Dixoho Saa was the only one that soothed his anger. He trusted her more than his own family. What's more, he loved her unconditionally. "Very well, my love. I will behave... for you."

"You should. They won't forgive you a second time." She reminded him with a soft tone. She didn't want to lose him, this was the closest she had come to any affection for any man, she would describe it as love if she thought she was capable of it. He was possibly the only man she was loyal to.

Micheal nodded and smiled softly. She was right, of course. Reuben could have killed him during their duel, instead of just crippling him. He still wondered why he had been spared that day. Afterall, the Russian had destroyed an entire world simply because the Emperor told him to.

About twenty minutes later, the maintenance of Micheal's arm was finished. After flexing the metallic muscles, he gave Dixoho a curious look. "You improved something. I am detecting a twenty percent increase in strength and flexibility."

The woman shrugged as she moved to take off her uniform jacket finally settling down to just relax for the first time in a very long time. "Seems the other universe gave me a few ideas." She commented on.

Micheal stood, flexing his cybernetic arm some more, nodding in satisfaction as he did so. "Well, I'm sure you improved things over there as well, my love." Just then, the sound of a transporter could be heard. Suddenly, several dishes, filled with nearly every delicacy that Deacon could get his hands on, filled the dining table in Micheal's quest quarters. There were even a few of Dixoho's favorite dessert options present. "Ah! Dinner is served, sweetheart."

"All this food," She mused softly. "Very nice welcome home meal I see." The woman said wondering just what Deacon was up to, to arrange such things.

Smiling as genuine a smile as he could muster, Micheal responded. "Only the best for the woman I love." He picked up a dish that held some of Dixoho's favorite fruits. "Here ya go, sweetheart."

The woman picked up one of the fruits and popped it into her mouth. Unlike a lot of the non-Terran crew Dixoho lived well, she had made it impossible for them to kill her otherwise they would be stuck as she was the only crew member now able to drive this new type of ship. "Thank you."

Micheal smiled warmly. It always soothed his soul to see Dixoho enjoying herself. Unlike most others, he always knew where he stood with her. She had never lied to or misled him in any way. She total honesty was always a source of great warmth and comfort.

"So," he asked after a few moments. "How exactly did your mission go?" He filled a plate with food and began to eat, suddenly feeling a bit ravenous.

Dixaho smirked a little as heard him ask about her mission. "It was fun." Fun to the woman could mean anything from murder to seduction or all of it. "They were so trusting and easy to play with." She admitted with a bright smile. "But it is good to be home."


Captain Michael Robertson
Commanding Officer/Bounty Hunter
ISS Punisher
PNPC Robertson

Lieutenant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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