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Posted on Tue Oct 16th, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Dixoho Saa & Luka Mahone

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MS 01 14:00

Dixoho awoke with a start as she realised she was back on Fenrir and in the flipping sickbay of all places back on ISS Fenrir, back where her husband would be around and worst of all Gregnol would be back to controlling her, at least she was needed here to fly this ship. She looked around the blank walls and frowned, at least the rust bucket had been less boring. She slowly sat up and saw that the someone had left her uniform hanging up waiting for her to put on.

"You're lucky that shot didn't kill you." Seated at the medical bed next to Dixoho was the good Doctor Mahone. His gaze was intense as he set his PaDD aside, and there was a frown on his lips. "I've also spared you enough time. Your loving husband doesn't know you're here yet." Then he pointed at the uniform, eyes narrowing. "I've left it clean, and there should be no scarring from the shot."

The woman looked at where the clothes that belonged to her doppleganger were bloodied and had a hole in. "He'll be disappointed that I survived." She said standing up slowly running her hand over the hard wearing material of the Imperial Uniform.

Luka rolled his eyes. "Of course, that's why I didn't tell him. But you're useful, so there's no reason you shouldn't stick around." He hopped down from the bed he sat at, waving a hand at the uniform. "Just make sure to put that on before someone decides it's a good idea to tell him. I don't want him getting any ideas while we're in my sickbay."

"You like me really." She commented on as she pulled the damaged and blooded top over her head. She hadn't worn anything like that in years. There had been no need to when you were in the process of a cold war. "Or they think I am my counterpart escaped from the Brig. Oh your sickbay." She teased him chucked the clothes on to the biobed for her to discard later.

"... You're incorrigible." Luka found himself repeating the term on a regular basis with Dixoho, but he didn't seem to mind. "Just don't let anyone in armory see you. I don't need to have anyone trying to investigate something they have no business investigating. I've got more important things to do than throw them out of sick bay."

"I know Luka. But you wouldn't change me." Dixoho shot back at him she started to pull the uniform on. "What other popular things could you have here?" She wondered looking around wondering if he was holding just as many secrets as her.

"Nothing of importance," Luka pointed out with a glare. "Just a subject I've been granted, because this is the first El Aurian I've laid eyes upon that I can actually study." He had seen the woman around the Rose, but never interacted with her, on fear that she would have some sort of innate sense about him hiding his state as a saboteur. Not that there seemed to be much to sabotage... "She's going to be subject of my newest paper..."

"The Scientist." The woman grinned as she rolled her eyes. The woman was an odd one but she would be an interesting subject for not only a paper but as someone they could use for the Empire. Not many of them existed now but the ones who did were bitter about the fact this was all there was now.

"The Scientist," Luka repeated in confirmation. He rested a hand on the nearby biobed, before looking to Dixoho. "... Is there anything else you need? I'm sure you'll want time to recover, but I'll have to tell the Captain at some point. Your husband?..... he can wait."

"No... I am healed enough to leave. Tell Gregnol what you want." She said with a shrug. The Captain would want to talk to her eventually and debrief but he would let her rest otherwise the ship would never ever move again thanks to making herself indispensable to him as the only Flight Control Officer.

Luka turned from Dixoho to tap a few buttons on the nearby wall console. "I'll still take my time. There's so much to do, 'letting' you walk off without notice must have been due to other matters." He seemed nonchalant about it, but it was not untrue; he had more to concern himself with before someone came for the El Aurian. And, knowing the people of this reality, they would come for her.

Saa smirked and moved over and kissed his cheek softly. "Had a blast, Mahone." She laughed wickedly thinking of there month mission in the other universe. It had been fun, to say the least, but now she had to face up to her husband and all the other messes she had created before she left.


Lieutenant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Luka Mahone
Chief Medical Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Uhin)


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