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Medical Term

Posted on Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 7:22pm by Christopher Byrne & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD01 20:00

The bright light in front hurt, badly. As Chris began to wake, he rubbed his eyes a bit to shield them from whatever was above him. It was at that time that the doctor began to notice a headache, very much reminiscent of a hangover. However, he did not remember drinking anything. As his senses began to return, Chris discovered that he was laying on the cold hard floor of what appeared to be some kind of holding cell. The details of the room were still a bit foggy as his senses were slow to fully get back to normal. "What did I do?" he muttered to himself.

"I don't believe you did anything." A voice called from the darkness outside the cell. Alexis slowly walked into view and looked the man over. "How do you feel?" The dark haired woman asked looking him over for any injury. Selina had ordered that no one is hurt but that didn't mean her word was law.

The voice from the darkness startled Chris a bit, he had thought he was alone. He squinted a bit, trying to see who was speaking to him. "I feel like I hit the Romulan ale a bit too hard," he chuckled as the attractive woman came into view. It was then that the doctor realized that he was in some sort of holding cell, utterly confused he asked, "Where am I?"

Alexis stood there in a black gown, which stood out against her pale skin. It looked so out of place in such a stark and military looking space. "Are you hurt at all?" She demanded softly. "You are on the Admiral's ship." She shrugged at his question about where he was.

"I'm not hurt," Chris replied with a slight smile. It was then that he realize that the attractive woman before him had said that this ship was an Admiral's ship. "So dad is just making sure I'm not out breaking the Prime Directive anymore?" he asked, a little annoyed that his father was showing so little trust that his second son would stay out of trouble.

Alexis let out a soft sound that could have been laughter if it wasn't such an unfunny thought that she would have one of the Kita's in her cage. She might be protected from death by the Empress' ruling but it didn't stop her getting pretty close or wishing for death. "I do not believe that Admiral Kita is your father as you are not of this universe. Prime Directive?" She delved into his mind just a little to find the knowledge that she needed.

"Admiral Kita? This universe?" Chris paused for a moment. "Where am I?" he asked. His head started to hurt a bit, but the doctor couldn't determine the cause of this new sensation. "What is happening?"

"Your ship was pulled through to this Universe. You are on the ISS Gaman, We are the Flagship of Imperial Starfleet." Alexis said gently. There was no need to make this more traumatic in her opinion was enough trauma already. "You are currently going to be interrogated. I need to know a few things."

"What do you need to know?" Chirs asked. The dark eyes of the woman betrayed her Betazoid heritage, which told the doctor that explicit lies were probably going to be off the table of possible answers. He sat up with his upper body propped up by his hands behind him, he was feeling better but didn't yet trust himself to not fall over.

"I need to know if you have seen any charts on the ship." The woman said simply thinking she might as well just get to business seeing he might not even know anything outside of his field. "Do you know what the Grotto is?" It was a question very few of them knew so far. Gregnol had kept in a big secret.

Chris searched his memory for anything relating to something called the Grotto. Shaking his head, he replied, "I do not know of anything specifically called, the Grotto." Coming to the realization that he was not in his home Federation anymore, he expected the worst from his lack of information.

"Truth," Alexis said pulling back a little from his mind. He was just as useless as she had thought he would be, but anyone of so-called rank had been pulled onto both ships. "You do not know what the ship had been holding." She laughed. It was amusing just how little the crew knew so far.

"I just got the job at the last port of call," Chris shrugged. Shrugging, he admitted, "They could've been hauling pure trilithium or children's toys for Romulan relief for all I know. My job is to keep the crew alive, not ask questions." Probably gambling a bit too much with his luck, Chris looked at his interrogator and asked, "Do you know everything your CO does with the ship?"

"He would kill me if I knew everything," Alexis said softly. "And I am not his Betazoid." She said with a relieved smile that quickly disappeared from her lips. Everything this man was saying was the truth, it was nothing that she hadn't heard before.

Chris' first thought was to ask if the woman before him was a slave. However, things could go badly if he went that route. Instead, he wanted to know what was to happen to him and what may be his crew, "What's going to happen to me?"

Alexis paused taken aback by the question. It wasn't a question she was asked often and the woman didn't know how to answer him. "I don't know." She said simply. If he was being honest with her, she could be honest back.

"I suppose we will all find out together," Chris responded, he wasn't afraid but he was not a fan of what he couldn't discover. "I've never left my universe before, but I have read reports of written by those who have. They were all like a mirror, very similar yet unrecognizable at the same time," he didn't know why he said that. Maybe he felt some sort of connection, or maybe it was something in the honesty shown to him.


Alexis Agrax
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Christpher Byrne
Ship's Doctor
SS Mary Rose


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