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Everything is a Game

Posted on Mon Oct 15th, 2018 @ 2:22am by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Gaman - Inquisitor's Office
Timeline: MD 02 :: 0520 Hrs

Cid made his way to her office for their routine meeting with his two bodyguards in tow. The security section of the ship became more important the last month, once they started preparing for the current mission. To think that they would be close to interrogating some poor, helpless people from an alternate universe... It was quite exciting, to say the least. He expected Uhin to feel the same way, as she usually did. Their preparations were finally coming to fruition. Perhaps he'd get to keep the old bucket they called a starship as a reward for his good service. Upon reaching her office, his guards positioned themselves on the wall opposite the door, since Inquisitor Uhin's guards were in front of the doorway. Cid resisted the urge to just walk in like he owned the place and instead pressed the chime.

The single sign that Cid would be allowed into the decadent office of the Interrogator was the swish of the door as it opened, revealing the dark-haired Betazoid leaning on her desk, an unsuspecting member of the crew in front of her. The young man had his eyes up upon her as he sat in the chair, gaze glazed over.

Valiyi looked up from her work, slight frown on her features. She waved a hand, and the young officer's gaze came forward, snapped out of the reverie she had placed upon him. "Leave, ensign," she ordered, "Before I change my mind," she spoke, eyes still on Cid. "I have more important matters to attend than your little... transgression." The young man in question fled, but not before hesitating in front of the Chief Armory Officer, giving the man a fearful look before running off.

"I assume preparations are in order then?" Valiyi spoke, tone much less severe than it was moments before.

Cid's eyes watched the frightened ensign leave with an amused look. When the doors hissed shut, he slowly approached the chair he had been sitting in, resting his hands on the back. She truly was a sight to behold. He indulged himself briefly as his eyes wandered down the curves of her body before speaking up. "Yes, the subjects are in a holding cell as we speak."

"We shouldn't get too eager then." Valiyi didn't move from her spot upon the desk, idly shifting her weight as she continued. She had chosen today to wear her low cut, black uniform, the one that the Admiral hand picked and insisted she wore on days such as this. So long as she did her job, she was more than content being someone's little doll. For now. "If we run right in there, they might have some hope that their little friends will come to find them."

"Yes, caution and patience might very well yield the desired results we are looking for." He wasn't sure what the admiral or even Valiyi were looking for in these weak people from another quantum reality but for the Empire to expend these resources on the endeavor, it must mean something huge. "Does the admiral wish to keep them alive at the end, or will you be allowed to play with them as you typically do?" The thought of helping her gave him a little rush of adrenaline.

"Oh, the Admiral was specifically nonspecific about what I could do with most of our visitors." Valiyi added a small hum at the end of her statement. "Except with the Butcher's double. He's the only one I was told to leave... mostly intact. But I hope that won't prove to be much of an issue, Officer Crowe. I believe we have enough guests to dole our warm hospitality to..."

Cid bowed his head to her respectfully before fixing his gaze back on her. The dark lighting in the room, save for a few sources in the ceiling, made his eyes shine out of the shadows. He lazily made his way around the table to stand near her, his nose filling with the scent of her. A smile crossed his lips as he said softly, "I'm a professional, Miss Uhin. I would think that our past would reflect that."

There was a pause, followed by a minute grin on her lips. "Of course, but I want to be absolutely clear so that we have few mistakes. Our dear Admiral is rather possessive of these prisoners, and I would absolutely hate to see you find yourself at the wrong side of his wrath. Who else would I be able to be professionally hospitable with?"

He absolutely loved their conversations. The innuendo and subtle threats back and forth made for such an enjoyable time. He kept deeply hidden thoughts and the very faint hints of emotions regarding her way down inside. He made the full circle around the desk and sat down in the chair in front of her, his eyes piercing the darkness and across the light over the desk. "Your concern for my well-being is touching, as always." He smiled in that mysterious, dismissive way and continued, "Did the good admiral inform you of how we should proceed?"

Valiyi tilted her head to one side, coy smile playing. "I have stakes in your well-being. It's difficult to find someone who's quite as professional." She crossed one leg over the other as she returned his gaze, eyes narrowing slightly as her grin transformed. "Simply in which order to proceed in. I warm up with the lessers first, then I move straight into the Captain of this ragtag vessel. He'll be the most fun to play with. If anyone knows anything, I am certain it will be him... or maybe the cute cavalier who tried to take down the Fenrir's navigator..."

He quite enjoyed watching her work. He always managed to find something to learn or take note of. One gloved finger traced along his knee as he smirked once more. "Is there a list of prisoners and/or hopefuls that we can begin with? I'd hate to keep the admiral waiting too long for his results." He cleared his throat softly and quickly added, "Also, who gets the ship when we're done with the crew? Surely, once we're done obtaining all that we need to know, we will dispose of the crew in the usual way?" And by usual, he meant simply dumping their corpses into space. He didn't expect any of them to survive interrogation.

"The Admiral knows a good interrogation takes time. Too much hospitality could spoil the information they know." With that comment, Valiyi slid a PaDD across the table for Cid to look at. "He spoke nothing of the ship itself, but I suspect we'd give it away to someone who we want to see drift into a sun. The Mary Rose is not a technological wonder. She's a rather trashy little ship in her own right."

Cid lazily scanned the PADD's information and let out a chuckle as she spoke. Keeping his eyes on the data, he replied, "Hm. Yeah, it's schematics are rather archaic. It's amazing that it's even space-worthy." He set the PADD down in his lap and rubbed his thumb along one edge. "Maybe we'll give it back to the low lives and give them such a sendoff when we're done with them." He returned his gaze to her and smirked. "So who's our first visitor?"

Valiyi Uhin
ISS Fenrir

Cid Crowe
Chief Armorer
ISS Fenrir


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