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Old Fears, Modern Realities

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 3:21am by Mazzin Vayri & Jasper Offermans

Mission: Shattered
Location: Deck 7 just outside Security Colmpex and Jefferies tube E2825
Timeline: TBD


Jasper crawled out of the Jefferies tube into the corridor and pulled out the kit he had been hauling around. Putting away his tricorder on his utility belt before closing off the passage entrance. To be honest, his close were a bit dingy from his treck through the seldom-used passage. His hair not quite where it belonged and the cargo pants he wore had spots on his knees from crawling through the tight spaces.

It had already been a long day for the Operations staff member. He had been fixing a number of aging connections and had just finished checking all those found within the maintenance corridor. Then began adding his information to the Padd he kept tucked away on his belt.

Mazzin came around the corner with several suit cases in hand. As she turned the corner she nearly ran in to a man as he was standing up out of a hole in the wall. She let out a little yelp and dropped her bags, and instantly turned a shade darker green, as she blushed with embarrassment. "Oh! I am so sorry!"

Jasper was just as startled by the sudden appearance of the Orion. He raised his arms protectively and crouched slightly. The fact that the woman was green hadn't triggered in his brain until he began reaching to help retrieve the suitcases. "Sorry to have startled you, mam."

"The fault is mine! I should not have cut the corner so closely," she said as she started to grab at her bags again. "I was just feeling a bit lost and hoping to use this corners computer terminal to find my way to my room."

With a slightly furrowed brow, Jasper smiled at the woman, "I can help you find your way." His expression lit up a bit as he made sure she got her bags back, "I can help carry these if you like." His grin broadened and his eyes twinkled a little, "I'm Jasper Offerman, I'm petty new here too but my job has helped me figure out where a lot of things are."

"Oh that would be lovely!" she said. "This place is bigger than I expected." she said. "I'm Mazzin," she handed over one of her bags. "I'm a numbers gal, I have a feeling it will take me a while see a lot of this ship."

Jasper took the bag and offered a smile, "well it was the only size in her day for warp capable human ships." He smiled at her and nodded, "used to help build these years ago." The man nodded, "mind telling me where your room number Miss Mazzin?"

"Oh Um. 4.5.C." she said looking at a padd in her hand. "I think I'm on the right deck, but honestly I could be wrong. I'll be honest, most of my space travel I've been restricted in to a singular room, only the transport I've been able to wander about on was the one here."

"That's just around the corner." Jasper's head tilted as he began to move, "single room?" His brow furrowed and he shook his head, "I'm sorry Miss Mazzin I don't quite understand." He continued moving forward and stopped in front of the doorway, "my knowledge of things is a bit out of date, I've spent several years in a transporter look so my overall knowledge of things might be a bit out of date."

Mazzin blushed a little, sending her cheeks to a dark green taint. "I was restrained in all previous transports, they were.... not enjoyable." she said as she started to follow the man.

Jasper nodded offering a sympathetic glance. He stopped in front of her quarter's door and gave a smile, "here we are Mazen." Looking over at the woman he nodded, "I was hoping my limited knowledge on Orions had changes like everything else seems to have." He drew in a deep breath as he waited for her to open the door, "you see I'm from a different century, back when this ship was originally built."

"This ship is old...." she said. She tapped her code on the door panel and stepped inside, "Do come in." she said as she set her bag down on the small desk. "How did you get here?" she asked him curiously.

Jasper grinned and nodded as he entered and glanced around at the room. It was bigger than his own and that indicated, at least in his mind that she might be a department head. "I came through the transporter," he chuckled unable to contain himself, "you see, I along with some of the others were put in a transporter loop and were just recently released." He drew in a deep breath, "I'm still trying to get used to the 24th century and all the changes."

She made a face, "I've only been through a transporter a few times, are such loops common? That's a risk I never knew about." Mazzin said a bit mortified. "Maybe I'll avoid them!" she made a face again as she set the bags down, "Would you like a drink?" she offered, always the servant.

"Thank you," Jasper said with a nod, "water would be fine." He drew in a deep breath and continued his tale, "it wasn't an accident Miss Vayri." "We were under attack by something called a cloud creature, most of our crew had already been killed by the thing and our captain put us in the loop to save us."

"Please call me Mazzin. That is an incredible event. How long were you in the loop? I can't imagine the computers can keep that much information to perfection for too long." she said as she walked over to her food station and ordered waters.

"a hundred and fifty years," Jasper admitted with a nod, "there are a few f us here from 2246 when we were put in the transporter buffer for safe keeping and then forgotten about."

"That is incredible." she said handing him a water and taking a seat on one of the chairs, finally glancing around and looking at her assigned quarters. She had lived in lovely rooms before, however having a place of her own to decorate her own way? She felt a thrill of excitement rush through her. "How is it? Living here?" she suddenly asked.

Jasper took the glass from the woman and nodded his thanks, "how is it?" Jasper smiled and raised his eyebrows, "I can tell you I like it, the freedom of not being part of the military has been rather refreshing for me." He tilted his head, "would you like to go to the messhall with me?" "We can get something to eat?"

Mazzin smiled a bit and looked at her bags. She was a little hungry, unpacking could wait. "That sounds lovely. I do need to see more of the ship, and I am hungry." she admitted. "Please... lead the way." she said gently.


Jasper and Mazzin


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