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You are not fooling me

Posted on Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 @ 11:46pm by Caden Isaacks & Lieutenant Selina Fenruse

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD 01 18:00

Selina was exhausted, there was only so many interrogations she could do before the mental exhaustion snuck in and she was reaching her limit. This one would be simple she was sure that some Doctor wouldn't have a clue when the records were that they wanted were but she would at least check.

"Finally awake," She said standing up from the desk to lean against the wall looking through the forcefield at the man who was now finally moving. Where has he been to be unconscious for so long?

"Must've been bored," Caden spoke in his typical deadpan, as if he had been awake this whole time, allowing himself to be captured and taken prisoner. If he didn't appear this way, there would have been a sister on a starship who would have busted through dimensions just to tell him he was doing it wrong. "But I figure that's the case when you're kicking around people like a bunch of little cowards."

Selina felt a faint smile cross her lips. This Doctor was more like Mahone than any Doctor she had met so far from SS Mary Rose and the other universe. "I do not kick people around. I have no need for that to happen." Selina said simply.

"Turn of phrase," Caden replied dryly. "Knocking everyone out with sleeping gas and then dragging them onto another ship instead of taking it by force? That's the cowardice. But I figured you knew that by now and you're just doing that 'toying with your food' thing."

Selina actually laughed. "You're a doctor right?" She smirked. So many of the crew she had met so far belonged in this universe that it was amusing. It seemed that it wasn't so different after all on Rosie and Fenrir.

For a long moment, Caden was silent, spitefully throwing insults at Selina with his mind. Perhaps this wasn't the exact anti-interrogation tactic his sister wanted to see, but he was insistent that it would do... something. "I think you already know the answer to that."

"You amuse me, Doctor Isaacks. Your crew is so amazing. You are from a weak universe yet you act as if you should belong to this one." She said looking truly amazed by the mere thought of it. Not one person that she had interrogated had been a bore as of yet, they had all been entertaining.

"Or maybe your idea of 'weak' is flawed," Caden pointed out, tapping his head. "You must be a bunch of conquerors or something, because only those who push people around think they're all high and mighty. It's easier to shoot the weapons, but it's harder to talk it out. Whatcha gonna do, take the answers from my head?"

Selina laughed more and more at the man. He would be an amusing toy if he was trained properly, he would certainly amuse people that was for sure. "We are conquerors... You are in the Terran Empire." She told him proudly. "And I am already in your head/ You really thought I wasn't already."

"That's funny," Caden pointed out, "Flaw in your thought... how come it's called the Terran Empire? Is it because humans decided to conquer everyone and blow up everyone who opposed them? Because where I come from, that usually ends in disaster. And a ton of really angry people without homes."

"Why was it called the Roman Empire back on Earth... The strongest get empires named after them whilst the rest of bow to our master." Selina said without a moments hesitation as if she had heard it all before.

At this, Caden let out a laugh. He had no clue what he was doing, but what Selina spoke sounded absolutely absurd. "So they model themselves after the Romans? The Romans ruined whole cultures just to get their way! They're losing whole chunks of information just to be 'better.' How quaint."

"Well, you've obviously not known greatness at all," Selina said feeling sorry for the man that he didn't know greatness at all. It was so unfortunate that the universe that these people came from was just weak and pathetic. It was nothing compared to the greatness that she knew.

"Is this a re-education thing? A joke? Because I honestly don't see humans overtaking the races enough to be called the Terran Empire, least of all Betazoids. What kind of benefits do you get out of this deal? Did they decide you guys get fair stakes? Is that why you're so into it all?"

"I survived," Selina said simply. It was the only thing she got out of it all, she survived the destruction of Betazed with much better facilities and function than most of her kind, she was allowed to continue doing what she wanted with who she wanted.

Caden scoffed. "No pineapple in your gift basket for survival, sweetheart. You know what happens in my universe? Betazoids are treated with respect."

"And you think we aren't here. We are just feared a little bit as well." Selina laughed a little more as she the reaction on his face. She might be feared but she was respected for her abilities.

For a moment, Caden got real quiet, as if he were thinking on his next move. Then, his lips parted. "But can you go home?"

Selina looked at him and shrugged. "There is no Betazed to go home to Doctor Isaacks. She was lost in the never-ending war." Selina said her mask falling for a split second before she covered it. No one got under her skin, no one got her to crack. Cracking meant she would be sent to the camps. "I think this is enough for now." She announced thinking her weakness was showing and she turned leaving him without another word.


Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Caden Issacks
Field Medic
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Uhin)


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