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Mistaken Identity

Posted on Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 @ 4:17pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri

Mission: Cosmos
Location: Beta Antares Shipyards
Timeline: MD 05 1007 hours

“I've got you this time, Uncle Mishka” the little boy said as he moved his rook to his bishop’s six. A look of triumph blossomed on his face as he folded his arms. They could both see it, checkmates in four moves.

“Impressive, my complements to you, Tova.” Miska replied giving the board a serious look. Three moves later he had his nephew in zugzwang, forcing the boy to move pieces to his uncle’s fiddle. Now both could see Mishka had the advantage again.

“Kaşar! Kaşar! Kaşar!” Tova cursed loudly earning stern words from his mother as Mishka drank deeply on the strong black tea. “How?” his nephew demanded shaking his head at the board.

“That is a question for your büyükanne.” He answered, “Now I can think of precisely eight ways to beat you right now. You have until next month to figure out what they are, counter me and set up your endgame.”

“Ok, ok, you two, that's enough.” Tova's mother said, “Now get to your homework and let me speak to your Uncle.” Tova, while disappointed, gave his uncle a small bow and disappeared into holographic mist to be replaced by Miska's sister, “That wasn't very nice, Teddybear.”

“Come on Sazo, like dad always says ‘the only way to get smarter is,,,,”

“,,,,by playing a smarter opponent.’ You know there are times you sound a little too much like dad.” This scored Sazo a couple of hits through her little brother’s tough stubborn hide. She smiled and raised an eyebrow. “And before you ask, he's out fishing, and mama at the restaurant setting up.”

“Well tell them both I love them, and miss them.” Mishkka replied finding something to look at down by his feet. He and his parents hadn't parted on the best of terms. They always seemed to be out when he called. Of course he could have also timed his calls better. Before he could say anything else his PaDD chirped.

“Do you have to report to your ‘big new ship’s boss man.” Sazo asked disappointed that they had to cut the call short.

“My new ship's not that big, and I'm not the ‘big boss’s just one of her many minions.” He replied as

“You too little brother,” Sazo replied, looking just a little worried. “And don't you forget us out there in the black.”

“Never will.” Mishka replied, “And tell Ma to help Tova out, and to stop letting him win!”

“She's his grandmother, Teddybear,” his sister shot back, “but don‘t worry I'll tell her.”

The hologram faded as Mishka collected his things and headed for the shuttle concourse. “Chief of Operations," he thought, his heart pounding in his chest as he looked out the viewport toward the Cosmos. While trying to not look the tourist, Mishka couldn't help but gawk as he looked at her. His new home. He sighed, knowing she might not be the newest of ships but she was still a lovely lady to see.

Speaking of lovely ladies, Mishka couldn't help but notice a particularly lovely woman wearing a set of utility coveralls standing only a few feet away. Even in the unshapely garment, Miska couldn’t help but admire her profile. As he approached her he studied her form from her legs to her bare neck with her long hair tied up in a casual way that just seemed to accent her good looks. As he came closer she seemed to pause while taking a drink from her water bottle, smiling a mischievous grin as she glanced towards him. It was only then he noticed that the irises of her lovely eyes were completely black, marking her as a betazoid.

Mishka smiled politely knowing he had probably broadcast his assessment of her all the way across the room. “Hi, Couldn't help noticing you, Ed” He said, seeing a name marked in grease pen just below her communicator, “They're moving heavy gear onto the Cosmos so it looks like we're stuck here for a while. Care for a game of chess.”

Ledeya looked at the man looking at her and for a second looked confused before she looked down at what someone many years ago had written on her coveralls many years ago. She glanced at the equipment that was being loaded back onto the ship after a refit. "I don't play chess." She finally said thinking this man had no idea who she was at all.



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