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Toys And Possessions

Posted on Fri Sep 21st, 2018 @ 4:53pm by Dixoho Saa

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD 01 16:00

Nathan stood in the corner of the lift, well as much of a corner as one could manage in a cylinder. He was beginning to grow impatient as the time ticked by and his wife hadn't returned from her mission. A smirk pulled at the corner of his lips at the thought of the Trill. He had no real feelings for her one way or another but that hadn't stopped him from partaking in her womanly charms. At this particular moment, he had more than his sexual frustration on his mind.

Disembarking the lift and walking with purpose he arrived outside the quarters he shared with Dixaho, which had been blissfully empty as of late. Tapping the encrypted command to allow him access to his home, one could never be too careful, he entered. He was enjoying the silence after settling onto the couch when the door behind him parted once more.

Dixoho had seen him from the far end of the corridor but had spoken up or said anything to make him delay. Their reunion needed to happen in private away from prying eyes, it was going to be very heated or very hated. She walked in wearing the uniform that she hadn't in weeks. "Hello husband." She greeted.

"I knew the silence was too good to be true," Nathan replied with an almost sickly sweet tone. "How was work dear? You get fired yet." He took a sip of the amber liquid he had poured before her arrival. He didn't hate her, but he didn't particularly like her. She was part of a plan and she wasn't holding up her end of the bargain.

"Hush Darling." She said in her usual sweet tone as she heading towards the bedroom stripping off her uniform as she went with a wince. "I succeeded right until the last moment when I got shot." She sighed a little. She might not have many feelings for him but the fact he was so indifferent to her return stung just a tad.

Nathan saw the wince, he had been trained well enough and knew her well enough to know she was in pain. He felt like an ass. Moving to stand from the couch he followed in her to their bedroom. He watched for a moment as she removed the remaining of the clothing exposing a large bruise on her rib. He pushed off from the wall and retrieved the first aid kit. He stood close to her looking down at her oval face. She was a beautiful girl and that had never missed his notice. "Here let me."

"Why? You were very rid of me." She demanded thinking it was cruel of Luka to leave some of the bruising when he had done such a good job of making sure there were no scars. "Could have gone after your witch who is just outside that window on the Admirals Ship." She revealed just how close the woman he truly wanted was.

Nathan knew what she was doing. He didn't blame her. He would be lying if his heart didn't skip a beat at the mention of his imzadi. He could feel her. He knew she was close but the time wasn't right. She was safe and unharmed. His wife, on the other hand, was holding a brave face to hide her physical pain. A smirk crossed his lips as his mind queried if she could feel emotional pain but soon pushed the thought and focused on her. "If I didn't know better, Dix..." He started with a tone of merriment as he gently stroked the back of his hand along her smooth skin. "I would say you were jealous."

"What when I've had you day and night for years... You don't even know if she will accept you back." She shot back with just a little bit of venom. This had been what had started there relationship so many years ago, he had been broken after the Battle Of Betazed and she had been more than willing to help him forget. She had grown in rank compared to him, always thinking ahead of the people around her.

"You are right." Nathan said softly. He would let her have her anger but there was something pulling at him. Something she was showing that he hadn't seen before. Without really thinking he hooked his finger under her chin and pressed his lips to hers. He savored the taste of her for a moment before gingerly putting his hands on her waist and easily lifted her up. Gently laying her on the bed below him his arms on either side of her head. "Let me help you..."

"I am fine." She said surprised by his gentleness. He hadn't been that in a very long time. Maybe he was sensing just how close their marriage was to the end of the road. How close he was to finally getting Alexis back. "Haven't you got some agony booth to fix?"

"It can wait." He admitted not swayed by her attempts to push him away. Rolling to the side to no longer pin her to bed he looked over her shoulder. The skin was still the faintest bit pink from the dermal regenerator. "I know you don't need nor want my help..." He really didn't know where that statement was heading. Seeing her had broken the indifference he had felt since she left.

"No, I do not." She said with a shrug as she looked at him. "You've become soft on me. Why?" She demanded seeing him looking at her shoulder intently. He was a gorgeous man, she liked them older probably why she had gone for him.

Nathan immensely enjoyed her sass. It was one of the few things that had made their arrangement tolerable. "Maybe because we are coming to the end of us?" He asked himself almost as much as he was asking her. "Perhaps the idea of you getting shot got to me a bit." He hand grazed along the skin of her arm enjoying the goosebumps he created. "It would have fouled up my plans and being with you would have been for nothing." he shot her a devious look.

Dixoho smirked again as she heard the strangeness in his voice. It was so odd for him to act like that. “Perhaps or perhaps something else is going on Nathan.” She wondered if he had seen her alternative version. Maybe that was why he was being so soft. “You just got to hope I don’t get jealous and end her. Your little witch is nothing like Selina.” She smirked at him goading him.

"Why would you get jealous of her, pet?" Nathan asked with heat in his tone. Leaning forward he pressed his lips to the skin along her jaw line and enjoyed the little catch in her breath as he made his way towards her neck. His hands moved to the plane of her belly as he continued. "You haven't gone soft and developed an attachment to me have you?" The mocking grin couldn't be seen against her skin but could be heard in his voice.

“I like what is mine to be mine.” She reminded him quietly. She didn’t move her hands from the bed. She wasn’t giving him the satisfaction of her being needy. If only he knew just how many men she had used since she had last seen him, just how much they had left her wanting to be home.

"Ahh..." Nathan replied as his lips barely grazed her ear. The tips of his fingers lighting touching and teasing her exposed skin. "Now we are getting somewhere." He continued. After such a long time together he knew where her buttons were. Just what he needed to do to give her what they both needed. "You have claimed me have? Am I your's, pet?" He asked as his lips and fingers kept up their delicious torture.

“Don’t tease me or I’ll poison you again.” She said darkly as she moved to sit up pushing his hands away from her. She wouldn’t poison him like she had other men but it wouldn’t be fun like it had been last time.

Nathan let out a low growl at being pushed aside. As quick as a panther he pounced and she was once again pinned beneath him. "You are mine as much as I am yours, pet." His eyes held a light that was a cross between anger and possession. "And I know you well enough to know that you won't poison me." He had to admit the thrill the hate in her eyes gave him. "We both know I am special...and you would want to be a bit more hands on."

She was surprised at his sudden pinning of her. “Then why did I have so much fun with my alternatives man. You'll never guess who it was either.” She teased before leaning forward whispering Robinson’s name in his ear. “Then there was the Chef I killed and then.” She knew it would goad him.

"Whoring and killing in the shadows," Nathan replied as his hand traveled up her body resting at her collarbone. "Your two best traits." His fingers came to rest against her throat. "At least your targets get to enjoy themselves a bit before you take their life." His grip tightened slightly. "That point of ignorant bliss wore off long ago. You will have to try harder than that."

The woman paused her struggling at his grip on her. "You were never in a state of ignorant bliss Nathan. You knew that when you married me." She reminded him thinking of the fact they hadn't even had a honeymoon or anything, it was a marriage of convenience but it worked well.

"Oh, I very much knew," Nathan replied moving his face ever closer to hers keeping her pinned. "It is one of the many things I have always admired about you. You never treated me like a job or a target." He paused. "We both know it would have made your life easier and me more pliable. Why is that?"

The woman would have shrugged but she couldn’t move. “Because I never needed to. You came to my bed quite willingly that first time.” She reminded him.

"And every time after." Nathan grinned. "And even now..." He added before pressing his lips to her once more. There wasn't what you would call affection behind it, but a hunger just the same.

The woman wanted to spout something about his witch being so close or something just as derogative but she sighed defeated for a moment. She was still pinned under him unable to do much apart from kissing him back. "I need a shower to get that other universe off of me along with the blood." She reminded him why she had been stripping off in the first place.

Nathan laughed as he rolled onto his side unpinning her. "I have seen you worse..." He replied as he closed his eyes. "If you would like the quarters to yourself, I have other toys to keep my attention." He offered just as cold as the conversation had started.

"Of course you do toys but none of them our your witch." She muttered standing up next to the bed shifting out of the uniform trousers leaving herself just in underwear revealing for the first time the bruises that were over her body properly. She looked him over before shrugging. "Your choice." She said heading into the bathroom.

Nathan watched her move. The bruises coming into view. He had grown used to her attempts to ruffle his feathers with mentions of Lexi. If he didn't know better he would think she was jealous, but he did know better. She was a spoiled child that didn't want to share her toys with anyone. She had claimed him as hers whether she cared for him or not. Her was her toy and she wouldn't share. It made her calculated and dangerous. He liked playing her fire. Pushing up on his elbows he waited for the sound of the shower with a smirk on his face. Perhaps he would stay and play with this toy.


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