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Negotiations or Kindred Spirits

Posted on Mon Oct 1st, 2018 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Deacon Kane

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD02 09:00

Breakfast over all was pretty good, Deacon had to admit. The coffee from that Bolian monstrosity was, rather tasty, though the Rigellian knew they’d be hell to pay if it came to light someone stole it from the Admiral’s ship. It was a good thing he convinced the engineering mutts to break it down and stow it someplace out of the way until they parted company with the Gaman. Still, the contraband trade was brisk between the two ships, with Fenrir being able to take advantage of the Gaman’s apparent thirst for Azzia beer. Some of the vintages were fetching an especially high exchange rate, helped by the fact that some of the more prominent breweries were now smoldering cinders thanks to some of the Fenrir’s crew.

All and all, the Gaman proved to be a veritable ‘thieves bazaar’ of contraband, allow him to restock the ‘General Store’ along with being able to fill most of the outstanding ‘request’ of the more affluent members of the crew. Still a couple items of concern were making their way over, and those responsible had not heeded his warnings. But with luck after dropping off his latest care package, his client would have helped him rectify the situation.

Pressing the chime, Deacon looked up at the camera and smiled. The doors parted allowing the Rigellian to skip on in. “Good morning Ms. Ruse,” He said with a chipper grin, “How’s my favorite manipulator today?” ‘Ruse’ was always meant to be a good-natured insult for the interrogator. About a year ago, he told the woman that everything she said to him was bullshit, but in that at least she was consistent. It was the one time he got a real laugh out of her. Granted, he also earned two cycles in the agonizer booth for his honesty, but it was at minimal settings, so that was something. “You’ll be happy to know I was able to procure most things on your list.”

"Hello, Deacon." The woman said from where she was stood by a mirror adjusting her make up to chest it was just right for the day. She had grown to ignore most of his insults months ago especially as he was handy in procuring items from Betazed that had, been out in the universe when it was destroyed. "I am quite well." She lied. She was exhausted and could do with a lot more rest after all the interviews that had been done the previous day. "Most of them?" She wondered automatically pouring a glass of amber liquid from the jug on the side holding it out to him.

"Blame the Admiral's boy, Selina." Deacon replied accepting the liquid graciously, "They confiscated five of the shipment containers instead of the three we agreed on. Those boys in security are getting downright greedy." he griped "It's good to see the nectar got to you through, 'alternative channels.' " he added after tasting the cold sweet liquid. "You might want to tell the boy the price on his kidnapping has gone up another 8%. I only tell you this because two of his men are carrying horrible gambling debts and a third has a challenged 'V' habit. Desperate men and all."

"I think the boy doesn't concern you." Selina said thinking that some of the Crew's 'V' habit was becoming a bigger and bigger issue. Selina knew exactly who he was talking about, they had been some of the men who thought she was fair game, they had been left on the floor mind bent and blooded. "So what did you exactly manage to get then?"

"Let's see what we have here," Deacon replied opening the case he carried in with him, "1/4 Wheel of Espra cheese, 5 lbs Uttaberries, I was able to get out of the Armada colony," he said placing the items on the desk, "Should have a solid supply for those in the future. Six of bottles of Jupa wine for you. Was able to get a couple of cases of that so I'll be stocking it if you want any more. Found a couple more of those Neoclassics you've been bugging me about including this;" the Rigellian added, placing a dusty ancient looking book on her desk,"Mermaid's Revenge, 3rd edition supposedly looted from your National Archive. And there are two there items that weren't on the list but appear to be for you."

Selina grabbed the case and put it down and pulled out the uttaberries amazed. How was it possible that they had been grown off world? Nothing from Betazed was able to reproduce properly due to the unique balance of the environment. It was truly amazing. "I will be." She assured they had a very good arrangement between them, they both got what they needed. "What is this?" She asked pulling out something at the bottom unsure. She hadn't asked for it so how could it be for her?

Taking an object out of his sleeve Deacon click it knowing it would give them about twenty to thirty seconds of privacy. "Something significant that someone went out of their way to look like nothing." Deacon replied cryptically as he saw Selina cradle a piece of cloth wrapped around a small bundle of what looked like cinnamon sticks,"The cloth is from a rug of some sort, Betazoid, old at least 400 years, fine needle work, but the tear is new, no more than 4 months. My guess a family Erdat rug. The sticks are bio-organic recorder chip, keyed to Mitochondrial DNA. It's a good lock, needs a 12000 base match to open. Ones full the rest are empty." he added as he stood up and leaned over the desk.

Looking into Selena's eyes with the sympathy of one 'slave' to another. "Someone on your mother's side has gone out of their way to send 'letters from home' and are willing to pay, quite a bit actually. If you want to take up this pen pal, let me know." He said as the look of sympathy quickly disappeared, replaced by his normal scheming look," I could always use another income stream and I'd even cut you in on the profit if that will motivate you." The Rigelian then glanced down to his hand as he felt the jammer begin to vibrate, "Now security about to be able to see us again so please make the slap look convincing." he added with a wink.

Selina looked at he man amazed by what he was giving her. How was it possible that she of all people had family alive, she was an only child? Her mother had no siblings so it could only be her great aunts from her Grandmother, it was a stretch but who was she to argue when they had come to the effort of getting it to her intact.

She saw the look in the older man's eyes and nodded completely understand what was going through the man's head. “Oh, I can dot that do issue.” She said. She could slap hard and her hand moved in a fluid movement hitting him square in the face. She wasn’t going to tell him the security didn’t even monitor her quarters now that she was sleeping with security.

Deacon head snapped back, the blow actually making him stagger back several paces. Through the ringing in his ears and the double vision he smiled, "Sorry Ruse I forgot, no tasting the merchandise without an appointment or an agenda." Shaking his head to make sure there was only one blond Betazoid in front of him, Damn, that actually hurt he thought shooting Selina a private look as a ghost of a satisfied smile left her eyes.

The woman just stared him down, she wasn't taking any more of his crap. "You got what you came for." She reminded him softly not even glancing at the camera. It meant nothing to her at all. She didn't care if they watched or not.

"Ah yes, that is financially true, and yet then sadly, emotionally not," he said with a smirk, making an overly grand bow, "I'm just waiting for the day when you can express your true feelings for me, Ruse. Though somehow I fear that will be the same day I leave this mortal coil." he added, allowing a look of sympathy to peer through the mask he wore. The Rigellian honestly felt bad for the poor witch. At least Deacon could entertain the delusion of freedom when his tour was up. Selina was stuck, either as a useful tool for the Empire or a baby factory in some gilded prison camp.

Sighing at the poor bird's plight, he shrugged slightly, "Well as always the store is open for you, Princess. Just send word, or come down to the lower deck to visit with us unwashed" then turning to go he added, "Oh, by the way, tell your boyfriend if he looks in container A46C in cargo hold two, he'll cut the 'V' supply on the ship by 90%. And if he's real clever, he'll catch the rat bastards that have been dealing the 'V' along with some other poison that the overseers were stuffing down the slave's throats. Just tell him you plucked it out of my mind while we were negotiating prices." finally, almost absentmindedly, he softly finished with, "Have as good a day as you can Selina." With a kindness he never intended to let her see or feel.


Warrant Officer Deacon Kane
ISS Fenrir

Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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