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Beach side plans

Posted on Fri Sep 28th, 2018 @ 12:58am by Mazzin Vayri & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Shattered
Location: A beach somewhere

Tali laid back on the sand and sighed happily. One last day of vacation before she had to go back to work. The sun warmed her skin and dried the warm ocean water off her skin. She cracked open her eyes as a shadow passed over her, “If you don’t move I’ll cut you…” she said.

“Cut me or suck my dick, either way it’ll be interesting,” Tucker arched one of his brows, he smirked as he moved right in her way for a few moments, before he sat down next to her. “You don’t seem as discontent as you normally are, that’s a good sign.”

“Maybe I’m just finally getting used to this situation.” Tali said. She sighed, “And I’m getting better at hiding it. This seeing my hot boyfriend only every few months in the flesh, still bothers me.” she said. She pushed up a little and sat up, “I still can’t convince Mercia to transfer, neither can I get Starfleet.” she sighed.

“The Imperial Starfleet is a fickle mistress, but it’s likely the Admiral sees a pair of twin assassins wanting to transfer to his ship and what do you think the first thought he has is?” Tucker arched one of his brows to look at her again. “He’s ruthless, not a moron.”

Tali smirked, “I’m ruthless.” she said. She took a deep breath, “We’re in a good spot now though. We’re needed where we are. Maybe you should try harder?” she asked him. “I mean… unless you’re really in to this crazy tension we manage to build up and then work out with… vigor when we manage to get together.”

“Try harder for what? The Gaman is one of the most powerful ships in the fleet! I don’t want to leave it to be on Gregnol’s ship,” Tucker made a face at that idea. “Much more prestigious where I am.”

She rolled her eyes, “Yes yes, you and your career dreams.” she said. It wasn’t as if she and Mercia didn’t have ambitions, they did, but life was starting to drag in other directions. She decided to be a little dramatic, just for the hell of it, “Because that’s so much more important than actually progressing in a relationship with your killer girlfriend.” she pouted.

“If we play it right, we’d be a powerful couple. We could have a ship like the Admiral’s ourselves,” Tucker arched one of his brows. “Maybe even make a play for greater power.”

She looked at him, “What sort of power?” She idly dug a narrow trench in the sand between them as she considered what he meant, “I only want to strengthen the Empire… they saved us.” she said softly. “You… and me… with Mercia too, nothing could stop us if we really tried.”

“I know, that’s what I’m saying,” Tucker chuckled softly. “The Empire is only as strong as those who lead it. Perhaps it’s just my ambition talking, but I do not wish to be part of starship operations forever.”

She started to push the sand on to his feet, “So what? A planetary governor?” she asked him. “With a deadly natural blond on you arm, dont forget the natural part.” she smirked as she tossed her damp hair back and untangling a strand from her bikini strap.

“That wouldn’t be so bad, our children would be set for life and we could send them to the best schools and have them trained by the best warriors,” Tucker said, arching one of his brows as he looked over at her. “If things were to go that far.”

She arched her brows, “We’ve never really talked about it.” she licked her lips and then laid back on the sand again. “We’ve been seeing each other… what three years?” she asked. “We’re working on getting me and my sister transferred to your ship. If I didn’t think there was a damn good shot at us lasting long you think i’d even try?” she asked him. “Hmmm now that’s a thought…. You knock me up we might be able to bully a transfer sooner.” she said getting a wicket grin across her face.

Tucker started laughing at that, “One of the famous Kavi sisters wants to get knocked up just to get on my ship, hmmm? That might do it, but it would mean you’d be vulnerable to attack and we’d have to send our child with someone we’d trust.”

Tali made a face. “Mercia would never let anyone get near me if I was in such a condition, for one. She doesn't even trust you. Two… There are exactly two people I trust. Mercia and you. So there is no one to send a child to, it would need to remain in our care… Perhaps a nanny would be warranted, one who understood the danger of betraying me.” her voice took on a near excited and dark tone at that thought.

“Us,” Tucker corrected her, a sickly sweet smile on his lips, before reaching over and running one of his hands over her stomach. “We’ve made a great team so far, I can’t even imagine what it would be like if we served together.”

A wicked grin crossed her face as she looked up at Tucker, enjoying his touch, “I can. Smart people will play nice and watch their backs, idiots will have something to fear. Law would upheld, and Starfleet will notice… and keep promoting us. We’d get our commanding offers advanced, and advance ourselves… and if we decide to study, we might have a shot at governing positions.” she smirked.

“More than a shot,” Tucker flashed her a grin, before leaning back on his towel and looking out over the water. This really was a beautiful spot. “Alone I am strong, but with you we are unbeatable.”

She grinned as she looked up at him and then followed his gaze. Most of her life was dark, aggressive and violent. These little escapes with Tucker were nice, spending time in the sunlight, learning to trust someone other than her twin. “That we are… but you still have to win her over you know…” she smirked at Tucker.

“I haven’t ratted her out about her Andorian friend, I’d think that counts for something,” Tucker made a face, he was Terran. The Terrans were superior and ruling the galaxy was their birthright, the world they grew up on had a very different belief system before the empire came. “I can only keep proving that what I say is true.”

Tali made a face at the mention of Mercias Andorian friend. “I don’t get why she’s so fascinated by him. She has any Terran she wants, and its what shes worthy of, yet she likes non Terrans… at least most of the time she’s toying with them.” she commented. “Still… she’s obsessed with riding a dangerous line. I suppose I am to…” she turned and flipped over straddling over Tucker and got a wicked grin on her face, “Just a different kind of dangerous line.” she purred.

“But I’m Terran, I’m in a prestigious position and my staff is neither as clever or as good as I am,” Tucker smirked at her, as his hands moved up to her hips and gripped them. “With you by my side, they’d be far too terrified of retribution to dare follow through with their plans.”

“oh plans.” she grinned with excitement. “sounds like you need an enforcer to pay a visit and investigate.” she winked. She leaned closer and nuzzle his neck, “Help them understand that plans against you are unacceptable… And it's not just your retribution they should fear.”

“My thoughts exactly my dear,” Tucker chuckled softly, as he tilted his head, enjoying the feel of her lips on his neck. “But the Admiral must trust you to let you onto his ship, the Kavi sisters are infamous for a reason.”

She giggled, “I love the nority... “ she murmured. “I would think he’d want us as his allies, but he continues to keep us at arms length. That won't serve him well forever. You know him better, what should we do it win his trust?” she asked slowly growing more aggressive with her affections.

“Find one of his enemies, kill them and make sure it is well known it was for him,” Tucker let out a low growl in his throat. “I can’t blame him, you’ve taken down powerful people that were thought untouchable before.”

Tali smiled, “We have had some very fun missions before.” she grinned as she pulled back and met his eyes, “This is doable, I’ll have to research and find just the right target. You’ll need to pass along any thing you find. I’ll talk Mercia in to helping… and if she doesn’t… well if I win she’ll have no choice.” she said. “The admiral will realize it is better to keep us close, because if he doesn’t… eventually he’ll end up as another mark…” she said one hand touching the tattooed band on her arm, made up of small dots. A curled design coiled around her arm, formed and decorated by the dots. It was a pretty design, but very few knew its meaning as she did not broadcast it.

Tucker laughed softly, “And you wonder why he keeps you at arms length. We should worry about plans later, I wish nothing more than to take you back to our seaside bungalow now. What do you say?”

“Thought you’d never ask…” Tali moved off of him, and he was quick to scoop her up and toss her over his shoulder and started at a wobby run the sand back to the little place they’d rented for the week. It was moments like this that Tali could almost forget the darkness of the rest of her life… for tomorrow morning, she was to return to that life once again.



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By Captain Rueben Gregnol on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 8:19pm

Interesting lovelies. I can't wait to see where this goes.