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Exhausted Decisions

Posted on Sun Dec 30th, 2018 @ 7:54pm by Lieutenant Selina Fenruse & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD 02 21:00

Selina awoke with a start from the dream she was having and bolted off the couch she had been sound asleep in her quarters luckily. She turned as someone coughed almost politely from her dining area. She turned and saw Asahi sat there almost waiting for her to wake. How had it been possible that he had snuck in and her not stir? That could have been dangerous, to say the least to her if it had been anyone else.

“Hello?” She greeted confused as she sat back down on the couch the alarm leaving her body.

Asahi squinched his gaze. "Whoever Masan got to watch over you during those interrogations was not to be trusted. I didn't want to leave you with an armory officer I've only seen twice." His gaze softened, turning his body toward her. "Are you feeling alright? I can have my grandfather's doctor whip something up for you if there are adverse effects..."

"That is incredibly sweet but you know that if I die so does the offender." She said softly seeing his gaze soften and take her in. "I am fine." She told him slowly using the arm of the couch to pull herself to her feet and move over to him.

"That's the key thing; I don't want you to die." Asahi was quick to move from his spot, meeting her in the middle of the room. "You've had a hard day. No one's bugged the room, and I'll make sure no one gets in. Rest. Eat something. The prisoners will be there in the morning if you need a second round..."

"Death is inevitable," Selina told him softly as she touched his cheek. He didn't understand that she wasn't scared of death in the slightest. Some days it would be a welcome peace. "I don't care if the room is bugged." She told him leaning forward pressing a kiss to his lips.

Asahi hesitated, waiting till after they parted to wrap his arms around her and pull her close. "And everyone calls me stubborn." He frowned. "I care. You're important, and even if the rest of this ship doesn't see that, I do. And I'll fight everyone to prove it."

"You are nothing compared to my stubbornness." The woman assured the man quietly. "You might care but that doesn't mean I am important. I can be replaced quite easily, there is another Betazoid onboard now." She reminded that Alexis was now onboard and making waves.

"You are important," came Asahi's insistence. "Captain can have the new one if he'd like. I only need you on my vessel. She means nothing if she cannot be trusted."

Selina found herself smiling as she snuggled closer to the man."Your vessel?" She wondered softly with a small smirk. She knew that they were completely ill-fated but she couldn't help but feel like she was in the safest place in the universe when she was with him.

"The one I'm going to get once we retrieve this information the Admiral is so keen on." Asahi gestured to the porthole, where the ominous Gaman could be seen. "Such is what was promised once this is all said and done. The Admiral is ready to expand his fleet and move in on our enemies."

"And how are you going to go about that Asa?" Selina wondered moving to where she kept alcohol and poured herself a healthy measure. It was too settled herself back down, after interrogating as she had recently she was drained and needed something to sustain her.

Asahi flopped himself on the nearby couch, keeping the spot next to him open in case she desired to sit. "The good Admiral has a ship that's being cleared of its unruly crew as we speak," he divulged. "He needs a family member in that ship, someone he can trust, and seeing as my father is deceased and Aunt Tajima is not a choice for command. I'm the next in line."

Selina had learnt a long time ago to not comment on anything when he mentioned his family especially his aunt, it just wasn't worth it. "You know Gregnol will never let me leave right?" She commented on softly.

"I can find a way around that," Asahi seemed completely convinced of himself. "Somehow... so long as you'll have it."

Selina slowly returned and sat down next to him. "But how?" Selina wondered not at all convinced by him. It seemed impossible, she was in a glass cage of a sort on the Fenrir. She was feared and respected but not allowed any freedoms.

"Without having the Captain gun after us? Easy, we make it his idea." It seemed as if he was thinking on the fly, but the thoughts were working in his head. "He's already got what's her name at his beck and call, so why have two Betazoids? Two powerful telepaths, either of which could toss him right off the chair at a moment's notice? If we make it seem like my transfer could turn in his favor by putting you on my ship... then he won't have to fret about two Betazoids, and he can 'spy' on me if he'd like. Not that there'll be much to spy on."

"Alexis... and she isn't me," Selina said slightly protective of the other woman. Selina had been safe when Betazed fell unlike the other woman, Selina didn't see what the woman saw every time she closed her eyes. "Asahi... I don't think you've thought this through properly." The woman smoothed as she moved to slid up next to him. "Gregnol will never let me go because of what I know. I thought you knew that?"

Asahi made a 'tch' noise. "I do. But I'm determined to get you out one way or another. He might have a barrier around him, but if he's too protected, one of his own will eventually crack. It's only a matter of moving the right pieces."

"And then what happens when we leave?" Selina wondered softly as she thought about Gregnol. He wasn't a bad man at all, he was just doing what he needed to do to survive like everyone else.

While Asahi's sentiment was similar, all he wanted was to get out from under the hood of his grandfather and the thumb of Gregnol. "We've done our part. We're loyal, and it's not like I'm going to go stab the man. Not only is that the dumbest idea, but I don't see the point in making more enemies. I just want us to be as far away as possible, and let everyone who wants a piece of their pie at it." He frowned. "... I bet I can get Aunt Tajima to help."

Selina looked at him highly surprised. She had thought him joking earlier when he mentioned a future with her but he wasn't she could feel it around him just how serious he was. "You really do want a future?" She whispered softly.

Turning, Asahi took one of Selina's hands into both of his, looking her dead in the eyes. He thought the answer to her question an obvious one, but if she needed convincing, he would give it. "I absolutely want a future and I want it with you. This war be damned."

Selina nodded at him. "I believe you." She told him softly as her dark eyes bore into him. "Why don't we go to bed. We are both tired." She requested standing up as his hand still held onto hers.

There was a hesitation before Asahi stood to meet her gaze. "Yes, let's."

"What is with the hesitation?" The woman wondered dropping her hand to her side again looking at him. He never hesitated in anything he did, everything was calculated and rationalised at least in her opinion.

"It's nothing. Just thinking." Asahi admitted. "There's a lot of working parts to this. I have to be careful. More than I have been."

"You can stay up if you want but I think I need to go to bed." She said reminding him of the fact she had been asleep when he had come in thanks to overworking herself.

"No, thinking can wait." Asahi spoke with resolve, gesturing to the bedroom area. "Let's get some sleep."


Lieutenant Asahi Kita
Chief Armory Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Uhin)

Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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