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A Better Way To Handle Things

Posted on Sun Dec 30th, 2018 @ 5:54pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.

Mission: Shipyards
Location: Commanding Officer's Office
Timeline: MD14 14:00


Ranav took one last glance at his PaDD before tapping the mechanism that would inform the captain he was there. There was a smirk on his face which he let settle into a smile quickly. Sickbay was up and running and most of the staff had already boarded. There were just a few items he wanted to clarify before they left drydock.

“Come in!” Ledeya called out turning from the coffee she was pouring and saw Ranav come in. She smiled softly as she realized who was at the door. “Hello Commander. What can I do for you?” She wondered.

Walking into the office as the door opened Ranav grinned broadly at Ledeya, "I have compiled a report for you Captain." He offered the PaDD to his superior and nodded, "I'm pleased to say the medical department is ready for departure when you are."

The woman indicated the other end of the couch as she took the PADD. “Please take a seat Ranav. Anything on here that I need to know about?” She wondered looking at him. They had used to have a relaxed relationship now it was a little strained.

The half Bolian chuckled, "I added more Morphenolog and Dermaline gel to the inventory.” He drew in a deeper breath and shook his head as he recalled the incident the two had shared in their past.

The woman pursed her lips together as she remembered the incident herself. It was almost like a bad dream when she remembered the burn victims like a bad dream.“It is always wise to think ahead for all eventualities you never know what is going to happen.” The woman pulled up the drug inventory. “And there is enough of my own prescription.”

"Absolutely," Ranav said with a nod, "and some extra, just in case we can't get resupplied on time." The man drew in a deep breath and paused for a moment before adding, "we're not planning any diplomatic rendezvous are we?"

The woman nodded, that was her main concern at the moment rather than Morphenolog and Dermaline gel. If they didn't have the medication onboard it would be worse for the crew. "Not that I know of. Why?" The woman wondered picking up her coffee mug taking a sip of the sweet liquid.

"You remember the Orion attack on Starbase 173 during the Tsunkatse games?" The CMO drew in a deep breath, "we were there on a diplomatic mission between the Boslic and the Federation." It was a trap set by the Boslic and the Orions and though there were many lost lives and injured the base was not taken and several Orions and Boslics were apprehended.

"I'm not sure I am following your train of thought," Ledeya admitted not sure what he was thinking and where it connected.

"I went through a lot of Morphenolog and Dermaline gel," the physician said with a nod, "ran out of it faster than we could replicate it, you even needed some of the gel yourself Captain if I recall." The blue man's eyes clouded for a while he recalled the event and how much closer the two had been back then.

Ledeya sighed softly her own thoughts reflecting his. They used to be closer than close, they used to be able to practically read others minds. She had needed the gel on her back thanks to a console exploding and her moving to protect a vulnerable patient. "You recall correctly." She said softly looking up at the familiar man. "What went so wrong between us?" She finally asked.

"My stubbornness." Ranav said focusing on the Captain, "I wasn't willing to follow you when you were advanced and moved on." He drew in a deep breath, "and I've kicked myself ever since."

"Is this why you've been here ever since?" She wondered not looking at him knowing she would shrink under his gaze if she did.

Ranav nodded and let out a sigh, "I stayed hoping you'de remember where I was, apparently you did."

"Ran..." She whispered finally looking at him properly for the first time in weeks since they had last been alone like this. "You shouldn't have stayed. You could have been anywhere in the universe." Everything changed as she said that. Her voice sounded almost shaky, like a lost child's, alone and abandoned in some dark, cold place. If her face had been stone before, now it looked shattered, she couldn't owe him the lost years.

"I could have, but..." The Medical Officer pressed his lips firmly together as he searched for the right words, "there's a human phrase, one that seems to fit... it goes like this, I lost my mojo." He chuckled a little realizing how serious things had become, "my own fault really, I could have tried catching up with you, but I didn't."

If she could turn to stone, then she would have as she didn't know what to say, didn't know what to say to make things less serious. She hadn't expected this at all when he had arrived at all, hoped for some kind of proclamation especially as they had left things between them as heated words but now she didn't have words.

Ranav's expression turned to a little pain seeing the reaction Ledeya was having to what was said and he stood shaking his head, "I shouldn't have told you, I'm sorry."

"Ran.. I couldn't... You should have found yourself some girlfriend so you could be equal and not have" She failed at her words as she struggled to stay strong. She had wanted to answer every subspace hail and the letters she still had them bundled in her bag. She still read them to assure herself that someone out there had loved her at one point.

"Equal?" Ranav shook his head as he gazed at the woman, "look there were other things that kept me here on this bucket of bolts including a Captain that denied every transfer request I ever made and..." The doctor drew in a deep breath, "I better get back to work, thank you for seeing me."

Ledeya was shocked that the man one had admitted that he still harboured feelings and two he left so abruptly. It left her with a sinking feeling that she was going to have a transfer request on her desk in a matter of hours that she would have no choice but to allow, unlike her predecessor.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Commander Ranav Voss M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Offermans)


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