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Discovery Of Little Bo Peep

Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 2:52am by Deacon Kane & Dixoho Saa

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir: Brig
Timeline: MD01 22:00

“So you were you able to get it for me?” brig officer asked, trying to keep his voice from quaking.

“Kowalski, when have I ever disappointed you?” Deacon asked handing the sweaty man a holocron, “One freshly written holo-sim involving all the characters you wanted.”

“Are you sure?” he asked, staring at the crystal.

“They’re all there, Saa, Fenruse, the Captain and even Van Weyden in a diaper” the Quartermaster assured him.

“Thanks Chief.” Kowalski replied, “Hey can you watch the desk for me? I have to go use the head.”

“Sure.” Deacon replied as the human quickly left, grabbing his VR rig on the way out. Inwardly Deacon shivered, Holo-addiction he thought to himself as he felt the sudden need to shower. Still it gave him the opportunity he wanted.

Placing the cameras into a diagnostic mode, he entered the brig. Passing the Ag-Booths, he continued on until he came to the cell with its lone occupant curled up in fetal position as she tried to sleep on the cold floor. Taking out a medical tricorder he scanned her, shaking he head at the results, he scanned her again and his heart skipped a beat. “Shun Sheng Duh Gao Wahn! (Holy testicle Tuesday!)” He blurted out causing the figure to stir, “Unicorns do exist!”

"What do you want?" The woman gasped turning over with a cough as she looked up at the familiar person. "You are the guy we were at the beach with?" She questioned wincing as she saw the uniform he wore and tried to scoot back just a few paces but failed collapsing into coughing.

If the scan wasn't proof enough then the woman's actions were and the implications scared the hell out of him. Dropping the force screen, he carefully approached the woman. Kneeling down next to her he gently picked her off the floor and sat with her in his arms, "Sshh," he said softly, "I'm afraid I'm not the guy on the beach. Now please, you're dehydrated and it doesn't look like you've eaten in a while." he tried to look reassuring as the woman struggled to control her breathing. Smiling down at her, he took out a small flask "I need you to drink this, it will help."

"What is it?" She demanded trying to shift away from him but had no energy left. She was refusing to look at the food that she was being offered. She wasn't stupid, she had fallen for lies like that before and gotten tortured for it.

"It's Nectar of the Unwashed "He whispered, smiling lightly at an inside joke,"We call it 'henket,' sort of porridge/beer. Slave food." he added apologetically, "This is the Fenrir's special 'Brig Buster' formulation. Fortified with Anabolics and Protein concentrates." taking a drink from the flask he made a face,"Bitter as hell, but it will keep you going." Carefully he held the flask closer to Dix's mouth, but paused short letting her decide to make the next move or not.

"Why are you helping me?" She demanded softly as she took a sip. It was disgusting, to say the least. Something she wouldn't even serve her enemy. "Vile." She spat trying to keep it down.

Deacon looked at her sympathetically, and gauged what to say. "I'm not, I'm helping me and mine." he said softly, figuring she deserved the truth, "Right now, helping you, helps me. At least in terms of getting a better handle on what's going on." he signed, knowing he'd needed to build-up trust. "The ship's been running on a comms blackout for weeks. You show up. An Admiral's flagship shows up." a worried far-away look went across the Rigellian's face, as he continued, "This story will end with the Terrans tying up loose ends. Translation: many of us who aren't 'Children of Adam' being black-bagged and breathing vacuum." Looking back into Dix's eyes, "I need to know how screwed we are. So lady, who the hell are you and what do they want?"

"I don't know. I was on Azzia one minute and then the next I woke up here." She said taking it all in. She had, had a lot of thinking time in the last few days that she had been left in the cell by herself unless the man who seemed to be in charge came to talk to her. "Who the hell am I? Who the hell are you?" She demanded back.

Azzia? the Quartermaster thought, well that tracked, Lieutenant Psycho and Doc Painless went missing since just before they left that unfortunate planet, Then you show up. Tumblers clicking into place. Suddenly he became aware of Dix’s eyes boring into him. “Me, I’m ‘King Rat’ aboard this boat. Thief, scumbag, black marketeer. But I’m also the guy who keeps non-terrans alive despite their best efforts.” He whispered with no small amount of pride, “Name’s Deacon Kane and you’re Dixaho Saa but not the ‘Kill, Kill, Joy, Joy’ one I know.” Glancing nervously out the cell door but he had to know as impossible as it seemed. Could she actually be a crossover “We’re both running out of time. So Ms Saa, payment for services rendered, information the doesn't matter. Quickly, Betazed, Qo' noS and Starfleet. Tell me the first things that come into your head about each of them.”

"Beauty, Frienemies and hope," Dixoho said without a second of hesitation. Every time she thought about Betazed she connected them with the people she knew from there and the beauty there had inside and out. She had never met a Klingon but they were in a state of cold war so frienemies was a good option. Starfleet would never be her profession due to medical reason but she always when she was a child knew they stood for home and the future.

"Beauty? Hope?" Deacon asked unable to keep the loathing from his voice, he'd been onboard when the 'Butcher' earned his name. Shaking his head he sighed, "That settles it 'Bo Peep,' your not from around these parts." Color was returning to the woman's cheeks as the henket did its work, revitalizing and warming. As happy as it was to help someone scared and in pain, he still had to ask himself, what use was she to him. "Can you fly a ship 'Bo'?" he asked.

The woman heard footsteps in the distance and nodded. She might not work in some areas but her hearing was good. "Yes..." She whispered as the footsteps got closer and closer. She didn't know what bo beep was in the slightest but it sounded like this man wanted to help her.

Deacon heard the steps a well. "Good, that's a marketable skill." he whispered, damning himself for taking so long, "Now take these." he added shoving two flasks down Dix's shorts, "Claw my face, Draw blood." he insisted as his face took on a cruel cast, "For what it's worth I'm sorry."

Grabbing Dix roughly by the hair, he pressed his lips to hers, forcing his tongue into her mouth when she gasped in surprise. As she dug her nails into Deacon face, it was all the Rigellian could do to not smile as it presented exactly what he wanted the jailer to see. A subhuman scumbag forcing himself on a prisoner desperate to keep her dignity in tact.

Hearing Kowalski laugh, Deacon grabbed his face and screamed as he sprang back , "You stupid little bit,,," he bellowed all the kindness gone from his eyes. Jumping back in top of Dix he raised his arms and came down with what looked like a vicious backhand, but the Rigellian checked his swing at the last second, only smearing his own blood across her face. Green or Red, it made very little difference in the low light of the cell.

Shoving Dix to the floor, Deacon got up and glared and the brig-master, "Looks like that hurts." Kowalski said mocking the Quartermaster as the Rigellian barged past him, seemingly in a rage.

Ripping some blankets off the shelf he threw them back into the cell covering Dix. "Clean yourself up, 'Bo'" he growled, shoving his hand into his pocket a if to look for something. "I may want to come visiting again."

The jailer just shook his head, cackling as he raised the force screen and followed the Quartermaster out of the cell area. "If you want to visit her again it's going to cost you." he promised. "I've taken a fancy to the Kavi sister's”


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