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First Day

Posted on Sun Oct 7th, 2018 @ 1:37am by Cornelius Harrington III & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Gaman
Timeline: Some time back

Alexis slowly walked into her quarters yawning to herself. The new Interrogator yanked the hair tie and clips out of her long hair as she stepped into the dark quarters ignoring her bodyguard come jailer wondering if she needed help as she did so. It was all she could do to stay awake for a few more minutes to have a quick shower before she crawled into bed to do it all again in eight hours. She was beyond tired after the last twenty-four hours of leaving the camp and being put to work straight away on inspecting the new crew for less than healthy thoughts.

Alexis froze as she turned and looked into the corner of her quarters. She had nearly missed him in her tiredness. "What are you doing here?"

"What ever I want," he replied as he moved further into the room. "Nice view by the way," he smirked. "Day one, new assignment, new crew, and new fun... I figured I'd come how things are settling in." He took pleasure in watching her squirm; even if nothing ever happened between them he took enjoy watching her skin crawl. It gave him an eerie satisfaction. "Didn't want you to get too lonely in here, all alone," he sat on the edge of the bed.

Alexis looked him over and sighed softly, he didn't truly care. "I am pretty sure if I got lonely I can ask for my jailer to come in and warm me up." Alexis threw back in his face as she grabbed a cardigan off the pile of clothes and wrapped herself up in it.

"That hurt, cuts deep," he laughed it off. "So day one assignment,' he tossed a padd on the bed. "Just a little something to get your feet wet..." He opted to let her read it then explain the details, it wasn't anything special. "Unless you'd rather spend more time me," he winked.

“No it doesn’t. You forget I’m inside your mind it is why you keep coming back to me.” She reminded him picking up the PaDD looking it over. “What is this?” She wondered looking him over as she sat on the bed.

"Just a list of newly arrived," he chose his words carefully, "friends, we need you to do your thing. You know, run of the mill stuff. These ones are special and no a few people's lists, so this is a little how you say under the radar."

The woman rolled her eyes as she put the PaDD down and frowned. “What do I get out of this?” She demanded softly. She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear relieved to have it down finally.

"Another day here, and not back at the breeding camp?" He scoffed, "food..." He folded his arms, "the list goes on?"

“You think this is living and how I wanted my life to be?” She stood up and squared up to him just slightly. “With men looking at me like they do?” She hissed heading her door open and the man who was her bodyguard walked in.

“Are you okay?” He demanded not realising who was in the quarters.

"She's fine," Neil replied, "just a little temperamental at the moment," he joked, "it's that time," he gave a nod, "you know.." The guard was instantly turned off, as any man would be. Things of that nature made most men very uncomfortable. "You've made your point Alex," Neil gestured, "this isn't a luxury resort I get it. So let's work on your arrangement. Meet with these guests," he was cryptic for a reason. "If I like what you get out of them, we upgrade..."

Alexis just glared at first her bodyguard then Neil. She would rather be in the camps right now at least she had the possibility of finding a husband and moving on from what her life had been before Betazed had burned. She was willing to have many babies if it stopped the games. “Is that all?” She hissed hearing the door close signaling that the bodyguard had left.

"Defiant as ever," he snorted, "it is a real turn on..." He could see the fire in her eyes, "alright.. alright. That is all." He laughed.

“Old men need sleep.” Alexis smirked at him. It would be like stepping back in time but she wasn’t willing to go down that road just yet.

Neil just smirked, "see you tomorrow Alex," he headed for the door. Looking at the guard on the way out. "Lock it, we can't have her leaving in the middle of the night. We'd loose our favorite pet." Neil turned and waved, "sweet dreams dear."

Alexis growled and flopped onto her bed. She had to escape this mess and get back to Nathan or at the very least someone who cared about something other than what what she could give them. If only he knew what secrets she held from the nights they had spent together when she was his bodyguard before Betazed burned.

With the door shut and sealed for the night the guard turned to Harrington, "she doesn't know, does she?" He asked. "She's asked about him?"

Harrington laughed, "what that her Nathan is laying on a planet somewhere, rotting. Hell no she doesn't," he shoved the man's chest, "and she isn't going to find out either. It's the only thing keeping her here and under control. Heaven help us if she found out what happened." Harrington shuddered, as he turned to leave.


Neil Harrington
XO ISS Gaman

Alexis, npc'd by Gregnol
Guest, ISS Gaman


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