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Pleased to Meet You

Posted on Fri Oct 5th, 2018 @ 4:10am by Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD01 20:00

Orym Wixx slowly opened his eyes and felt the cold metal floor beneath him. His started to adjust well considering the little light there was. He got to his feet with a little effort, a hazy light shining through a grate in the ceiling onto his head. Recognizing a holding cell when he saw one, he simply held his hand out to test it and was not surprised when a forcefield bounced it back. He exhaled a deep sigh. This didn't look like the Mary Rose. Where the hell was he and what could 'they' possibly want from him? He reached into his boot for the cylindrical cigar container as his other hand patted himself to look for his lighter. The lighter was nowhere to be found and part of him was unsurprising that they didn't let him keep it. Sighing, he pushed the cigar back down into his boot.

The woman watched mildly amused as the man in her cage woke up and started to test the barrier. He wouldn't be able to see her yet as she had solidified the force field but it didn't stop her watching and being able to see him. "It is all gone. You have no weapons on you I am afraid Mister Wixx." Selina spoke up from the chair that she was sat in just outside. She leaned out and made it so he would be able to see her.

He blinked slowly a few times as he looked out past the forcefield at the woman sitting at the controls. He knew that beauty and danger typically went hand in hand, and this woman only solidified that belief. "This isn't my first time in a holding cell, believe it or not." He walked slowly back and forth in front of the entrance to the cell, his eyes taking note of the differences between this Selina and the one he'd seen in engineering, not that he'd spoken to her very often.

"I can imagine it isn't," Selina smirked crossing her legs looking at him again with a smirk. This one was at least not trying to convince her to let him out thinking she was their pregnant, comatose crewmate. "You're taking this a lot easier than your crewmate did. He was convinced for a very long time that I was your Selina." The woman smirked already in his head. These humans were weak, no mind defences against her, it was almost too easy.

"I'm not sure what you are, but you are most definitely not the person others would mistake you for." He looked around the room casually. "I learned early in life that panicking doesn't lead to a productive outcome." He pulled the cigar tube from his boot. "I don't suppose you have a light?"

"Oh, I am not an what that is slightly mean when I have been so nice to you so far." Selina chucked moving a little to the left to get a better look at him. She wore a long black dress, more suited for a party that for the Military looking ship. "I am Selina... I am just not your Selina." She revealed with a shrug, it was the look of someone who was bored of telling people that news.

He took her silence to his question to be a 'no' on the lighter. He replaced the cigar tube in his boot for the second time today. Things weren't looking up, if that was a sign. He offered a shrug to her explanation. "Well, in the vastness of space, you could be something other than what you appear to be. The question was somewhat valid." His eyes couldn't resist looking at her lovely gown. In another setting, he would have approached her with a different tact. "Ready for a night on the town, or is this something special for me? He allowed himself a smirk. In other deadly situations, he learned to keep his fear and adrenaline under control to the point that he almost viewed his dire circumstances with a certain level of detachment.

Selina looked at the dress and shrugged. "It is what I wear." She said simply as a woman came in wearing a black and gold uniform and whispered something in her ear. The stark differences between the two women were highlighted by the uniformed woman's fear as she glanced back at the man in the cell. "Sorry... Yes... Not your Selina. Different Selina, Different Universe." She backtracked on the conversation.

Orym's dark eyes trailed after the other woman as he tried to hide the frown on his face from her reaction to these events. "Well, that explains a lot." He began to slowly pace back and forth in front of the forcefield. "So, I suppose this is the part where you torture me for information that I might have about something you need?" He let out a small chuckle. The improbability of this moment, mixed with her extremely calm demeanor, amused him greatly.

"Why would I need to torture you?" She blinked at him showing off her dark pools of eyes to signify her species. "I do not need to harm one little bit of hair on your pretty little head if you behave." She chuckled as she focused on him.

He smirked at her chuckling and the thought of behaving. If she only knew his history, she'd see that that was a very challenging thing for him to accomplish, and part of why he had left Starfleet to begin with. "I suppose that depends on what comes next."

"You are a naughty one aren't you." The woman said as she felt his thoughts on Starfleet. "Such a shame, you would have been perfect for Imperial Starfleet, if someone didn't slit your throat seeing your potential." Selina was lucky that she avoided the Academy as a Betazoid. She was just put through a different type of training to achieve what she had.

"I have certain... talents that can come in handy." He grinned at the woman, his eyes moving down her dress before returning to her eyes. He honestly couldn't help himself. "I assume you have certain questions for me to answer, to satisfy your mission goals or your superiors? After all, someone with your talents wouldn't be wasted on someone that didn't serve a purpose." He gazed at her intently, waiting for a reply.

"You are best to keep your eyes from going too far lower. I would hate for security to get upset with you," she suggested softly as she looked him over. "What knowledge do you have of your captain?" She asked simply. There hadn't been many people so far who even knew anything about the man.

He really didn't know much so he didn't see a need to lie to her. "Honestly, you probably already know more than I do. I was looking for a ride and he gave me a cabin in exchange for work." He crossed his arms as he continued pacing, his eyes firmly on hers as she had suggested.

"Truth." She said smiling before she glanced sideways as if she was hearing something he wasn't. "What do you know about the Grotto as you guys call it?" She wondered thinking that if this guy was so new he might not even be allowed in on that secrete.

"Maybe that's the arboretum?" He shrugged casually, not revealing if he knew it was the truth as he knew it or not. Part of his problem was that he often said things in a way that were right on the edge of being sarcastic or the truth. "The truth is I work a lot of hours keeping that bucket functioning so when I have down time I typically read books."

"Wixx... if you don't answer me correctly I can hurt you more than anything you have ever experienced in your life," Selina said simply as she delved into his mind just a little harder than she had before. It would be a painful experience for the Bolian and an ability from the files that she had seen from his ship that his Betazoid did not use apart from a war where the planet was occupied but they still went back to there peaceful nature after the war.

Orym winced in pain as he braced himself against the bulkhead of the detention cell. Gone was the playful smile from his lips as his teeth began to grit. Deep down in his core, through the pain arose a growing anger at the violation. How dare she?! He reopened his eyes and glared at her. "That's what a grotto is, right? A small cave in a park? What else would it be?"

"Not much of a senior officer if you didn't know that there was such a stash of easy credits just hanging around on deck three," she said smirking at the pain he was experiencing. Normally there wasn't much pain as people didn't normally resist but this man was.

He made fists as he fixed his eyes on hers, steeling himself against the onslaught. "Like I said, I just kept to myself. I mind my own business, unlike some people." He had been beaten and tortured before but Betazoids were the worst to deal with. It was always a mind game...

"Sweetie you've never met a Betazoid like me. I do not play games." Selina chuckled as she bent as close to the forcefield as she dared looking at him intently.

He learned long ago from observing the Jem'Hadar during the Dominion War that once you accepted your death first, anything else was extra. "Then let's get this party started, sweet cheeks," he said as a vile smirk spread across his face.


Selina Fenruse
Chief Inquisitor
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)

Orym Wixx
Chief Engineer
SS Mary Rose


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