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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Posted on Fri Oct 5th, 2018 @ 2:05am by Cornelius Harrington III & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Shattered
Location: Somewhere, Not Important
Timeline: Some time back


Neil pulled the cloak over his head a bit further, sure he knew he could blend in but that wasn' t the point. Officers, or anyone else for that fact, knew better then to set foot in a place like this. They stood out, and for good reason. That was exactly what he didn't want to do. People came into this area they didn't always make it out. He looked at the padd he had tucked under his coat. "Two houses up on the left," he muttered to himself, as his dialog was interrupted. Neil looked to his left, some sort of beggar was tugging at his coat. He kicked at the man, "get out of here," he hissed as the man got a little persistent.

"Just a little Sir," he pleaded something for my family...

Neil looked around as he took a knife from his belt and plunged it deep into the man's side. "Take that back to your family," he grinned as the body slumped to the ground below him. Wiping the knife off on the man's torn tunic he continued his trek. He stopped outside the house. It wasn't what he would have expected, but then again, he really didn't know what to expect. He had people to do this, but this was different. He knocked on the door.

A figure from behind replied, it was late no doubt they didn't expect company. Neil grinned as the door opened to reveal a rather attractive female form, "You're rather hard to find." He gave her an odd grin, "...especially with all the resources at my disposal." The female pulled at the door, but Neil stuck his foot in the doorway.

Clearly, they had a past, and he was exploiting it. "Now, now I would almost think you were avoiding me," he reached up running his finger along the side of her cheek."

Alexis wanted to move away from the man and slam the door, but he made it impossible. Of all the people who would turn up in the breeding camps it had to be him. "What are you doing here Neil?" The woman asked looking everywhere at him for a moment before she opened the door wider to let the man into the small house.

"Can't I come see an old friend," he asked as he looked around the house? He carefully noted any door, open window, and surprise access point. "What's it been three, four months," he added. "I missed you Alex, you were my favorite."

“We are not friends.” Alexis spat as she pressed the door close and turned to look at the man. He hadn’t changed at all in the months since she had last seen him before the order had come in for all Betazoids to be put into camps for breeding purposes. “You just can’t kill me or me you.” She reminded wishing she had the guts to even wield a knife against him.

He turned around grabbing her by the face, “sweetheart there are many things I can do that are far worse than killing you!" He looked around taking a small amount of pleasure in their encounter. "Trust me, " he added, “now pack... " He grinned, “unless you'd like to continue our little foreplay."

Alexis pulled back and shook her head. She wasn’t going anywhere with him. “Where are you demanding I go. I can’t just leave the Camp.” She reminded him. The phrase camp was silly it was more a city with buildings and systems but it was still an internment camp.

"You're being transferred to my ship, " he grinned, "unless you'd like to stay here, forced breeding and all. We need an Inquisitor and your name came up." He couldn’t help but laugh, “imagine the surprise on my face when I saw your name. This will be fun." He grabbed a jacket, “might wanna cover up, unless you'd like to go out like that. Not that I'd mind," clearly she was getting ready for bed when he interrupted her.

Alexis looked at the old tee that she had on that had belonged to a boyfriend when she had been an imperial Officer herself. She wanted to shake her head at the very notion of her becoming an inquisitor. She knew it was the only position that her species could be now and they had no rank but they were directly under the command Staff. She ignored the jacket in his hand. She had her own clothes. “Stay here while I change and pack then.” She said taking in the fact he wore a cloak over his uniform. She turned to go into the other room of the house.

Neil laughed, “right just sit out here while you call in the cavalry," he scoffed. "Not like it’s something I haven’t seen before," he tossed her a bag as he followed, "only the essentials, the rest will come later. You have five minutes, make it count. "

Of course, he had seen it all before it wasn’t like she had, had much choice as an enforcer or a woman in Imperial Starfleet. He had only ever been kind once and that had been more out of what she suspected was fear. Alexis growled under her breath at the man but turned her back to him and quietly changed into a simple pair of trousers and a tee. She turned around and grabbed the jacket still in his hand putting it on. “You think if I had anyone to call my name would be on the list for inquisitors?” She demanded stuffing things into her bag.

He walked up behind her, intentionally a little too close. "Can never be too certain in situations like this," he commented, as he picked up a personal item from the ground. "Where exactly does this go," he held it up to her frame, "think you can wear this on the ship," he laughed.

"So that is why you want me there hmm?" She wondered turning around to face him. This man knew all about her relationship with Nathan yet kept pulling rank to get her moved around first to the camps to spite him and now obviously it seems back to his ship. "What would your wife say a Betazoid warming your bed?" She demanded taking the thin piece of clothing from him putting it straight into her bag.

"Considering how long she has been dead, probably not much," he added, “but if you are offering I'm sure arrangements could be made?" He grabbed her and pulled her close, “sympathizers opted to make an example of her, careful not to mention her again..."

Alexis looked at him and said something lowly in Betazoid before pulling away looking around the small room. She didn't have much but they made sure Betazoid's had enough. "I'll mention who I want." She said sounding a lot braver than she felt.

Harrington took a step forward, his demeanor and tone changed to something more serious. "They've taken my wife, they’ve taken my only child... there isn't much left. So be very careful, I have no problem throwing it all in, “his threat was clear and precise. He had nothing to live for, and he really didn't care what happened to him. "Now hurry up we don't have long," he gave her a shove sending her to the ground. Their game of cat and mouse was fun, but she needed to know where she stood in all this.

Any other Betazoid would have done something to him there and then but this was Alexis. The woman who had been on the planet surface when the Butcher of Betazed and blown it to pieces. She slowly stood silently and moved to grab the bag as requested. "Ready." She said softly.

"Good, " he gave a brief smile, "two to beam up, " he stated as they were beamed off the planet. As they appeared on the ship, Neil grabbed her by the upper arm, escorting down from the raised platform. "Welcome to your new home Alex, " he gave an evil grin as he looked to a nearby guard, “take her to her quarters; no visitors, no guests, no communications.... He looked at Alexis, “we will be seeing more of each other. "

To Be Continued...


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