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Where'd You Go? Part Two

Posted on Mon Oct 1st, 2018 @ 11:45pm by Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Johnathen Anderson Jr & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Shattered
Location: AU Shuttle Alexandria / ISS Punisher
Timeline: MD01 20:00

*Shuttle Alexandria*

The ride through the rift had been rougher than expected. Both Micheal and Johnathen were slumped in their seats, unconscious. Rebecca was doing everything she could to keep both the main systems, and the cloak, working. Sensors, unfortunately, were currently offline, so Rebecca did not realize that there was a raider out there, looking for them. In fact, she didn't know they were in trouble until she started to feel an odd presence attempting to enter her mind. Whatever it was, it was very powerful. She struggled to keep herself online, but, knew she was losing. Suddenly, she threw her head back and screamed. Then vanished.

A few beats later, the other Rebecca appeared, still looking like she did back on her ship. She took in a deep breath and stretched. "Not a bad fit," She commented aloud. She then turned and saw Johnathen's unconscious form, slumped over the helm controls. "Aww, how sweet," she cooed softly. Turning to her right a bit more, she froze, her eyes going a bit wider, in suprise. Micheal, also still unconscious, was laying back into his chair, his head leaning back, and to the left, against the seat's built in headrest.

"Well now," she said, seemingly breathless. There was a certain hungry glint on her eyes as she gazed upon the other Micheal Rpbertson. Stepping closer, she carefully straddled Micheal's lap. Slowly running her fingers over his face, she whispered, "I almost fogot how beautiful you looked." Pausing a beat, a small coy grin crossed her face. Slowly, she ran her right hand down, in between them, to Micheal's right inner thigh. Closing her eyes and sighing contently, she murmured, "I see things are just as nicely made in your universe."

Before Rebecca could enjoy more of the moment, she heard her Micheal's voice in her head.

*Rebecca! Report! Have you gained access to their computer?*

Opening her eyes and sighing again, she pouted slightly, as she looked at the other Micheal. "Yes, Micheal. I have full control of the shuttle. It's a quaint little craft. Real cozy. You might want to keep it for yourself, instead of handing it over to Reuben."

*I'll consider it,* Micheal replied. *What about crew? How many are there? What's their condition?*

"There are two of them, both alive, but unconscious. I believe they would very much like to visit our holding cells." She stood up and moved off of Micheal's lap. "I am disengaging the cloak. I'd suggest they be transported before they wake up." Stepping clear of both men, she added, as the cloak fell and their bodies were beamed away. "You might be interested in one of them, Micheal. After all, how often can one look at their doppelganger?"

*I.S.S. Punisher*

Micheal sat up a bit straighter upon hearing that last bit. "Rebecca, stay on that shuttle, re-engage the cloak and follow us at a discreet distance." He then terminated the signal. The bridge was quiet, hearing the news of who was currently in one of their holding cells. Standing, he said, "Aki, you have the bridge. Lay in a course for Reuben's ship. Do not inform anyone of what was found. I will deliver the prisoners to the Captain myself." That said, he turned and left the bridge, giving Halla a slight glance as he did so.

"Yessir." Aki got a little thrill in having control of the Bridge for the short amounts of time he was able to. He had no desire to own his own vessel. There were too many politics involved and he could have cared less for it. But, there was a certain pleasure in taking the Captain's seat. As he punched in the coordinates, he gestured toward the nearest officer to take his spot, moving to sit in Micheal's seat himself.

Halla glared back. She hadn't wanted this stupid assignment at all, who would want to be on a patchwork ship with that man longer than they needed to. "Do you really believe what that thing told him?" Halla didn't think the ship should have an AI. It was like the Emergency Medical Hologram but worse.

"I tend to." Aki said, pointedly eyeing upward as if to tell her the AI could be listening at this very moment. "It doesn't matter whether we believe her or not anyways. Cap calls the shots, right? If it gets to hairy, you know where the escape pods are."

"Yeah if we survive to get there and if they are working." The young woman shot back with a roll of her eyes as she saw his warning look. The AI couldn't do anything to them, it wasn't allowed to but it could tell Robertson and that was just as bad.

Aki confidently puffed his chest. "I'd survive," he declared. "So long as I didn't do anything stupid, like walk into the airlock." He slumped in the Captain's chair, eyes on the new pilot as they worked. Something seemed off about the whole situation, yeah, but that didn't mean he had to go questioning the Cap's commands. "Besides, what's the fun if we don't see where this goes?"

Halla turned and looked at him more. Her eyes rolled at him as she took in how confident he looked in the chair. No one dared to try anything with this man but it didn't stop the envy that people felt or that the envy fuel imperial Starfleet.

*I.S.S. Punisher, Holding Cells*

Micheal entered the holding cell compartment, wishing that all six of the cylindrical cells were full with bounties, but, he knew it would only be a matter of time. Moving to the two rearmost cells, he first looked at one that held a young human male, not feeling anything as he looked upon the face of the unconscious man. He then turned to his right and froze. The face he saw before him was one that he hadn't seen in a very long time. Reaching out with his right hand, Micheal gently touched the glass that separated him from his doppelganger. He had of course heard the stories of the alternate universe and how there were copies of everyone from his universe there. He just had never known anyone who actually came face to face with their double.

Looking upon the sleeping copy of himself, Micheal couldn't take his eyes off of the other's undamaged face. It had been so long since he had seen the world through two, organic, eyes, that he almost forgot what it was like. Reaching up with his cybernetic left arm, he suddenly jerked slightly, as if suddenly truly realizing what he had lost. Closing his artificial hand into a tight fist, his features darkened again. He would make Reuben pay for what he'd lost, if it was the last thing he ever did.

Storming out of the compartment, he sealed and locked the door. He then headed off towards his cabin. He had some planning to do.


Michael Robertson
Chief Armory Officer/ Bounty Hunter
SS Mary Rose/Shuttle Alexandria

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PNPC Robertson

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Captain Michael Robertson
Commanding Officer/Bounty Hunter
ISS Punisher
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Lt. JG Akihito Takeshi
ISS Punisher


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